Workouts At Home For Healthy Living


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Workouts At Home

Workouts are the most horrible thing anybody has ever made. I know the feeling, shedding out those extra kilos which you had put on because of your laziness is the worst experience ever. Your body pains like hell, you are unable to concentrate on anything else. But, maybe working out seems hard in the beginning, but it is the most useful experience ever. When the first few months of misery and pain is over, then all your experience was toned body, amazing figure and yeah sometimes abs. So here, are some workouts at home, that you can try and live a healthy lifestyle.

Workouts At Home

1Close-Hand Pushup

Close-Hand Pushup
  • First lie onto the floor, facing downward and the body straight with the toes on the floor and hands wider than the shoulder width for a wide hand position and also closer than the shoulder width for a close hand position. Be sure, that you are holding the torso up at the arms length.
  • Then try to lower yourself until the chest almost touches the floor while you inhale.
  • Now use your pectoral muscles, while press your upper body back up to the starting position as well as squeezing the chest. Try to breathe out as you perform this step.
  • After a pause at contracted position, try to repeat the movement for a prescribed amount of time.


  • It is a full body workout
  • It can help to create balance as well as stability
  • It can help build muscle density
  • It can give upper body definition
  • It can also give a strong core

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2Single-Leg Dead lift

Single-Leg Dead lift
  • First, grab a pair of dumbbells or something heavier just like dumbbells and try to stand on the left foot. Then lift the right foot behind you and then bend the knee so that the right lower leg is parallel to the floor.
  • Then slowly bend forward at the hips, and lower the body as far as possible. Pause a little, then push the body back at the starting position. As you are coming up, try to think about using the glutes to push the hips forward instead of just lifting from the back.
  • Try to keep the core engaged and the chest up during the entire movement.


  • It can help strengthen your posterior chain
  • Can help to create balance as well as stability
  • Creates stability in the ankle, knee and hip
  • Makes your body more mobile and flexible

3Side Plank

Side Plank
  • First lie on the left side with the knees straight. Then try to prop the upper body on the left elbow and the forearm.
  • Then raise the hips until the body forms an exact straight line from the ankles to the shoulders.
  • Try to hold the position for at least 30 seconds. Turn around, so that you can lie on the right side and then repeat.


  • It can help strengthening the core
  • It can help strengthening the arms and the wrists
  • It can help to strengthen the legs
  • It can help to improve Balance
  • It can help to improve the Concentration



Get down and place your hands on the floor, so that they can be slightly wider than and into the line with the shoulders, feet close together.

  • Lower the body until the chest almost touches the floor and then immediately push back to the starting point. Be sure to keep the hips lifted and the core braced the entire time.


  • See the point no. 1.

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5Second Position Plies

Second Position Plies
  • Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder-width, toes turned out slightly. Lower the body down by bending the knees until the thighs are parallel with the floor.
  • Now bring your arms overhead and the shoulders down and back. Now, pause and slowly push yourself back up to the starting point.


  • It helps in the development of butt, thighs, and hamstrings
  • It can help inner thighs workout
  • It can allow the joints & the muscles to become soft as well as pliable
  • It can assist the tendons in maintaining flexibility as well as elasticity
  • It can create a sense of balance.

6Cardio Intervals

Cardio Intervals

You can select from any piece of cardio equipment, that is, elliptical, jump rope, treadmill, bike, etc and then try to repeat the pattern in a total of ten times:

  • three minutes at 50 percent of your effort
  • 20 seconds at 75 percent of your effort
  • ten seconds at your absolute effort


  • It helps in faster weight loss
  • It can help the heart and lungs to become strong
  • It can help to increase the bone density
  • It can reduce the stress
  • It can reduce the risk of heart disease and other types of cancer
  • It can give temporary relief from depression as well as anxiety
  • It can help to getbetter sleep
  • It can help in giving more energy


  • First stand in front of the bench or a step and then place the left foot firmly onto the step.
  • Then press the left foot in the step and try to push the body up until the left leg is straight. Lower the body back down until the right foot touches the floor and then repeat.
  • Keep the chest up and the core engaged the entire time, keeping the weight balanced evenly, and not leaning too far forward or even too far back.


  • This exercise can help to target the muscles of the glutes as well as the hamstrings to create leaner, tighter and stronger legs, with lifted rear.
  • Stepups can also work the quadriceps since they need to straighten the knee against the resistance.

8Plank with Arm Raise

  • Get into a push up position, then bend the elbows and rest the weight on the forearms instead of the hands. Your body must form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles.
  • Brace the core and then maintain the hip placement as you lift the right arm straight in front of you. Then draw the shoulder blades down and back by lifting the arms.
  • Try to hold the position for five to ten seconds, switching the arms.


  • Plank can improve the posture and the core strength, which can make you feel better, taller, and more confident.

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