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There can be nothing more convenient that having friends with benefit relationship. It is easy. Commitment free and definitely fun, isn’t it? There are no strings attached, you don’t have to think about every move of yours, nor do you have to worry about the future. However, there are certain rules to handle friends with benefits relationship because even a slightest blur in words or feeling that you have more than just one kind of feeling for him, it can put you into trouble. Can you handle this kind of relationship without doing the following things? Well, why don’t you find out by reading this article of ours that clearly states a lot about rules to follow when you are handling friends with benefits relationship.

Rules for Friends with Benefits Relationship

1No falling in love

No falling in love

Well, when you start off something like this, don’t expect the guy to give you a happy ending after all. This could be one of the easiest rules in the rule book, but it is very difficult to follow it because you can easily lose yourself to him in the course of time. Well, this kind of relationship is open and you are tend to have any number of partners for yourself. So, if he is going to flirt with some other woman, you should not to feel jealous at all. The problem is that, dating can look fun here but it is also understandable that since you are spending a lot of time together, you may eventually feel like getting comfortable and affectionate with him. But, that is when it will ruin everything else between you guys. If something of that sort happens, try to hit yourself hard with reality that this is not how it should end. You are together for pure fun and sex and nothing beyond that. Anything beyond that is only dangerous and shoo away the guy. Also, remember that if you wanted a date, you could have dated. But you chose this, so stick to this!

2No texting or waiting for texts

No texting or waiting for texts

If you are a weak hearted girl looking for a rebound, then you have to make sure that anything more than ‘your place or mine’ kind of texts are the ones that are supposed to be going around you guys and not more than that. You should not wait for his texts or feel bad that he isn’t texting you. You cannot expect anything from him, let alone his texts. You shouldn’t be asking him on his daily updates, how his day went or some small talk at all. In fact, this kind of relationship has rules and if they were crossed, then there is more for confusion in the room than just sex.

3No dates with the guy

No dates with the guy

Well, this could sound brutal, but anything that you think is slightly or remotely related to conversing nicely with each other for a change is like dating for you. You are weak hearted and you may fall quickly for something like this. Dating the guy you are sleeping with for fun, is not really okay and don’t comply with the rules. The problem with that will be that if you go out with someone whom you have sexual relationship, there is a lot of room for emotional attachment. You live in India and there is room for emotional attachment for almost every single thing.

Of course, you know that all that emotional attachment leaves you is with hard feelings. If you are led to feeling for him, then you will eventually not look at him as your sex buddy. You will look at him as your boyfriend and seek comfort in his arms. If he doesn’t feel the same way, it will hurt you. It will hurt you so much that you don’t even want to go outside and feel the fresh air breathing on your face. So, do yourself a favor and not do anything like that. If you want to date, then go for a healthy dating cycle and skip this. If you want to do just the sex business, then stick to it. Don’t confuse yourself a lot with the two different worlds.

4Keep it a secret

Keep it a secret

One of the biggest faux of this relationship will be when you introduce the guy to your friends. Nope, that is one of the most unacceptable rocky mistakes. The disadvantage to this is that, if your friends or people end up liking him, then you would have to listen to their story of why you should stop all this and start dating the guy. So, don’t do all that and save yourself from such advices. Don’t be the gossip of their table. You don’t have to be anyone’s gossip girl! It is safe to keep your relationship between you and your sex buddy.

5Don’t use a real friend for this

Don’t use a real friend for this

This is a kind of relationship that needs you to be totally transparent and different and you don’t want one of your own friend to know the dirty side of you. Also, there are a hundred chances why your relationship with your actual friend may get ruined if you work out your sex relationship with him. Hooking up with a random guy is so much easier because you can forget the whole thing and move on. But, you can’t do that with the friend you will end up seeing every single day.

-Pavithra Ravi

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