Are You Worried Being Not A Romantic Person

Hopelessly Romantic

Being in a romantic relationship is one of the best, and the most important part in everyone’s life. It gives the desire to love someone, be with them, and fall for them unconditionally. Some people also feel butterflies in their stomach, which gives the feelings to be with the other person all the time.

Different people have different styles of loving a person. Some, focus on pleasing others, whereas some are pretty self-centered, some focus on loving very deeply, and some are also known to be hopelessly romantic. These hopelessly romantic lovers, generally focus more on grand romantic gestures, passion, as well as intense closeness.

If you think that, you are not a romantic person, but your partner is, then this is the best and the most beautiful part of your life. Don’t worry about being not so romantic, and the failure of the relationship, because with your some extra effort, you both will win over your differences. Here, are some instructions, you can work with your partner and make your relationship hopelessly romantic.

Being Hopelessly Romantic With Partner

Appreciating Differences

  • Understanding differences

Understanding differencesSome psychologists say that primary “love styles” is basically based on game playing, passion, and friendship. Some also suggest that there are six different ways of experience in being in love, and most people experience love in two or more of these experience. The six types of love styles are eros, that is, passionate/romantic love; storge, that is love as deep as friendship; mania, that is, love as obsession; ludos, that is love as a game; pragma, that is, love as a useful arrangement, and agape, which is, love as selflessness.

So, you can spend some time thinking, about what does love means to you, and what it also means with your partner and also think on what styles best fit you, as well as best fit your partner.

If you see that your partner is very romantic and you are not, then this doesn’t mean that you love your partner less. It just means you experience love very differently. Appreciating and understanding the difference is a very important part in any kind of relationship.

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  • Relate yourself

Relate yourselfYou can relate to your partner by putting yourself into their place and understand their way of seeing things. If your partner has some different approaches to communicating feelings, then consider whether your way of communication is getting the message across.

For you, maybe making breakfast or doing some other chores is saying “I love you”, but you must also consider your partner’s perspective. Are they receiving the message from the actions?

Remember that your needs are valid, as well as your partners, so it is very important to consider whether you are communicating your feelings in a way they understand.

  • Enjoy the relation

Enjoy the relationDating a romantic person can be very fulfilling. Instead of focusing on the extra efforts you have to make, try to focus on the perks of being in this kind of relationship. Your partner will make an extra effort on your likes as well as dislikes. To do fun and spontaneous things with you and on how to cheer you up when you feel sad.

Most of the time, your partner might want only one thing in return that is to be loved by you. They are also more likely to focus on the things they like most about you. This doesn’t mean you have to expect something nice in return. But, it does signify that you are very lucky to have such kind of partner. The one who really loves being with you, and also wants you to feel the same.

Keeping Your Partner Happy

  • Don’t take for granted

Don't take for grantedIn a relationship, it is very important to take some time and value the nice things your partner is doing for you, and express the gratitude to them. This part is also important when you are dating a romantic person. They will make a lot of things to make you happy and loved. If you don’t appreciate their role, then it can create problems in the relationship.

This is also very simple as telling them on how much you appreciate the things they do for you.

Rekindling Romance With Your Partner

  • Keep the fun

Keep the funSharing of new experiences is always benefited in a relationship, because it keeps the relationship fun as well as exciting. Also, this is a very important part while dating a romantic person, who enjoys spontaneity. A romantic person will try to create little surprises, and also let you know that they love you, and can enjoy more if you also do the same.

For example; plan a trip where you might have never been before or take a class together, or even, like my friend, surprise your partner with gifts on his birthday.

  • Negotiate

NegotiateEvery relationship, needs an honest as well as negotiated feelings. If you are finding trouble, on the middle ground with your partner, where both of your needs are not fulfilled, then, take some time to have an honest conversation on your expectation. Openly express your feelings, without blame. Some phrases like, “I’d like it if”, “I feel”, “I really want”, can help in expressing your views because they can promote openness without blame.

If you think that you may need some space, then ask for it. Sometimes, some people may need more time than other persons and there is nothing wrong with it. Be gentle as well as direct in explaining these things. As you do this, it will let your partner know that it is not about them, it is only about your needs. Remember to confirm your commitment, to the relationship, while you ask for space.

Even let your partner know, that it is also okay to express their emotions too. Tell them that their feelings are also important to you and when your partner is talking to you, listen to them. Make eye-contact, put aside the distracting thoughts, and check from time to time, to make sure that you are receiving the message clearly. Try to compromise sometimes, in front of your partner’s needs.

In these negotiations, be accommodating as well as attentive to the needs and feelings, they are trying to communicate with you. If your partner is feeling under-appreciated or insecure, then this can help them to feel valued and loved.

  • Take small steps

Take small stepsThere are a lot of small things you can do, which can help your romantic partner, feel more loved every single day. These small steps don’t take much effort and can also make many big differences.

Like, holding hands, while walking down the street, or sitting on the couch or holding hands while riding a bus. It may not seem much, but your partner can notice.

Let your partner know, what you are remembering them when you are apart. By sending messages or emails or even gifts.

You can also try writing little love notes, or buy small gifts like flowers, candy, book or any of their favourite music.

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  • Go some extra mile

You can try going some extra mile, and sweep your partner off their feet, by making a big romantic gesture. If it is not an important part of the relationship for you, it is good to be romantic sometimes. Not only your romantic partner will treasure this gesture, it can also serve as the great reminder that both of you value the relationship, and also find your partner exciting to be with.

For example; as one of my friend did, she had sent, her ‘would be’ a flower, as well as a birthday cake on his birthday and they, are in a long distance relationship. You can also try to make plans for a romantic dinner, or a vacation together. It can be a weekend also.

You can make something for your partner, like a poem or a song or a piece of art inspired from them. You can even cook a special dinner, of their favourite food or can give your partner a massage, etc.

  • Tips

Try to be creative! You can always find ways, to communicate the feelings that can be clear to your partner and can also be true to yourself.

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