Some texting mistakes that you can avoid


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texting mistakes

Texting has become the easiest way to communicate. Yes, not only for youngsters, but even parents and old people are comfortable texting someone rather than calling and speaking to them. Everyone nowadays has become tech savvy, which is a good thing, actually. But have we forgotten to talk to each other after the advent of phones? Maybe true. But let’s not waste time thinking why social media and technology has taken over. I am going to tell you certain mistakes a woman does while texting. Yes, texting has its own rules and regulations. You don’t want to look desperate, needy, waiting for hours for one text or you don’t want to be called stupid. So, there are some texting rules that you might have to follow.

Texting is cool, texting is sexy, but what is texting not telling you? The underlining factors of why you end up looking like a fool is what texting isn’t telling you. The hidden rules are those that make the texting habit more difficult and complex. Anyway girls, it is now time for you to know what is hidden and what isn’t. We are going to tell you some hidden texting mistakes you do or you have been doing all this while.

Top Texting Mistakes Women Make

1Have a reasonable response time

Have a reasonable

It is important that you learn to respond at a decent time between two texts. You have got to be a sport when it comes to responding to people. It is important that you respond at a reasonable difference time because too late may look rude. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to immediately keep texting because even that isn’t going to give a good opinion about you. You don’t want to look too desperate nor do you have to play hard to get. If you text back at a reasonable time, the conversation, whether it is important or emotional, will be communicated in the most appropriate way. If you are having an emotional conversation with your boyfriend and you end up replying after 2 hours of his text message, the emotions, love or whatever you were talking about would have vanished by then. He would have waited, waited and given up on you. So, don’t make that mistake at all. If sometimes you think that your texts are curt and not happy enough, add a smiley emoticon or make sure that the other person got it right. These are some ways to avoid texting mistakes.

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2Don’t write essays

Don’t write essays

If you want to be crisp, you have to make the attempt to be crisp. You need to calm down, pull yourself down, beat the enthusiasm and shush up. Yes, you need to be crisp and you need not have to explain everything. If a guy asks you out for coffee, just say ‘Yes, that sounds good’. Don’t end up saying – ‘Ya, I would love to have some coffee with you, but I was just thinking how this would be. Is it a date or just as friends…….’ If you keep writing all the blahs, then he will probably regret for calling you on a date or a friendly coffee. It isn’t novel to actually write a lot more than necessary stuff. If you keep answering an essay for a 2-5 letters message, it will scream out the fact that you are needy, desperate and looking for something to happen to the person. Avoid that because you want to keep it simple and explore all of this in person later. Not in text messages itself. Also, make sure you don’t keep it extremely short. ‘K’ doesn’t sound like an ‘OK’. So, be careful with awfully short messages as well.

3Usage of emojis

Usage of emojis

If you are texting a bunch of buddies, you don’t have to show them how much you love them. They already know that. So, tone down the emojis and the smilies. That just makes you look pathetic from the outside. Well, over using emojis isn’t going to make you any better. So, when you text someone, make sure you text them in the most appropriate manner with less emojis. If you are texting your colleagues or your boss, never use an emoji. This comes under professional ethics.

Sometimes you may think that texts without emojis may look like you are being rude to them. Having said that, not using smilie and replying in a curt manner can also put you in trouble. If a guy is texting you something and all you have to do is to end a conversation, then use a smilie to make it pleasant. Just don’t say ‘Yep, need to talk’. That is going to give him the shivers. Instead say ‘I need to talk something to you ’. Doesn’t that sound and look better and appealing?

4How to end a conversation

How to end a conversation

You should know when to end a conversation. It is very important for you to end a particular conversation when the particular message has been conveyed, clearly identified and has been given a nod for the same. You need to stop sending ‘Okays, bye-bye, c-ya, kisses, hugs’ and so many more useless texting disasters because you are not one of those. You need to just say goodbye and probably end it with a smilie or an emotion. That should do because you want to move on. Also, be sure that the other person also doesn’t have much to say or talk. If they have nothing to talk, then end the conversation in a dignified manner instead of pulling it more and more. You should always know your limits.

-Pavithra Ravi

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