Moisturizing Oily Skin Is A Boon Or A Bane?


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Do you skip moisturizer for your oily skin? The skin type led you wrong as tiket out the natural oils and sebum in excess. This scares you moisturizing your skin which makes it more oily and greasy. But is it right to completely skip moisturizing forever for your oily skin?

Moisturizing oily skin is crucial like you are trying to control excess oil. Balancing the moisture is the key. Hence look for a moisturizer or method that can balance the moisture for your skin type. There are a few moisturizers that are formulated with the right balance of moisture.

There are certain correct methods of moisturizing oily skin which only prevents excess oil but perfectly moisturizes skin enough. Certain moisturizing methods are proven to keep acne away which is common for lily skin with extra sebum.

What Things Are To Be Considered While Moisturizing Oily Skin?

Before anything else, we would like to tell a fact about skin type- if you have identified your skin type as oily skin, you skip moisturizing. But this is not the right way you treat your skin. Firstly, moisturizing is the need for all skin types. And skin type is not permanent as it keeps changing based on the seasons and your diet, habit and skin care regime.

The care that you take while you are moisturizing is good care for oily skin. Here are the most important things that you must keep in your mind while moisturizing your skin. These tips also would change your opinion on moisturizing. And you will realize that moisturizing skin is a boon for oily skin as well.

1. Use Lightweight Moisturizer

Using lightweight moisturizer is one of the important tips that you must remember when you are choosing a moisturizer for your oily skin. A lightweight moisturizer can maintain the proper balance for your skin. It doesn’t make your skin too oily which leads to breakout like acne.

2. Oil Free Moisturizer

An oil free moisturizer must be your choice as it is oily skin. For your information, your skin already produces extra oil which would be a result of acne, blackheads and whiteheads. In the market there are a few moisturizers which don’t make your skin oily but still keep it moisturized.

3. Avoid Using Pores Clogging Moisturizer

Some of the moisturizers have certain ingredients and chemicals which are not right for your skin type. When you are choosing for a moisturizer, you must check the ingredient list as well. If you are seeing some of the ingredients which are unfavourable for oily skin, then ]it is better to stay away from those moisturizes. Further, we provided a list of ingredients that you must look in for a moisturizer for oily skin.

4. Cleanse Before Moisturizing

Whenever you are moisturizing your skin, it is a never skip step to cleanse first. The reason we are asking you to cleanse your skin before moisturizing is, oily skin catches dust and dirt sooner. So, there is a need to cleanse your skin to remove the dust that settled on your skin. If you are just excluding the cleansing step before moisturizing, then you are feeding your oily skin more oily and along with accumulated dust.

This results in skin infections and skin allergies, breakout as well. In case, if you are often complaining that you are suffering with skin inflammation, then cleanse your skin before applying any product. Be it natural or a market product, you need to cleanse your oily skin first.

5. Consider The Seasonal Skin Condition

Do you use the same moisturizer for your skin throughout the year? Then you were doing it wrong!

In winter, your oily skin as well gets dry out and you need a well moisturizing cream or lotion. I would also suggest you to choose a skin penetrating moisturizer to prevent dryness and flakiness in winter. But it is not the same in every season. You need a lightweight moisturizer in summer or you need a water based gel to keep your skin hydrated to avoid more oil and sebum.

6. Do Not Use Excess Amount Of Moisturizer

You need to remember not to repeat some mistakes when you are applying moisturizer. As your is oily skin, you don’t need more than a pea size of moisturizer for your entire face. A little extra moisturizer can breakout your skin with oiliness and greaziness. It brings out the oils that settle on your face and which turns out into acne overnight. When you are using more than required moisturizer then don’t wonder about the new pimples and breakout on your skin.

Benefits of Moisturizing Oily Skin

1. Helps In Cleansing


When you moisturize skin it helps you cleansing the skin pores. Here we cant assure all the moisturizers to help with cleansing oily skin. You need to follow a procedure of moisturizing simultaneously cleansing your skin.

Some of the oils and moisturizers are proven to extract the impurities in skin. But the main point is not to dry out skin while cleansing out. You must choose the moisturizer which protects your skin. A moisturizer must also avoid water evaporating and protect from dryness.

2. Exfoliates Skin

Exfoliates-skinMoisturizing is not just to avoid skin dryness, it is also to exfoliate dead skin. While you moisturize your skin, it also helps allow the dry skin to get off your skin. But you need two agents in a moisturizer to exfoliate your oily skin. One is a moisturizing agent and the other is an exfoliating agent. These two agents work together to moisturize your skin effectively without drying out.

