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A small wedding is a lot easier than planning a big wedding where you have to invite so many people you don’t even know. A small wedding can be done amongst people who love you and whom you love. Big weddings are always exhausting, tiring, expensive and not to forget is bound to have a lot of mix ups. But, when it comes to small weddings, they are cute, surprising and lovable. Well, if you are planning for a small wedding, then you might as well know the perks of having one, right?

Although you might have a lot of fun in a big wedding, the gala and fun time comes to an end with a tiring start to your life. If you plan a small wedding, you are entitled you have as much freedom and free time to plan your wedding, invite people who care about you only and most of all, you can save all the money so that your future doesn’t have to look clueless. So, here are some advantages that we have put together in having a small wedding.

Super Top Perks of Having a Small Wedding

1Budget friendly

Budget friendly

Big weddings throw a fire or a hole in your pocket. But hey small weddings are pocket and budget friendly. If you plan for a small wedding, it means that you are discarding all the guests who don’t really mean to you. You will call only close relatives and friends. If you call fewer guests, you are making everything less like food, decoration, venue, clothes, purchasing etc etc. There are other things you can actually do with the money you save. You can buy special gifts for all the attendees, you can have a kick ass reception or a great honeymoon, you can keep it for your future and not worry about it. You can in fact splurge things for yourself.

2Eco friendly

Eco friendly

You have to know that wedding do cost a lot of harm to the surrounding and the environment. Think of 500 people, dancing, eating and throwing all the plastic waste on the mandap you are getting married. They aren’t healthy, nor are they eco friendly. But, if you get married in a house, you are protecting the environment from being harmful and dreading harmful situations. If you have an intimate wedding, the consumption of electricity, water and travel will be less. There won’t be a lot of leftovers and you will exactly know how much to spend on these things. It can be an easy fix to the carbon footprint and of course the world will be an Eco friendly place.

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3Less stress

Less stress

If you have less people, you are bound to be relaxed and you won’t be pushed under pressure. It will be easy to accommodate the people you are inviting, making it easier for you to choose the best venue without added stress on staying facilities. You can customize whatever you want since you have the freedom to do so. You can plan keeping the size of people in mind and need not over do it because you know that there are going to lesser people. Lesser people, gives you more creativity and freedom. When you have the freedom, you won’t be under stress. Many Indian parents undergo a lot of pressure during their daughter’s or son’s wedding making it difficult for them to see anything beyond just the wedding.

4Location creativity

Location creativity

You can get married anywhere, literally anywhere! Most people go for palaces, big venues and other locations because they can’t afford to fit everybody in, in a small tucked up sweet place. But, if you have a guest list that is tiny, there are many places you can try your hands on for getting married. The location options are literally endless. You need not get married just inside a function hall. You can find destination wedding a probability and get down to being creative. Beach houses, galleries, inside the sea, on the air, literally wherever you want! You can make it a personal affair and involve only the ones you love and who love you.

5Helps you connect to people

Helps you connect to people

People come to your marriage not to just enjoy and eat food. But they come for a reason! They want to attend your wedding so that they can know you better, they can shower their love on you and most of all, because they care. But how many times have you been able to talk to them? Not a lot of couples try their luck on talking to people in their wedding. They are busy most of the times or just don’t know the person. A luxury wedding lets you invite everybody and people whom you don’t even know. That will only make things worse and unpredictable. In fact, it so happens that couples don’t get to talk to each other also because the wedding time doesn’t allow you to convey emotions and feelings about each other.

You can avoid all this and give personal attention to the invitees and yourself when it is a small wedding. You can spend the luxury time and start the ceremony according to the time you wish. You need not rush into things for anyone. A wedding is a personal affair and you can make it happen the way you want.

We aren’t discouraging you to have a big wedding. We are just saying that the perks of small wedding are a lot more and you are not bound to have any kind of stress or tension when it comes to small wedding. Since you are allowed to do whatever you want with the limited people, you will tend to enjoy every bit of it without missing on the details. While big weddings are a lot of fun too, we are encouraging small wedding for its eco friendly perks. Big or small, your wedding is the grandest affair of your life that can happen only once, so enjoy every bit of it!

-Pavithra Ravi

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