Proven ways to live a happy married life


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Married Life

Marriage is all about statistics, algorithms, maths and most of all, the kind of trust and love you have on one another. A lot of people believe in the great saying ‘Opposites attract’ but like ones repel. It isn’t that easy in marriage and needs a lot of strategies that you have to work out for your marriage to fix its way and run successfully. There are certain things you can do to make a marriage stay put and work it just fine. Any person gets to know the other one in the first year of marriage. Their habits, their mistakes, their routine and a lot of their activities are identified in the first year, whether it is love or arranged. Just because you had a love marriage, don’t think that you will live a happy married life without trying on your relationship. There is a huge difference between loving a person and living with the person.

The second year of marriage is when you dust away the newly married mask and see the real self. So, if you want an everlasting marriage, there are certain things you should be doing to have a happy married life. So, we are going to put forth some proven ways in which you can have a happily-ever-after story.

Ways to Live a Happy Married Life

1Spend equally

Spend equally

The first few years of marriage is always a bonus point where you don’t have to really think about spending your money because your husband will let you buy anything. But when days go by and when you want to buy a pair of shoes, every time depending on your husband for money may irritate him or make him feel like you are exploiting him. The weird formula of marriage is that, if you are a spender and your husband is not, you should make sure to spend on equal quantities. Meaning, if he gives you money for a pair of shoes, you can try to adjust by buying grocery. Do not ask more money for the grocery as well. When you spend in equal amounts, at least for the home needs, you will be able to save some fights about money spending. Financially being able to help each other is very important in a happy married life.

2Love your relationship

Love your relationship

Secondly, you should know to love your relationship. You can never love your partner, if you don’t love your relationship that you have with him. You ought to be thankful for you have got and appreciate the efforts taken by him in the relationship. It is very important that you tell your partner that you are grateful for the beautiful relationship because if you don’t be grateful for something this big, you can never appreciate the small things he does to you. If you don’t appreciate the small things he does to you, then it is all a super waste. Nobody in the relationship will be happy. Actually there will not be a relationship to even work on if you are not grateful.

Always try to use words like ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’, because these are the magical words that brings more bond to the relationship. If you are self-involved and if you cannot work out a relationship without keeping in mind the both of you, then there is absolutely no use at all.

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3Keep the heat on

Keep the heat on

Remember that nothing better than sex can change a man’s perception about you. You need to be awesomely awesome in bed when you have sex with him. This could sound a little awkward, but after all, it is your husband and we are sure you don’t have any problem having sex with him. If you think that the sex is not good, don’t worry about it. It will get good by time and you will be more satisfying by age too. So, sex is your hidden answer if you are having a bad marriage life at present. Scientists have also proved that with sex, a relationship can actually thrive better than talking and emotionally dealing with it. So, get your mood up and rock on!

4Stay strong

Stay strong

Life can give you a lot of troubles and a lot of ups and downs, but all you need to do is to stay strong and think of all possibilities to fix this. If you cannot fix this, you will never be able to move ahead. So, don’t worry and stay as much strong as possible, because end of the day – It is going to be the two of you who handle the relationship issues. Children are just a part of it and nothing more. You should be much stronger than you think you are when it comes to working on a married relationship than your love relationship.

5Be true

Be true

It is very important that you be true to your husband/partner. Being true doesn’t mean telling all your activities and keeping him updated about what you do the whole day alone when he is away. It is not about gossiping what your aunt told or your uncle did. It is not about fighting over a true statement. It is something that you should choose and tell him. Some of the most important things are left unsaid to the partners. That could create huge problems. Pick your moments and tell him whatever you feel is important and necessary. If you are undergoing some issues, tell him about what you feel and what your opinion is. That way it will be helpful for you and for the relationship as well.

-Pavithra Ravi