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It is no news that every woman in this world removes body hair. May it be under arms or legs, hands, pubic hair or even face sometimes! Mostly, the reason is because they don’t want to look all hairy and scary. While waxing is the best method to do it, not many women do it on a regular basis due to various reasons like time, money and patience. Though women do it all over the world, everything has a good and a bad side to it. Even shaving has many bad sides to it, considering the fact that you will be handing razors on your body. A lot of women take the shaving route because it is super easy, inexpensive and not time consuming like the others. It is the easiest way out when you are in a hurry. Well, all said and done, women have to know the downside of shaving. So, here we are to give you some best shaving tips for women that you could use for yourself.

Remember that skin is the softest thing in our body and you are supposed to take at most care of your skin. Disrupting the softness and making it rugged can change a lot of things, including the skin texture and the look of the skin. So, without these shaving tips, it wouldn’t be so difficult for you to keep shaving everyday. So, here we go!

Shaving Tips Every Woman Has To Know Before Shaving The Hair Off Her Skin

1Softening the skin

Softening the skin

It is important to know that you must soften your skin before you start to shave it. You shouldn’t shave when you have dead skin on your body which may lead to other skin problems. So, make sure that you soften your skin before going ahead. How do you know that your skin is soft? Well, this is very easy. Taking long baths before shaving your skin or soaking in the soap for a while will help your skin smoothen up and become active. The problem with shaving dry skin is that, you will raze out the good skin and the dead cells will stay back behind. That could be one problem, why you may get skin side effects when you shave. So, to avoid all that, take a good warm bath and then go ahead with the process for very good results.

2Exfoliating is necessary

Exfoliating is necessary

It is important that you exfoliate your skin before shaving. This is because you need to make sure that your hair doesn’t clog the razor and do damage to both your skin and the razor. When you exfoliate or scrub, there are very high chances that your body’s dead cells die immediately and you don’t try to remove the good skin. The exfoliating process by using a scrub or just hand gloves will help you achieve whatever you want before shaving.

3Shaving cream before shaving

Shaving cream before shaving

The truth about shaving creams is that none of the men’s shaving cream is any different from that of the women’s. It is all the same and scented. Most of the women’s shaving cream is costlier and doesn’t include anything less than the one used in the men’s shaving creams. So, if you have a dry skin, use a shaving cream. Well, it is also important to use the shaving cream because you are peeling off your skin and you need to do it with the support of some cream or gel, otherwise your skin will become dry and rugged. It will not be easy to pull off if you don’t use the proper gel. Using gels that contain aloevera or herbal products will help you in easy and smooth removal of the skin. For sensitive regions, use razor that you have used at least once because there are high chances of cutting yourself. So, be careful with that! Avoid using after shaving gels because that may cause a nasty rash. The reason why guys don’t get a rash is because they have rugged skin type and texture. So, be careful when you choose shaving products.

4A good razor goes a long way

A good razor goes a long way

Well, buying a razor isn’t a deal, but you have to go with the trial and error method. You could use a lubricant strip razor if you have sensitive skin. It is best if you read about the kinds of razor and different types online or you could ask from your friends too as prior experience always works with this kind of decision. Well, as far as I know, there are a lot of women who use a Gillette venus razor for women. Remember that borrowing other’s razors is highly unhealthy and remember to change it every now and then to avoid rashes or spots on your body. Using used razor again and again is not a great idea.

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5Moisturize your skin

Moisturize your skin

Your skin will get dehydrated and there will be a lot of pressure on your skin to perform and shine. So, rehydrating it is important and safe too which is why you should moisturize your skin whenever possible. You could buy a moisturizer or a simple oil would do the magic. You could use baby oil that will help you keep your skin healthy, smooth and safe. If you think some sensitive areas require more oil, go ahead without hesitation.

-Pavithra Ravi

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