Effective Beauty Tips For Hair


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Beauty Tips For Hair

Every woman wants to have a nice, beautiful, shiny, as well as long lustrous hair. But, in today’s world, keeping your hair protected, healthy, as well as beautiful can be difficult and it becomes more difficult if you have a traveling job. So here, are some effective beauty tips for hair, that you can follow and get a amazing lustrous vibrancy in the hair.

Beauty Tips For Hair

1Protect the hair

Protect the hair

Always try to protect your hair from the sun, wind as well as rain. Excessive exposure to sun, heat, dirt, pollution, etc, can add to many hair woes. These can also lead to dirt build up, drying of the hair and the scalp, increasing susceptibility to the infections on scalp. Always remember to cover the hair with an umbrella or even a hat. Even your dupatta or scarf will do the work.

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2Be careful with wet hair

Be careful with wet hair

Remember that wet hair is very fragile and can break very easily. When the hair is wet, the shaft as well as the roots of the hair is more prone to sustaining the damage. Do not be too harsh while shampooing, because breakage begins there. Also avoid brushing immediately after the shower.



Always remember that conditioning needs to be done properly. Conditioners are basically formulated which can help to seal the moisture content in the hair shaft. They are not at all meant for the scalp. Always condition about two inches away from the scalp. Too much conditioner can make your scalp excessively oily.

4Avoid applying heat

Avoid applying heat

Always avoid using heat on the hair. Heat can strip off the moisture content from the hair making it more dry and frizzy. When it is overused, it can burn your hair from the tips. Use iron / curler, or straighteners only if it is necessary and remember to protect the hair before itself!

5Avoid tight hair ties

Avoid tight hair ties

Remember to not use super tight hair ties; instead, always opt for scrunchies with cloth around them. Tight hair ties have tendencies to pull off the hair back real tight which can increases the friction can cause breakage.

6Do not braid tightly before bed

Do not braid tightly before bed

When you are going to bed at night, remember to loosely braid the hair to avoid any frizzy mess. A side braid is one of the better option. Leaving the hair open can tend to create knots, which means that you need to pull and brush in the morning. Over brushing can also result in the frizziness.

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7Dry hair cautiously

Dry hair cautiously

When you are drying the hair, remember to pat it dry. Do not rub. You might dry the hair fast, but the amount of hair that generally breaks as well as falls away can also double up.

8Oil the scalp

Oil the scalp

Oil the hair as frequently as possible and remember to use a gentle shampoo to get rid of the oil. Oiling the scalp is a good therapy for the hair. But also do not over do it. Dripping oil from the hair can only need to use more shampoo and it can strip out more of the natural oils no matter how mild it is.

9Hair masks

Hair masks

Always use hair masks which are suited for the hair quality. Hair needs always vary as per the hair type and the troubles. It is also necessary that you use the proper masks, or it can aggravate your problem further.

10Oil massage

Oil massage

Massaging your hair with oil is one of the oldest as well as the most traditional remedy for extra shine and soft hair locks. You can use either olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Just warm the oil slightly and massage the scalp thoroughly. Leave it on for one hour before washing. If you use olive oil, it can strengthen the roots and prevent hair breakage. Massaging is one of the best home remedy for healthy hair.

11Wash with cold water

Wash with cold water

Always use cold water to wash the hair because hot water can affect the hair in the same way as the heat styling methods do. Cold does not exactly mean freezing cold, but you can use water at the room temperature instead.

12Brush effectively

Brush effectively

Brushing, is one of the sure shot way to increase the lustre on the hair. It can spread the natural oils through the length of the hair. But do not over do it and remember to not use plastic brushes as they can increase breakage.

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13Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Health on the inside can also reflects on the hair too. The more healthier you are, the better your hair will look. If you want to have a good and healthy hair, eating right is essential. Certain type of nutrients like vitamins, iron as well as proteins are essential for the hair growth and the health. If you are not able to obtain enough from the diet, then you must consider having supplements. A good diet for the hair can boost your confidence to stay healthy as well as smart.