7 Personalized gifts to give your best friend on her birthday


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Birthdays are the most amazing time you can shower your love to someone who has been your person forever. Best friends are the best people who you do things to, without a second thought, if it is their birthday, then there is no say on the creativeness you can get. Spending your time with her could be the best gift you can give her, but there are a few other things you can actually do to make her go from ‘awww’ to ‘You are the best’. So, here are some birthday gift ideas for best friend, follow these personalized gifts you can make for your friend on her birthday.

Gifts To Give Your Best Friend On Her Birthday

1Knit, sew, crochet

Knit, sew, crochet

If you are a pro or even if you know the basics of knitting or sewing, go ahead and make a personalized bag or a blanket or even a small shrug for her. Pick your friend’s favorite color and try to play with colors and designs. If you are just a learner, there are many online tutorials that can help you with basic knitting. If you already know more than basic, try to bring in some story in the bag or shrug/blanket you are sewing for her. A personalized giftis the most valuable kind, as your friend will see the efforts and time you have put into the making of the gift. The smallest and personal detailing will bring a smile onto her face. She will like this better than a gift you get her from the nearby store. A personalized gift is worth thousands of dollars. She will treasure the gift for life.

2Photo collage

Photo collage

If your best friendis your childhood buddy, try making her a memory she will cherish. A photo collage of you both and your extended friend group from childhood till now will put a huge smile on her face. Bring in a story or a theme to the collage or photo album you make. She is one year old, but take her back to those childhood days from where she came.

Photo Collage could be a great way to go down the memory lane and enjoy the small and unforgettable memories you both shared. Write short snippets here and there and make it extremely interesting with short notes under each photo.

3Handwritten notes

Handwritten notes

E-mails, Facebook and Whatsapp has taken over every one’s life that no one is interested in writing down short or long notes for others. But if you write a personalized handwritten note, it will be an everlasting memory. You need to keep it very simple. You don’t have to write stories or reasons why you probably love her. A simple thank you note and a gratitude note would be more than enough for jotting down memories in your handwriting.

4Just go out

Just go out

Go out with your best friend on her birthday. It can be a mature way of handling birthdays. Consider doing things together with her like going to a spa, a nice lunch or dinner party. Sit up all night, drink and cut a cake. Just let go and let the time and your friend decide what she wants to do instead of having a planned time out.

5Follow her passion

Follow her passion

Make a gift on what she loves. There could have been so many times when your friend is actually complaining that she has the time, money but hasn’t been able to do something for no reason. Think of anything like that. Go ahead and get her enrolled into that thing, does she like dancing, get her enrolled in an aerobic class for 2 months. If she loves pottery, just buy her paint and mud pots and you both can paint together. This would need attention and detailing to what she tells. If you can do that, it would be easier for you to get her what she loves.

6Gift cards

Gift cards

You can personalize gift cards too. If you have run out of time and are not able to think of anything, just get a gift card, write some nice lines on it and gift it to her. We would suggest you to do something more than just the gift card. Take her out for lunch or promise to buy her something amazing.

7Make a night out of her birthday

Make a night out of her birthday

Get a movie your friend has always been talking about, get a bucket of popcorn, sit and watch the movie and surprise her at 12:00 sharp with a few friends coming to her place and cut cake, drink the entire night, be there for her. This could be the easiest and simplest way to make your friend realize that you are the one person she can love. Being there for her will make her much happier.

Making your friend’s birthday special, is up to you. You can jump into the scene and make it more interesting and creative by doing the above ideas. Enjoy and have fun!

-Pavithra Ravi