Top online dating tips every woman should know


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Online dating

Let me start off by saying that making an online dating profile could be scary and disturbing at first. Yes, you might not feel like revealing a lot about you, while you should also be able to reveal the true sides of you and all this should happen at once. It could be very different from the usual dating style.

Let’s not think that online dating is only for losers and people who can’t find others in real life. Well, those days are all gone far behind. We now have so many social media platforms and apps that connect a guy and a girl. Whether it is just for sex or for dating, there are some important rules everyone, mainly women should know about online dating.

Online dating is a better tool for promoting healthy relationship goals and getting to know each other. You are not going to meet the person at first. But, you will be able to know a lot more about him before meeting him.

There are a lot of advantages as well as some uncomfortable disadvantages when it comes to online dating. So, here I am! I met my husband 9 years ago via a social media platform and we are strong and happily married for the past 3 and half years! So, with a tinge of personal experience and a lot of knowledge around this subject, I am going to give some online dating tips that can be very handy for women. Note this down girls!

Top Online Dating Tips for Every Woman

1Create a real profile

Create a real profile

It is very important to understand that you should create a real profile when it comes to online dating. Imagine meeting the guy you have been talking to for 2 months! You sure want to be true to him while you reveal information about your looks, right? You have hit it off really well with this amazing Ryan Gosling kind of guy from the movie Crazy, Stupid love! How would you feel if instead of that Ryan Gosling, the older Blue Valentine version of Ryan shows up? It is heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Remember that no matter who, a guy or a girl wouldn’t like a misleading profile photo of yours. Don’t put up a picture that was taken 4 years ago and expect the guy to like you for the profile picture. Give out real information about you. When asked about interests, don’t just write down your fantasies like scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc. Yes, your profile has to be exciting and interesting. But don’t lie on your profile because that could turn out to be very misleading in the future.

Remember that you can make someone fall for you virtually, but keeping up the facade in real life is a painful effort. Also understand that the online dating profile doesn’t have essays about you and your life. Leave some room for the guy to find out things about you on the run.

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2Picture rules

Picture rules

It is always better to avoid all your crazy drunken pictures if you are looking to find the man of your dreams on an online dating site. Don’t forget that there is a great line of difference between trashy pictures and attractive drunk pictures. Also, don’t go for, revealing pictures or semi nude ones. It is always better to put up a solo picture than group ones.

Make sure your post some close up, different angled shots and most importantly, full figure pictures so that the guys know your physique. It isn’t important to show off your physique, but sometimes it works well when the guy gets a full view of how you look. On the whole, decent pictures describe a decent you!

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3Join as many websites as you wish

Join as many websites

It isn’t wrong that every online dating website has your profile. There is no tab on the number of websites you should be a part of. Pick out some niche websites and 2-3 main websites. Tinder is working great now! So, try to join tinder ASAP. Variety is the key of online dating. So, don’t be embarrassed to be a part of many websites, if that’s what it takes to find the one right guy!

4Make the first move

Make the first move

Girls, don’t expect the guys to make the first move always. Girls nowadays have become so confident and independent that it’s fine to make the first move from your side. Do you like a man you see, it’s fine to say hi. Try to take it slow, keep your message short and give it your best shot. Try the intriguing way because it works with some guys. Men do like women who are extremely confident and independent. So, go for it.

5Multitasking is the key

Multitasking is the key

Don’t try to concentrate only on one guy. Fine, you like a guy – go ahead. But don’t pin your hopes on just one guy. Speak to multiple people and look for common interests among the so-many guys you are talking to. You can later narrow down to one or two.
But, as soon as you pick up the pace in online dating, don’t try to fix on just one man. Keep your mind and options wide open. Having said that, it is also unhealthy to overdo it after a point. Try to know when to put an end to this as well.

6Meet the guy sooner

Meet the guy sooner

So, you have been speaking to this guy for a while now and you guys hit it off really well. What next? Don’t hesitate to meet the guy now. It is important for you to not put the meeting for later stages. You don’t want to keep talking and not see the person in person, right? You are actually spending all your time, energy and your emotional stability of a person and that will be put to best use only when you meet them. From online chats to phones and from phones to meeting. This is the process! So, try it.

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7Be safe

Be safe

Always have a benefit of the doubt. Don’t believe someone blindly. That isn’t going to work, at least when it comes to online dating. Never do personal favors like giving him money or sending him some cash when he asks for it. That isn’t going to work fine. Meet him for the first time in a crowded or public place for your safety sake. Don’t get drunk in the first meets itself and keep one of your friends informed about your meet. If you think something isn’t going on the right track, don’t be hesitant to withdraw the whole thing. Safety comes first. So, be safe!

-Pavithra Ravi