Important things to know before getting a bikini wax done

bikini wax

You need to know that by the time, you are 21 years, up and running, you can hardly find time for yourself to shave every single hair of yours. It becomes easily difficult and you may never want to do anything about it. Well, but the process isn’t all that bad if you know when to start and exactly how to. If you get a Brazilian waxing done or if you opt for a bikini wax, you need to know that there are certain things that should be known before your first try. Here are some things we list down for the first timers. These are the important things to know before getting a bikini wax done.

Top things to know if you want a bikini wax

1You will be exposed

You will be exposed

Yes, remember that you will be totally exposed yourself to the woman at the parlor. You will be asked to remove your under panties and the waxer will touch you and stare at your vagina so that she gets a clear picture on where to start from. It could be embarrassing for you because you will be asked to show off something that is the most private area and that too to a stranger, but thinking about it, it will not matter if you really want to give yourself a bikini wax. Think of it more like a gynic appointment or a doctor appointment. It will definitely feel awkward and weird in all its ways, but just think of the outcome and you will not be very conscious thereafter. Most waxers will have a technique of their own like a small conversation about your texture of hair or from where you originate. They will make you feel comfortable. So, don’t worry about it.

2Butt hurts the least

Butt hurts the least

There are different kinds of bikini wax. There is a Brazilian wax and then bikini wax that is borderline or around the corner etc. The difference is that Brazilian wax comes to waxing your butt as well. Yes, that sounds horrifying, but the best part is that, butt region hurts the least when compared to the others. You can barely even feel anything because there isn’t any nerve ending in those areas which makes it less hurtful for you. You may end up feeling ticklish when the waxer touches you. If she suggests to start with the butt, go with it without hesitation.

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3There should be enough hair

There should be enough hair

On contrary to the act that you will undergo inside the room, you will have to let the hair grow for at least 5-6 days in prior to the actual day you take it out. This means that you can’t shave at least for a week prior. This is because your hair has to grow at least a quarter inch so that the wax has something to pull onto and remove. This means that you have to go to the parlor all hairy, so that the wax results are better.

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4No sex for a day after

No sex for a day after

You cannot plan a sexy steamy sex session with your boyfriend after having the wax. This is not only for the first timers, this is for everyone. Every time after you have had the wax, you cannot have sex at least for a day. You can’t even exercise because eventually you will sweat and sweating is not a good post waxing. Your waxer will guide you through what to do and what not to but this is just to let you know that you might have to push your sex session a little later. If you still go ahead without listening, then the sweat will cause friction which will lead to pain and irritation. It is better to make your sex a remembering experience than you scratch it every time he touches you. Right?



Remember that you are going to be showing your vagina to your waxer. So, showering is important. You just cannot go there and get naked and stink. You need to shower so that you are confident of not stinking. It will make you feel comfortable if you smelled clean and neat. This is high importance and make sure some stranger doesn’t get to smell your stinking vagina. Bad odor from anywhere is a bad sign of hygiene and body importance.

6Go in comfortable clothes

Go in comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothing is important when you are getting your bikini wax done. It is better to wear a loose pant or comfortable shorts. Once you are done with your waxing, the area will be red, swollen and soar. So, wearing a pair of tight jeans will definitely not help you at all. Wear a comfortable cotton under panties and a loose bottoms to feel fine after the waxing.

7There won’t be any judgment

There won’t be any judgment

Trust us when we say this – the waxer won’t judge your vagina. Waxers are very professional and it’s their job. So there won’t be any judgments happening when you lay down, naked. Remember that she will be seeing a hundred butts and vaginas per day, so she won’t even remember how yours looks when you are naked. You should definitely treat your waxer like a doctor and the entire assumption will change from your side. You will become more easy going and won’t think too much about it.

All said and done, it is your wish if you want to get it done in a parlor or at home. Getting a bikini wax is definitely a personal choice. So, enjoy the choice if you do it.

-Pavithra Ravi

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