Styling Hacks For 2017 To Change The Way You Dress


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Styling Hacks For 2017

With a new year comes new possibilities and with new possibilities you need to look good. A fresh start with some easy styling hacks by just reinventing the looks. Be it a new interview or a new exciting life, or even new year, start with something that can excite you and looks always matter. So here, are some styling hacks for 2017 that you must follow to look gorgeous for your any type of special day, or even to begin your year with a bang.

Fashion And Styling Hacks For 2017

1Knot a button-down shirt to show off the waist

Knot a button-down shirt

Midi skirt always looks super cute with plaid shirt that you already have in your closet. One of the styling hacks for 2017 is ontying in the middle of it will show off, rather than just hiding the shape and give a more polished look. You can also layer a turtleneck under your shirt to keep the belly from showing when it is chilly outside.

Here is one trick on making the perfect knot:

First undo the three buttons on the bottom and then tie the shirt tails in a knot. Tighten the knot just above your belly and knot again. Then straighten the ends, so that it can sit where ever you want.

Everyday Fashion Hacks

2Belt the layers

Belt the layers

Layering is always an easy way to look very fashionable when it is cold outside and try to save money by just getting more use, out of other pieces that is, already in the closet. But when you are having a bunch of different layers on, the finished product can look a little bulky as well as very random. A belt can pull the whole look together and then carve out the figure under all the clothes.

How to do the styling hacks for 2017:

Step 1: You can start by layering in a thin, long-sleeve shirt under your sleeveless dress.

Step 2: Toss the button-down your shirt on the top and then leave it open.

Step 3: Then add a furry vest.

Step 4: Pull them all together with a belt.

3Cuff your jeans

Cuff your jeans

There is nothing wrong to rock with your jeans as it is, but your favourite closet staple can also get an upgrade easily with the ankle cuffs. It is a very subtle style trick that can instantly freshen up any outfit that you have worn in a million times. Not to mention, it is also the perfect way to show off the rocking footwear you have. The basic trick is just to choose the right technique based on your pant style. Cuffs look best on skinny jeans, on the smaller side, because they can keep the streamline look of any fitted pants. Make the cuffs in about a half-inch wide and only roll it twice.

Boyfriend Jeans

When it generally comes to do the baggier style of any jeans, it is about less cuffing and more rolling. You can keep the casual vibe of your jeans intact, and the more looser, and bulkier, the fabric also works better with messier cuff.

First roll the jeans in about three times with one-inch of the cuffs. Do not try to press the cuffs down to make any kind of crease. Instead, you can go for any cylindrical shape, like a roll. Now mess the cuff when you are finished so it does not look too much perfect.

4Stack your rings

Stack your rings

A ring is cute; eight rings is even cuter. You can make any different sizes and styles in the ring and can look coolas well as edgy and not like you are in a preschool who got in her mother’s jewelry box. It is basically about placement and on how you stack with your different styles.

How to stack

Step 1: First start with the biggest, and the boldest ring on the index finger.

Step 2: Layer the smaller ring on the ring finger. A regular mix of rings and midi style can give you the cool layer look.

Step 3: Finish the stacking by two to three midi rings on the middle finger for basic contrast.

Upcoming Fashion Trends For 2017

5Cinch a shapeless dress

Cinch a shapeless dress

A boxy shift dress can hide the shape and can also look like, that it came from your mother’s closet. Try to knot from the middle and gather up all that extra fabric and transform your dress into more figure-flattering style.

It is super easy and you can do yourself. Follow these steps:

Step 1: First turn the dress inside out.

Step 2: Then, you must gather a two-inch section in the middle.

Step 3: Twist the first layer.

Step 4: Then tie it in a knot.

Step 5: Then flip the dress exactly right side out. Voila!

6Knot an over sized tee

Knot an over sized tee

Loose your layers easily going breezy to sloppy. When you tie, a side-knot on the top, you will highlight it both in the killer shape and in a cute skirt.

To get that polished knot, pull some of the excess bottom material to one of the sides, which creates a tail. Then twist the tail as well as knot it down. Tug the knot to tighten it.

7Add a scarf to update a basic look

Add a scarf to update a basic look

If you are bored with your necklaces, then a handkerchief scarf or even a bandana is an easy way to take your simple outfit up at a notch. There are many ways to wear it.

Tie It

Just try to fold it into half and then tie it behind the neck, leaving the pointed side up in front.

Roll It

Roll it tightly and tie it around the neck for the Insta-ready look. If you are having a bad hair day, you can use it in the place of your headband to keep the hair out of the face.

8Let your socks peek out of your boots

Let your socks peek out of your boots

Do not hide the socks. Scrunched socks can make your dressy skirt or even your shoes look more casual. Fashion bloggers are mostly all about this type of trend, and it is super easy to pull off.

How much your socks need to peek out of the boots also depends on how long are your legs. A rule of thumb is that it must cover about one by fourth of the lower leg. Pull it up, then try to scrunch it down to the right length. Stick it to the thin socks that are not too much sporty, but do not be afraid to play with colors.

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