Top things Indian girls do while dating for first time


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Indian girls

While everyone has their own first love stories, Indian girls experience the best kind of love stories. Yes, Indian girls are extremely lucky and kind of kinked when it comes to first loves. This is one time where you’re not single, you don’t have to understand what significance people make, you tell you and you don’t have to go to the same old way of spending valentine’s at your home. But with these cute things, also come some other stuff that you might realize. There are some troubles that every Indian girls go through during first love or her first date.

Well, to start off with, there is always the compulsion to be around people, the texting could be an issue, phone calls can’t be long, etc. Indian parents are clever and they will smell the fish if they hide it for a long time. So, we are just going to illustrate the various issues girls may face during their first love.

Top Things Indian Girls Undergo During First Love

1Phone always locked

Phone always locked

You can never keep your phone open and unlock your phone will always be in your hands or you always make sure that you have a pattern that keeps it locked. You cannot leave your phone for a minute. If you do so, you never know who read your messages or your chats.

Indians are generally pretty nosy when it comes to matters like phones, etc. They don’t buy a phone until the girl turns a considerable age. So, this is very much one thing that Indian girls experience during their love. They can never ever leave their phone unlocked.

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2Name saving tactics

Name saving tactics

Well, we all know how to actually do this don’t we? All you have to do is just save his name under your bestie’s name. Probably you will just add a smiley to it or some emoticon so that you know the difference. This is easier too, so that when people ask whom you were texting, you need not worry about trying to hide. You can just say that it was your friend. If your friend doesn’t come as help for all this, then what’s the big use?

3You are dropped elsewhere

dropped elsewhere

You are easily dropped at least one kilometer away from your house. Yes, people around are also your enemies when it comes to first love. Indian girls are clever that way. They get dropped one km away or at least in the next street where people aren’t noticing. They will surely cover their heads with the duppttas and that’s more than enough. Who needs a helmet when girls have shawls ;)?

4Night times are never a yes

Night times are never a yes

You can’t go out with your date for late night parties or for dinner until you turn a certain age. And if you are just in first year of college, forget it! You just cannot go out at all after 7pm. These strict rules come in the way of your date and so, you manage to meet as much as possible during the daytime. The intimacy is more during the nights. But, unfortunately you have to end up bringing the intimacy during the day time.

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5Trips are a bigger no

Trips are a bigger no

Even if you are old enough and you can take care if yourself, your parents still think that you are a baby. So, no matter how much you try, you will never be able to take a local one night trip also. In this process, of course you hurt the guy for not showing up. But, this is how it works with Indian girls! Parents just don’t let you go out because of so many other factors. It is sad, but a safe option sometimes, considering the lifestyle change and everything.

6Random friend’s name

Random friend’s name

You have no idea which friend you mentioned to your mom before leaving home. Most of the times, this confusion cab crop up. You might forget the name of the friend you told and you might even forget the place while you have actually spent the entire day with your guy. This could be a problem if your mom is like a hawk looking at you all the time. If not, you are definitely free!

Anyhow, first love is always interesting no matter how much your parents find out or not. The little quirks, the funny moments and the comedy encounters do stay for a long time without fading. So, to all the Indian girls out there! Don’t worry! We have got your back!

-Pavithra Ravi

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