Tips to practice daily yoga at home


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Practicing yoga is something that is more than a divine feeling. If you are a person who likes to practice yoga but isn’t able to do because of various hindrances, we are here to help you. Daily yoga is a great way of practicing patience at home, which can help you stay fit, more creative, prophetic, tranquil and happy all day long. Also, it is believed that these kinds of benefits are not just for you to enjoy, but is useful to spread the word as well.

Practicing yoga at home will make sure that it keeps both you and your family members happy because if you do yoga, you will feel have the positive energy flowing all through the day. When you have positive energy flowing, you will automatically have even happiness around you. That is the best part about yoga. You will not know when and how the happiness spreads, but it does immediately. You can do these kinds of yogasanas at home and not have to worry about going to classes.

Once you have learnt certain techniques either online or by going to nearby yoga classes, you can comfortably start practicing daily yoga from home. So, here are some of the tips that are useful for you when you practice daily yoga at home.

1Choosing a proper time

Choosing a proper time

Morning yoga is one of the best times when you can consider practicing the yogasana because it keeps your energy levels high during the day. But, if you are not able to do it in the mornings, then don’t try to escape it or skip it. You can very much choose some time slot of your own which is convenient and where you can practice daily yoga without disturbance. Well, the entire day is yours, so you don’t have to worry if it is late mornings, before lunch, evenings or before you sleep. If you are working, either early mornings or late evenings are your best possible time. It is all about refreshing your mind and keeping you calm and composed throughout the day or throughout your night. .

2Choosing a comfortable area

Choosing a comfortable area

Well, if you are going to practice daily yoga, sticking to one place is the best like a small private room in your house or your balcony where you can get fresh air. If you keep doing yoga in one place, then what happens is that, in a few days or so, positive energy will be created in the area and all the negative vibrations in the room will vanish. It will not only do that, but also helps in providing healing, potency and comfort to you and others at home.

But, If you don’t have a private room or a place where you can practice daily yoga, you may try choosing a comfortable area that is quiet and large enough to roll out your yoga mat. This way you will know that you will not be disturbed for a while. Make sure that your yoga room/place is clean, airy and away from furniture or sharp objects so that you can have a peaceful some time by yourself.

3Make sure you don’t eat before yoga

don’t eat before yoga

You should definitely know that when you do yoga postures, you are always expected to practice it on a light or empty stomach. Either you can do that, or you can also practice yoga after you eat, but you would have to at least wait for 2-3 hours before you start practicing. This is because, when you do yogasanas, there are different kinds of poses that you would have to follow. Eating your lunch, dinner or breakfast can be extremely filling and may not let you practice in peace.

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4Yoga wear

Yoga wear

You should make sure that you go for loose and comfortable clothing. It could be difficult if you wear tight body-hugging outfits because most of the times it comes in the way of doing some wide stretches. With clothing, you can also keep aside the chains or ornaments you are wearing to avoid having some hindrance. You will sweat, so avoid powder or makeup. Have a simple you and do yoga.

5Warm up is important

Warm up is important

Well this is what every yoga class teaches in the beginning. Doing warm up exercise like shaking your hands, moving your body is important, otherwise you may face a lot of risks by straining your muscles. Try to bring in some flexibility to your body before you do hard yoga postures because you need that for your exercise. Your body is at rest and you can’t put a sudden pressure on it. So, remember to bring more flexibility and then go ahead with the intense postures.

Make sure you treat your body with respect and then perform yoga poses gently with a smile. Make sure you don’t strain your body by doing yoga increasingly fast or going beyond what your body can take. These are not going to help in bringing faster results for you.

6Be unfailing


Yoga is a regular exercise and you have to be very consistent when you practice it. Make a schedule for yourself and mention what all you want to do on a regular basis. Once you are clear about that, you will know the practice time and schedule dates. Making it a habit is important, so follow your schedule. Also, remember that anything will be great if you have the patience for it. Everything won’t change in seconds, so give yoga its time for it to show some effect on you

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7Variety of yoga techniques

Variety of yoga techniques

Make sure that you have the time to practice a variety of yoga poses and breathing techniques. If you don’t have the time, then you may fix-up to do set of practices are done regularly (daily) and on a Sunday treat your body with the complete package. That is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you miss the basic yoga practice every day.

You should know and make sure that your yoga practice is not all about yoga postures only. It is also about the breathing techniques.

-Pavithra Ravi