20 Gift Ideas For Women Who Have Everything

20 Gift ideas for women who have everything

Do you fall short of ideas when you want to give a gift to your best friend? Anything that you think of is already owned by her. Such women are fashion freaks and shopaholics. They get everything that is attractive to their eyes. These enthusiasts make it sweetly tough for you to pick something precious for them. So, giving a gift to a woman who has everything is simply a big task.

Giving a gift strengthens your bond and it is the ultimate way to show love. When you can’t express their importance in your life, you just show it. Also, it is easy to give gifts to a girl. Anything that you give brings a smile on her face. Sisterhood, motherhood, or womanhood are that precious.

Now start off with a list of things that you want to give the dear woman. Oh! But she is someone who has everything. So, you definitely need some help from our side. Give it a look at the list of gift ideas for the woman who has everything.

Gifts Ideas For A Women Who Have Everything

Firstly, let us tell a tip to pick gifts for a woman that has everything- something unusual and unique would make her happy. Be it an inexpensive gift but it should be useful and a memory that stays along with her.

Yes! Yes! You have such unique gift ideas for that beautiful woman who has almost everything. You can combine the various gifts for the woman. Here you start off with the ideas!

1. For a fashion chick- Jacket or Denims

For a fashion chick Jacket or Denims

For a woman with a high fashion sense, what comes to your mind to gift her? Earrings and chain necklaces are in the collection already. Get away from the cliche ideas and think of something that is in rage.

Here you have a few ideas for that fashionable woman- if the woman in your life loves to follow the trends, then you must give her an ethnic jacket or a denim outfit. She would be happy to add your gift in her fashion collection. And also the quality clothes last longer or maybe forever too. Don’t you think so?

2. If she is a nature admirer- Mini houseplants

If she is a nature admirer Mini houseplantsDo you want to make her day? That’s easy, to be honest as nature admirers are simple. You can give her a beautiful houseplant and she will smile wide.

Plants are not boring gifts for nature lovers. They literally talk to plants and flowers. So, giving a houseplant to the woman who admires nature is a lovely idea. She will just treat your gift as a baby from the very minute you give her.

3. For a hairstylist not by profession- Multi hairstyling tool

For a hairstylist not by profession Multi hairstyling tool

You find this hairstyle friend doing her hair all the time. She is so obsessed with her hair that you will find her curling, rolling or styling it. And she loves to embrace her hair with different hairstyles. Then she needs a multi hairstyling tool. Give her this gift and she will not have to carry all the tools for styling her hair.

She will hug you tight for such an upgraded idea. Here is Revlon one step hair dryer (R). It does both the jobs- hair drying and styling.

4. For a beauty queen- Organic skincare kit

For a beauty queen Organic skin care kit

As she is a beauty queen, she would already have a skincare kit. But give her an organic skincare kit. You are not just showering love with your gift but also encouraging her interest. Give her useful advice on not using chemical products on her pretty skin. She needs purity like she is.

I am sure that she will be overwhelmed with the care you show for her. Find a good organic skincare kit that has all the basic products like a face mask, scrub, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I know, it’s still a practical and sweet gift for the woman who has everything.

5. Needs of a bookwarmer -Interesting books

Needs of a bookwarmer Interesting booksThis girl would already have a mini library at her home. But she wouldn’t mind receiving a few more books as a gift. She wants more and more books to read away. You are her best friend too but books come first for her.

So, find different genres of books and give it on the special day. If you know the kind of books she loves to read, then you can be specific about the genre. Romantic, fictional, fantasy or comic- anything that of her wish.

6. For a talented artist- A painting set

For a talented artist A painting set

If your dear friend or sister is a talented artist then give her a painting set. A quality palette with painting brushes and a painting board. These are the unusual and practical gifts that an artist would love to receive from her loved people. If she has a painting board already then you can give her a palette, brushes, sketches, and pencils.

You are just boosting her passion and interest in painting. Anyways, the artists always get these basic tools. But, you giving her what she needs surprisingly is just beyond sweet.

