Summer Beauty Tips For Oily Skin


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Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

When winter say goodbye and the warm wind of summer starts blowing. Everyone get ready to go out and enjoy the sun in the beaches as well as parks. But many of us who are blessed with oily skin, it seems like to be the end of pimple and acne free days. As when we reach out for the blotting sheets, or suntan removal cream, or cleaners or cooling gels which can help to keep the sebaceous glands controlled. Although, beauty tips For oily skin as well as combination skin, do needs a lot of extra care as well as attention. But when looked at the brighter side, it shows the sign of aging much slower than any normal or dry skin and keeps away all the fine lines as well as wrinkles for a longer period of time.

Causes of Excessive Oily Skin

People who are blessed with oily skin, do enjoy a lot of advantage on having a youthful as well as younger looking skin for quite a long period of time when compared with other skin types. The aging signs like the wrinkles, fine lines as well as age spots creep in quite early from the actual age for other type of skin. But there are also several types of disadvantages for the oily skin as well as excessive shine, that is the meltdown of makeup and also sudden breakout of the pimples and the acne.

Here are some reasons of oily skin

a. Use of skin care products – All of us experiment with a very wide range of many skin care products in a quest to achieve a smoother, fairer as well as clearer skin. But with the overuse of the creams, scrubs, gels as well as chemical peel can promote oil production into the skin.
b. Seasonal changes – The secretion of oil by the skin often vary with seasonal changes. Hot weather can increase the level of oil production. Dry as well as cold weather can trigger the excess oil production to compensate for the dehydrated skin.
c. Hormonal changes – The fluctuation of hormones during the puberty, pregnancy or even pre-menopause can promote the glands to produce excess oil in women.

Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

1Neem, Rose Water And Orange Face Mask

Neem, Rose Water


a. Neem
b. Sandalwood
c. Lemon juice
d. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth)
e. Orange
f. Honey
g. Rose water


a. In equal quantities mix – neem, sandalwood, orange as well as multani mitti (fullers’ earth) together.
b. Then take a teaspoon of this paste and add quarter teaspoon of honey as well as half a teaspoon of lemon juice in it.
c. In the end, add rose water that can help to make a smooth paste.
d. Apply this paste on the face as well as the neck for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off with plain water even if it is not properly dry.

Ayurvedic Navarakizhi Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

2Orange And Oats Face Pack

Orange And Oats Face Pack


a. Fresh Orange
b. Honey
c. Oats
d. Egg White or curd


a. First mix three teaspoons of oats, two teaspoons of orange juice, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of egg white or curd.
b. Move in a circular motion, and then wash it off with a mild scrub.

3Rice Flour And Turmeric Face Pack

Rice Flour And Turmeric Face Pack


a. Rice flour
b. Honey
c. Turmeric
d. Cucumber juice


a. First mix three teaspoons of rice flour, pinch of tumeric, one teaspoon of honey as well as cucumber juice to make a smooth paste.
b. Wash of the paste after it dries off with cold water.

4Almonds And Honey Face Mask

Almonds And Honey Face Mask


a. Almonds
b. Honey


a. Soak atleast ten almonds overnight and then grind them into a fine paste the very next morning.
b. In it mix a teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face.
c. Then wash it off after 15 minutes.

Important Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

5Tomato Juice Face Pack

Tomato Juice Face Pack

Tomatoes can also provide health to oily skin.


a. Tomato juice
b. Honey
c. Rice flour


a. At first mix some fresh tomato juice with three teaspoons of rice flour as well as one teaspoon of honey.
b. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

6Multani Mitti Face Pack

Multani Mitti Face Pack


a. Multani Mitti
b. Rose Water


a. Mix multani mitti and rose water together. Apply the paste on the face as well as neck.
b. Then lie down and place cotton pads that is soaked in rose water on the eyes.
c. Wash the paste off after it dries off.

7Banana, Milk and Oats Face Scrub

Banana, Milk and Oats Face Scrub


a. Banana
b. Oats
c. Milk


a. First mash a ripe banana, in it add a tablespoon of milk as well as two tablespoons of oats.
b. Mix them well and apply it on the clean face.
c. Then massage your face in a soft circular motion for at least of five to six minutes. Then leave it on for about another 20 minutes. Washing it off with water.
d. Try to repeat it two to three times in a week.

8Mango Mask

Mango Mask

Mangoes are also effective natural ingredient for oily skin. Mangoes have natural astringent as well as cleaning properties which can help to sooth as well as cool the oily skin during summer and remove excess oil, dirt or even impurities from the skin.


a. Mango


a. First mash a ripe mango in a smooth pulp
b. Then massage it softly and evenly on the face. Let the paste sit for about ten minutes, rinse with water.
c. Remember to repeat this remedy once in every week for optimum results.
d. This is an amazing nourishing homemade facial for the oily skin.

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