10 Signs That Your Husband Is Also Your Best Friend


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Husband Is Also Your Best Friend

Deciding to spend your life with a man and sharing every bit of your existence with him can be sometimes a really scary idea. Even though you may decide to marry someone you really love, Sometimes the mere thought of giving up your entire life away and deciding to move in with that person can be enough to give you an anxiety attack. But if you are one of those women who never even gave marriage a second thought before saying yes, your husband is probably your best friend. Want to know how to ascertain it. Here are 10 signs that prove your husband is also your best friend in the whole universe.

1. You have a million personal jokes

You Have a Million Personal JokesWell, there is one particular friend you secretly hate together but socially are fake friends, Maybe A relative whose fake accent gets you both cracking up or A Colleague whose long detailed stories have you both yawning in seconds. It could be anything, you both have too many personal jokes that you exchange without saying a word, but only by looking. So when you are at a social gathering and some of these things happen, you laugh out loud in your head and no one knows just the two of you. But you always exchange assuring smiles.

2. You never have to explain your moods

You Never have to explain Your MoodsYou always find him accommodating his moods according to yours. And the best part? You don’t even have to say it. Yes, When you had a tiring day at work and you sulk in silence he makes you a hot cup of tea and once in a while also gives you a foot massage. Can you really ask for anything more? He knows when you are happy and want to celebrate or when you feel needy and wants a hug. Your best friend husband, Knows your thousand moods and always finds ways to make you feel better.

3. You literally keep no secrets-

Well, even friends can have secrets but with him, you just can’t keep them. Even when you want to surprise him, it becomes a pain to not tell him about it. You always end up sharing the tiniest and also the biggest things in your life with him and it takes no effort to do that. You cannot live without sharing everything with him and vice versa, be it embarrassing stories from school or heartbreaks before you met, you both know all of each other.

4. He is your friend, philosopher, and guide

He is Your FriendYour husband is your friend, philosopher, and guide, all rolled into one. You cannot think of any other name every time you want an opinion about anything. He always gives you the most honest and true advice, He isn’t shy to criticize you, he sees your hard work and directs you to do your best. You don’t know what you’ll do without his help. He has slowly become your guardian angel and you feel utterly safe with him guiding you.

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5. You do everything together

You do everything together
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You may have a busy life with both of you working, But you always spend the little time you get, doing things together. Buying groceries, doing the housework, shopping or almost anything. You just can’t find a better partner to help you in everything with you, in ways as good as him. You end up sharing every second of your free time with him by your side and yet always find reasons to stick around. You love how you have become a team that enjoys doing all the work together.

6. You know and love each others flaws

You know and love each others flaws

Well nobody is perfect, neither are you or him. But you still love your spouse with all his faults. Maybe he snores and you find it funny, He cries at emotional movies and you find it cute, He ends up eating all the snacks you buy for yourself, but every time you just end up laughing. It’s unending. You always find reasons to love him more with his faults. And so does He. No matter how long you take to get ready, how many shops you jump before buying one outfit or the number of nail polishes you end up stacking on his shelf he just knows you too well to be mad. Your flaws are internalised into his living and now, you don’t even see them anymore.

7. He knows exactly how to make you smile

He knows exactly how to make you smileHe knows exactly how to bring that big huge smile back on your face after any dull moment. He knows how to cheer you up after a sad day. He knows how to make you laugh, he cracks the best jokes and always makes you happy. You seriously think he has the best sense of humour and you know that no one can make you as giggle that much. He has all the keys to your smile lock and he knows exactly which one to use when.

8. You share the same quirks

You share the same quirksSo you love eating spicy food till you literally sweat fumes, but guess what he does too, After being best of friends for years you never realised the quirks that actually you had, have now slowly become his too. And while he enjoys your hot food quirk, you too have started obsessing over Gadgets and computers, just like him. Your husband is definitely your best friend if you both have started doing the same crazy things as each other almost effortlessly.

9. You prefer to hangout with friends

You prefer to hangout with friendsWhile you love taking time out, and going on a date night every now and then, you prefer to hang around with all your other friends together. You both prefer to have friends over while watching a game on TV rather than being alone on an important match day. You both have a great group of friends together and their company makes you feel like family. You love hosting friends and doing all the planning together. And although you have a bunch of your good friends around, you still want him for company.

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10. Without him you miss a piece

Without him you miss a pieceIn every sense of the word, He completes you. You feel incomplete without him around, and even though you can do everything without his help, you don’t like doing it at all. Having him by your side forever has become a part of you and when he is away for work or visiting someone even for a week you feel restless, as if you just missed a piece of your soul.

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