Bunions – Home Remedies And Exercises To Get Rid Of It


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Did you ever experience any health problem, which you are not aware of? There are many such health issues which come with unknowing causes and visible symptoms. Even bunions are something like that.

If you are wondering what is bunion-it is a bony bump that is that affects at the big toe of your foot. The bump is easily visible and you can feel the difference of normal foot or bunion affect foot.

If you are seeing a bump at big toe, then you must check out the causes, symptoms and remedies. We are covering important points about bunions.

Causes of Bunions – For Better Awareness

Wearing wrong size footwear

If you have heard that narrow pointed shoes are not good for foot, then that was right. The narrow designed shoe makes your foot get fixed in an unnatural position. If you are using this kind of shoe for long or for every day, then it can result in the formation of bunions.


The root cause for bunions also can be natural. For example heredity. Some people are inherit to be affected with this condition according the shape and structure of the foot. And that comes from fathers or forefathers.


If there is any inflammation in your foot, this can also be cause for bunions. If there is arthritis problem, then it can also show the reaction in the form of bunions.

Symptoms Of Bunions

The symptoms of bunions are very much clear at the most. If you are suspecting it as a bunion on your foot, then check these symptoms to find out.

  • A big size lump on your big toe
  • Skin becomes red and inflamed
  • Fluctuating foot pain
  • Facing pain while moving your foot
  • Thickened skin on your big toe

10 Home Remedies To Treat Bunions

1. Olive Oil

Olive-OilWhen the bones are misaligned, the best way to set it back it massage. Olive oil is the massage oil that is also natural. It helps in proper blood flow and also improves circulation. It becomes easier for joints movements and gradually reduces bunions.

How To Do?

Massage the bunion affected foot every day for few minutes with olive oil. You can’t expect immediate results but it is a natural therapy that works slowly. You need to do this every day until bunion is reduced.

2. Ice Cubes

Ice-cubesIf you there is no possibility of seeing doctor, then ice works for you until then. If there is swelling and pain at the bunion area, then you can soothe it with ice cubes.

How To Do?

Wrap an ice cube and rub it on the bunion for 10 minutes. This will give you instant relief. If you are facing discomfort with it again, you can reapply the ice for relief.

3. Epsom Salt


Another remedy to have instant relief from bunion. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which is capable of reducing inflammation. It inflammation can be reduced, then you will have some relief from bunion.

How To Do?

Take half a cup of Epsom salt and add into a tub full of water. Let the Epsom salt dissolve completely. Then, place your foot in the water and let is soak for 10 minutes for pain to reduce.

4. Turmeric

TurmericTurmeric is a known remedy for many health conditions. If there is any acute inflammation, then you must remember turmeric to treat it. Turmeric consists of capsaicin which can reduce the inflammation and give you relief in a few days of time.

How To Do?

Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and add it on a glass of water. Stir it once and consume the water. Also alternatively, apply turmeric paste on the bunion. Apply the paste and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off. Do this until the bunion pain is reduced.

5. Chamomile

ChamomileChamomile is full of anti-inflammatory properties that treat the condition. It is a herbal remedy that works in soothing the bunion pain and swelling. It is also a herb that contains the healing properties.

How To Do?

Steep a chamomile tea bag in hot water and place it on the foot at least for 15 minutes. Keep doing this 3 times a day. You must continue following this remedy until bunion reduces or completely get treated.

6. Aspirin Foot Soak


If you experience the power of aspirin tablets, then you would choose this remedy before anything. This painkiller aids in minimizing the pain and inflammation as it is anti-inflammatory.

How To Do?

Fill a tub with water and add three aspirin tablets in it. Soak your foot in the aspirin dissolve water for one hour. Then pat dry your foot and massage with olive oil for a few minutes. You must keep doing this remedy twice daily for faster treatment of bunions.

Note: Some people can be sensitive to aspirin. So, do a patch test before using it directly.

7. Red Pepper


Red pepper is a great with healing properties though it has a burning taste. It is powerful and can heal bunions as it consists of capsaicin. As soon as you apply red pepper on the bunions it releases anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Do?

Wash the red pepper and cut into half and then apply it on the bunions. Let it stay for 5 minutes and then apply petroleum jelly over it. This is to seal then anti-inflammatory properties of red pepper. Let it for 2 hours. Do this remedy for 2 times a day at least until the bunions are reduced.

8. Castor Oil


Castor oil is easily available home remedy for bunions. It contains the anti-inflammatory properties that give you relief from bunion pain. It also lessens the swell on the affected area.

This is a kind of warm compress that works for bunions. It saves you from horrible pain and discomfort after few hours.

How To Do?

Boil a little amount of castor oil and then massage on the bunion. Take a clean cloth and wrap the affected area with the cloth. Let the cloth sat for 2 hours. You must follow doing this remedy daily once until the bunions is cured.

