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Instagram is a public social media platform that lets you put pictures and shares it in the best interest of yourself and the viewers. It is very much similar to twitter and Facebook, but the only difference here is that, you speak to the other through photos and photos only. Are you a selfie maniac? Or do you have a slash of photos stocked into your phone? Social media is a reflection of who you are and it convinces you to put everything out to the world out there.

Instagram is a place where you can meet your loved ones, professionals, love lives, roommates, just somebody on the road and so much more like that. You have a good idea here where you just have to click a picture and write about the picture. Instagram has become the new marketing tool of this decade. So, you don’t want to give the wrong message by using boring or bad pictures of people out there. So, we are going to tell you the various tips you can use to become a good Instagrammer. With a little effort and a lot of interest, you can definitely become a good instagrammer in no time!

Tips to Take Good Photos and Become a Good Instagrammer

1Let lens be your eyes

Let lens be your eyes

Look at your picture through the lens of your camera. Your camera is you and the lens is your eye. So, you have to picture everything imagining that your lens ins your eye. Look at your subject with your lens (your other eye). You don’t have to create any picture, since the picture’s beauty is its originality by itself. You can definitely try to experiment your photos by changing the scenery or the subject. Wait for the right moment to capture the right kind of picture. This will be very helpful for you. You can also use this trick to photograph unanimated objects.

2Natural lighting works best

Natural lighting works best

Always prefer for something that goes with natural lighting. When you are somewhere in the natural lighting, always prefer for that kind of lighting. The good thing about natural light is that it creates a warmer tone that keeps your photo beautiful and very original looking. Flash or even lighting can make your photo look bad. It turns your skin tone and doesn’t make it original for the viewers to look at. This way you will have a lot of following.

3Angles and heights are important

Angles and heights are important

You have to know that a certain things look great when you take it from below and some look great from the height. You need to put on your creative cap and grab a stool and get some height if you want to take a picture from above. You should also know that when you take pictures from the top, the subject tends to look thinner or smaller. It gets nicer when you approach different angles and heights because you tend to experiment more. When you experiment more, the better kind of photos you get.

4Take a lot of photos

Take a lot of photos

You need to know that if you are practicing on good photography, always remember to take more than one or two photos. It is very very important that you take more than at least 10 photos of the same thing. Yes, this could be very annoying and irritating, but the fact that one picture doesn’t capture what the next picture captures. So, to be very careful and very detailed, you can take a number of pictures. That way, you will not miss on anything and you will have many options to choose from.

5Close ups are a yes

Close ups are a yes

Anything up close is better than a wide photo. If there is no detailing, your follower on Instagram may not know what he/she is looking for. So, going close and getting into the details will give you room for exploring more. This way you can really concentrate on the close up shots. May it be a person’s eyes, or a beauty of the flower, a bird’s wing or the sky? Anything can be taken using a micro lens or just a close up shot. This will give you the freedom to play with your photographs.

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6Keep practicing

Keep practicing

Photography is not just an easy thing. If you want to be a normal instagrammer, then taking just a picture and uploading it is fine. But if you really want people to like you on Instagram, it is better if you can make your pictures using a lot of practice. They say – Practice makes a man perfect. So, take photos that are extremely beautiful. How can you make it beautiful? That is by using the best options for your camera and eye for detailing.

-Pavithra Ravi

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