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You can always distinguish between a happy couple and a regular one. No matter what, happy couples are happy almost all the time. This could not sound idealistic, but if you are one of those couples, you would understand better. Actually being that is simple and easy to go about. Happy couples do fight, they have their share of arguments, and they irritate each other and even go up to break up. But they won’t break up, because they realize and get back in the game. Truly happy couples don’t show a lot of excitement outwardly. They are subtle about showcasing their love for each other. They don’t flaunt or act insecure by kissing or touching each other regularly. They don’t really show their love on social media platforms. Actually, they don’t feel the necessity to do so, because they are really very happy from inside. They don’t really have to prove anything to the world nor do they have to keep reassuring themselves for the love. So, here are the top things happy couples do differently. Do you want to be one of them, and then know what they do differently and adapt. If you already are one of them, then well and good for you!

Amazing Things Happy Couples Do, Genuinely

1They stay away from phones

They stay away from phones

Let’s face it, phones are the most important person in your tiny little world. Isn’t it? The Phone is a major distraction and makes you engrossed in things that you don’t really want to avoid. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and what not right? Whereas, happy couples don’t see a point in this at all because they know that it is a waste of time. They would instead spend time with each other, rather than spending all their time on the phones, texting or commenting on some random person’s photo or status. They don’t feel like they are missing on something that is happening in the outside world. Probably the feeling that you are missing something from the outer world is what that keeps you engrossed in checking your phone again and again, repeatedly, day in and out.

They don’t wonder what their friends do on social media, instead they take the time out to meet their friends. They don’t talk to random people, instead they travel around and meet strangers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a social life. They do have it, they know how to assign time for that, and move out of it as soon as possible because of them people in reality are more important than on a computer wall.

2They share about their hobbies

They stay away from phones

Not every person can have the same kind of hobby and not everyone likes the same things. Of course, that isn’t even possible. But, happy couples share their interest in their hobbies together. They make sure to give each other’s hobbies a try and push the other person into excelling in that. They know how it is to spend time together and they make maximum utilization of it. They try new things and explore whatever comes their way. They know that sharing hobbies can expand their personal choices and interest and makes both of them an all rounder. Let’s not forget that hobbies bring exciting and exotic experiences in life and makes them try everything they ever wanted to.

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3Supporting factor

Supporting factor

Like we already said, not everyone believes the same things and do the same things around. There are a lot of differences in the same kind of people. So, happy couples also can’t accept everything as it is. They will have their own differences and fights. But the way they handle it is just excellent. They take it totally in a positive way and make them realize that this fight could change the perspective of the other person. They don’t force their opinion on the other one. They suggest and try harder. If the other person doesn’t take it, they just leave it and don’t irritate them by forcing. Happy couples often respect each other’s decision making skills. They like to see each other climb the ladder. So, they never ever discourage the other person. They support by all means and make sure that the other person comes out with flying colors. They inspire and love to spread the same amongst others too.

4They pick Tuesday instead of Friday

They pick Tuesday instead of Friday

They don’t wait till the weekend arrive to make plans. They actually don’t even make plans. Their plans and parties are immediate and they know the spontaneity works way well than actual planning. They customize the idea of date nights. They do it whenever possible and how many times ever possible. They don’t have a schedule that they follow. Most couples think that following a particular schedule may work out and make things better. But, sadly it doesn’t. It’s the ones who are more prompt that work better than the planned ones. Their fun doesn’t only mean inside a closed room. They have fun outside, inside, in a crowded place or by just spending time staring at each other.

5They are not bored

They are not bored

Every relationship feels like deteriorating after one point in life. But, happy couples make the most boring time more interesting that anybody could think of. They don’t get bored of each other or their company. Life can be pretty dull sometimes, but they make sure to keep it thriving, interesting, happy and most of all – they truly enjoy doing so.

If you want to be a happy couple, then you should probably think of possible ways to switch up your relationship and make sure that you fall on the above lines. If you are a happy couple, then let us know what else you think makes you who you are.

-Pavithra Ravi

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