9. White Vinegar


Bunions are formed with hardened and thicken skin. If the skin is a thicken on the affected area, then you must look for ways to soften it. White vinegar is a best solution that softens the hard skin.

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties remove the inflammation and soothe the area. You can also use this remedy for toe fungus infection.

How To Do?

You need to make solution mixing 1 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water. Apply this solution on the affected area and tie up it with a bandage. This way you are letting vinegar to work treat the bunion.

10. Garlic


Garlic is rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties which can cure the bunion. If there is any fungal infection, the antifungal agents also help treat it. Garlic show the difference if you can use it regularly without fail.

Also keep consuming garlic in your diet which can save you from bunions and other health problems.

How To Do?

Grate a clove of garlic and apply to the affected area. Wrap your foot with wide bandage overnight. The bandage is to lock the powerful properties of garlic top work effectively on bunion. Keep doing this every day until the pain and inflammation of bunion is reduced.

Preventing Ways For Bunions

There are some ways to prevent bunions. The little care can keep you away from bunions formation in your foot. Apart from the below-preventing ways, remember to monitor the bump size at your foot if bunions is a heredity in your family. So, that you can take treatment before it creates a problem to your foot or leg.

  • Choose comfortable footwear
  • Don’t wear pointy or narrow toe footwear
  • Have a foot soak once in a while to inflammation
  • Practice exercises to prevent bunions

Exercises for Bunions

Exercising is one of the best remedies for bunions. It is not just to treat but also to prevent. Anyways, the exercises are not of high impact, that it takes off your struggle and energy. Follow some simple movements and steps to keep your foot away from bunions.

1. Toe Stretch

This is an exercise that helps your toes to have flexible movements. This is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere and any time. Do it daily for toe flexibility and relief from bunion pain.

How To Do?

1. Just stretch your toes and keep them straight for 5 seconds
2. Curl them down for 5 seconds.
3. Keep doing this exercises for 10 times.

2. For Toe Flexibility

There will be less chances for risk of bunions if you can do this exercise. As you do less movements in toes, this is an helping exercise for toe flexibility.

How To Do?

1. Stretch your toes keep them against a hard and flat object or wall.
2. Hold the toes position for 10 seconds and then relax.
3. Keep doing this exercise for 3-4 times.

3. Big Toe Stretch

As bunions are affected at big toe, you also must make movements in the particular area. You are trying to keep your toe in normal and safe alignment. This also helps in pain or stress in your big toes.

How To Do?

1. Just hold your big toe in proper alignment for 10 seconds
2. Release it from the hold. Repeat this for 3-4 times.

4. Toe Resistance Exercise

This is an exercise that applied some pressure on your big toe. You can prevent bunions with this exercise.

How To Do?

1. Wrap your big toe with a towel or belt.
2. Pull up the toe towards your using the towel or belt.
3. Simultaneously press the toe against the wrapped towel.
4. Then relax and repeat for 2 times.

5. Heel Raise

Heel raise can help prevent bunions as you are applying gentle pressure on your toes. Lace of movement in toes and misalignment can also cause bunions. So, this way you are lessening the chances of bunions forming.

How To Do?

1. Sit on a chair and place your foot on the floor.
2. Then, gentle raise your heels up still placing the toes for floor.
3. Hold the position for 10 seconds and relax.=
4. Repeat it for 3 times.

6. Roll With Ball

If there is foot cramp or pain in your toes, then this helps you with instant relief. It is like a massage with ball for your foot. You can also treat soreness in toes with this exercise. You can do this exercise every day even without bunions.

How To Do?

1. Comfortably sit down on the floor.
2. Place a gold ball under your foot and roll it around.
3. Keep massaging your foot with the ball for 2 minutes.

7. Barefoot Walk In Beach

Don’t you have time for foot massage or foot soak? Then go to the nearby beach, and walk for a few minutes with barefoot. It helps as a natural massage for your foot when you walk in the soaked sand.

Toe Circles

The joints of your toes become active and unfold when you practice this exercise. It reduces the stiffness in your toes.

How To Do?

1. Sit comfortably on a chair.
2. The start to rotate your big toe in circles.
3. You need to rotate clockwise for 20 times.
4. Also, do it anti-clockwise to finish the exercise.

8. Toe Gripping

This is an active exercise similar to fun play. When you are practicing this exercise, you curl your toes automatically. This gives a movement in your toes and makes it flexible.

How To Do?

1. Keep 15-20 marbles ready on the floor for this exercise. See that the marbles are right in front of you.
2. Now try to pick the marbles with the help of toes and drop them in a bowl.
3. If you are finishing the marble dropping, that means you are done with the toe exercise.

You can heal and deal with bunions at home with the given remedies. The exercises are helpful in curing and treating bunions. Also, remember to follow the preventing ways. When saving your health is all in your hands, better don’t leave the chance.

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