Make up essentials for a bride while clicking pictures


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Makeup Essentials

In the era where selfie and dynamic candid photography has become the ‘it’ thing, a bride no matter what has to look great in all the photos! Whether it is the professional photographer clicking your pictures, or your friends coming up to the stage to take a selfie, you need to make sure you look perfectly pretty with makeup, hair and other things fixed and intact in its place. Apart from the photographer, you will have a million phones clicking you on your special day and you will be tagged in most of them on facebook and instagram. So, the pressure to look great on photos starts very much in prior even before the main function starts.

You shouldn’t be stressed about how you would look and that should be the last thing in your mind on the special day. You just have to be prepared for the good angle and without any makeup hitches. There are some rules that you as a bride should follow in order to look super ready if someone clicks you picture without notice. Here are some makeup essentials for bride for a perfect photo.

Top Makeup Essentials to Remember to Avoid Bad Photos

1It all starts with face wash

It all starts with face wash

Remember that even before you start off, maintenance is very important and is a prime focus for a bride. Heavy makeup will look bad on a bad skin. So, it all starts with your face wash and what kind of wash you are using. Make sure you cleanse, moisturize your skin and keep it from looking dry. Makeup on a dry skin will make your skin look bad and cracked up. So it is better to drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t stand outside the sun for a long time or don’t expose your skin to getting tan. Follow a healthy skin regime.

2Free Demos are a yes

Free Demos are a yes

When you go to a parlor, they will ask if you are okay with a free trial of makeup. Just say yes without any hesitation because you need to have an idea on how you would look on the day of your wedding. A free demo is definitely a yes when it comes to bridal make up. The makeup artists will do a test session on the products, skin tone and the blush colors. If you think certain colors are too gaudy, you can very much suggest your opinion. After all, you are the bride and you have all the rights to tell them how you want the make up to be. Don’t be afraid to sit through the entire process and lock your look for the big day. It is better to take pictures of the makeup you locked for yourself.

3Don’t go for a bare look

Don’t go for a bare look

Most of the brides go for a natural look without a lot of makeup. But no makeup is not natural makeup. Remember that you need not look like someone else, but don’t also look like you have just gotten up from the bed. Go for a mild makeup with a little touch up and base. A light and soft lipstick should be good for a natural look. Its okay to not choose dramatic makeup, but don’t fall prey into no makeup.

4Overnight makeup or makeover won’t work

Overnight makeup

It is important that you should keep this point very much in your head before going for any kind of makeover process. Don’t get your hair cut, waxing and hair removal a month before the wedding and your facial, bleach just 2-3 days before the big day. That is exactly the opposite of what you should do. You should take care of your skin related beauty process at least 10-15 days in prior while your hair removal should be done just 2-3 days before. That is when you face will look bright and beautiful. Remember not to do the opposite because if you do so, everything will be messed up. Makeup can hide dark skin but not hair growth. Remember that!

5Have a retouch kit

Have a retouch kit

Yes, you will be constantly standing, posing, smiling and talking to your relatives and friends. So, don’t forget to have a retouching kit given to one of your friends or your cousin so that they can come and wipe off the sweat or the kajal mishap if there is any. You can take time off just for this. Have a makeup kit with a small mirror so that you can review on how you look before posing for the next picture. Don’t use a towel or hard cloth. Always go for tissue which is much softer than the towel. That way your makeup won’t be disturbed.



Smiles are infectious and remember that no matter what, a big smile will keep you going a long way. You have the best accessory with you and that is your smile. As long as you are smiling and happy, nothing else really matters. You are getting married and this will happen just once in life. Even if the makeup messes with you, you can push that behind you by wearing the best makeup ahead which is your smile. Relax and have fun. Don’t be too conscious every time about the makeup, otherwise you will forget to have fun at your own wedding. A laid back confident bride will rock any angle, shot or photo.

Enjoy the day and look astounding with the makeup essentials we provided.

-Pavithra Ravi