3. Prevents Aging Signs

Prevents-aging-signsWhen you skip moisturizing your skin this makes your skin dry gradually. Over dryness of skin is the result of wrinkles and fine lines. To avoid the aging signs, you must keep your skin moisturized. Moisturizing skin can lock the moisture and maintain the elasticity of the skin. This is how you need to avoid aging signs.

4. To Avoid Skin Dryness


One of the main benefits of moisturizing oily skin is avoiding dryness. If you see moisturize as the cause for skin breakout, the next action is skipping it completely. But this where you are going wrong.

You are not realizing that your skin is going through the damage without moisturization as part of the skin care regime. Hence, from now you need to moisturize skin to prevent dryness but choose the right one.

5. To Unclog Skin Pores


Previously we mentioned that lack of moisture can dry out your skin. The dry and dead skin clog your skin pores as well. This can be a result of clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. Let your skin go through the needed skin care “cleansing toning and moisturizing (CTM)

CTM is a must care for all skin types. But the suitable products and agents can do it effectively without breaking out your skin.

6. Avoids Acne


Moisturizing can avoid acne problems for oily skin. Overproduction of sebum and oil in your skin is one of the reasons for acne. But the same problems can be cured by moisturizing. But you have “no moisture skin” which causes skin inflammation. For this you can use essential oils which are powerful with anti inflammatory properties. This can keep your acne away while moisturizing your skin.

Ingredients To Look In Your Moisturizer For Oily Skin

When choosing a moisturizer, you must look for water based and gel based moisturizers. A few ingredients that are used to formulate the moisturizer can make it a lightweight product that suits oily skin. We have listed a few ingredients that you must look in moisturizer before selecting for your oily skin.


This is a silicone component that is added to moisturizes and various skin care products. This helps the skin in getting rid of dead skin cells. It is also for hydrating skin and maintaining smooth and soft. If you are choosing a moisturizer, this is one of the ingredients that you need to look for your oily skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is an acid agent which is included in most of the beauty products. It keeps your skin hydrated. Choose the moisturizer which contains this as one of the ingredients. It helps avoid oiliness on your skin as it makes the product lightweight but still moisturizes.


This is another component that is a good to be used in moisturizers. It regulated the oil and sebum production and avoided acne. It prevents the sebaceous glands from producing more sebum which causes acne in the majority of the cases. It also creates a barrier that can retain the lost moisture.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a helping ingredient to treat acne. It is the best treatment to get rid of acne, especially for oily skin people. It is similar to the drug aspirin. This acid increases the skin moisture. It also helps in shedding the dead skin cells from skin. In case yours is acne prone skin then choosing a moisturizer and other skin care products with this component can help tackle the acne.

Methods of Moisturizing Oily Skin

Since the beginning of this article, we are stressing on certain methods and procedures that are good for moisturizing oily skin. Here are those moisturizing methods which are beneficial for your skin type.

Oil Cleansing Method

Oil cleansing method is a proven one to moisturize and treat oily skin. It is known for acne treatment for oily skin. It can be a natural treatment or also good with the best moisturizers that you find in the market. You can try this method at home as well.

What Should I Do?

First cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser. Massage your face with cleansing milk or natural oils. Keep massages in circular motions for 3-5 minutes. Then wash it off with plain water without using any cleanser or gels. Now take a clean cloth and pat your face, dry.

Hot Steam Method

This method is beneficial for your skin type as it gives you enough moisture. It is a wonderful way to moisturize your skin and also remove the toxins from your face. The heat steam removes the excess oil and sebum from your face. It also softens the acne, blackheads and whiteheads which are common for oily skin.

What Should I do?

Wash your face and then go for this treatment. You need to add natural oils or balm to hot water. Bend and take your face near to the open container in which you filled hot water. Put on a towel over your head to hold all the steam and take to your face. Stay for 10 minutes and then scrub your face with a face scrub. You have homemade face scrub recipes which are suitable for oily skin after facial steam.

Hot Towel Treatment

Hot towel treat is another super method to moisturize skin and also to cleanse. It makes skin supple and smooth after using. It is a simple process that you can do for your oily skin. This method is effective in removing impurities from skin. Also, it works in reducing the oil and sebum on your skin. It moisturizes your skin deeply without any breakouts.

What Should I Do?

Cleanse your skin before starting the process. Massage your skin with natural oils or cleansing milk. Then dip a clean towel into lukewarm water. Squeeze the excess water and then spread the cloth on your face. Hold the cloth against your face for 10 minutes and then wipe your face with the towel.

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