7. For that fitness freak- Gym suit

For that fitness freak Gym suit

Being a fitness freak, a gym suit is a must! So, get her a trendy gym suit that comes with best fitting.

Of course! She would already have a gym suit but she will keep the old aside. If you know that she is using an old fashion gym suit then giving her a trendy gym suit is the best gift. A grown-up girl who is a fitness freak will find your gift useful. As it is her passion, so your gift is.

8. For a workaholic- Health reminder gadget

For a workaholic Health reminder gadget

I know you have a complaint that your workaholic friend never gives her time to you. The point is, she dont give time for herself at first. So, someone should remind her to have her meals and stay hydrated. As you can’t keep bugging her all the time, let a gadget take care of it. It is the coolest reminder of health, well being at work place for the workaholics.

Give her a caring message and an adorable stroke while giving her this gift on the special day.

9. For an animal lover-Pet soft toy

For an animal lover-Pet soft toy

If my guess is not right, your animal lover friend would already have at least one pet. If she has a pet or not, she will love the pet soft toy. Animal lovers are the sweetest and gifting them is the easiest. Give a soft toy and she will even pamper it.

An adorable soft toy can be part of the multiple gifts you give her. A small and sweet gift that you can add to the list. These little things are most precious!

10. For a passionate traveler- Portable charger

For a passionate traveler Portable charger

If you have a woman who is a passionate traveler or who will be traveling most days then she needs a portable charger. She must be busy exploring her dream spots but also want to keep in touch with you. It is only possible with the power of technology. Give her a portable charger that keeps her connected with you time.

You must know if she already has the portable charge. If she dont have it then it is a great gift. You have wide options for the product that also makes it easy to find one for your lovely friend.

11. If health is her priority- A copper water bottle

If health is her priority A copper water bottle

There are many perks of having a health conscious woman in your life. She would be someone who cares for your health as well. Another perk is you can give her a gift anything that can contribute to her health.

I thought it is perfect to give a copper water bottle to the woman. As she is someone who has everything, this simple thing would make her feel valued and special. It is the most mindful gift.

12. For a girl in love- Couple gifts

For a girl in love Couple giftsFor a woman in love, she will be happy to share anything with her man. Knowing that your friend is in a relationship or married, you can give the couple a gift jointly. The woman and her man could be the best duo that you ever met. It’s great to see the love birds.

Wishing them forever goodness and blessing them for a happy life, you can give these couple gifts- a couple photo frame, arrange for couple dining, a small trip. Your friend and her partner will love all these gifts. Won’t they?

13. For a masterchef- An apron with funny quote

For a masterchef An apron with funny quoteMany women find happiness in cooking and baking, also serving the best food to others. They are not chefs by profession but still they live their passion for cooking. So, this little masterchef loves her kitchen and she would be upgrading her kitchen with smart appliances and tools.

So, she has everything of her cooking interest. Then what will you gift her?

An apron with a funny quote! This is a witty and cute gift idea for the lovely woman. She must be appreciated with a funny quote. Whenever she enters the kitchen the apron must be the motivation and encouragement. She may have other aprons but she will love the gifted apron the most.

14. For a tomboy- Leather messenger bags

For a tomboy Leather messenger bags

What comes to your mind when it’s a gift for tomboy? Don’t get any girly stuff as it is not of her use.

How about a leather messenger bag? A tomboy girl will be impressed to get such gifts. It is both useful and also suitable for her. She can use it everyday or occasionally. A leather messenger shoulder bag adds the style to that cute tomboy girl. She will love it as she can stuff all the basic stuff like earphones, mobile, money. You are giving a multi purpose handbag that is flexible to wear to any place, occasion and it can be paired with most of the modern dresses. So, you need not have second thought about it as you made the best choice for the woman who has everything.

15. For a soul in the music world-Take her to a live concert

For a soul in the music world-Take her to a live concertIf she is the one who finds joy with music, then take her to the concert. It will become the most memorable day for you both. You can do this on her birthday or when she achieves something big. It is an amazing gesture to show that you are happy. For her music will be the biggest celebration as she is a music lover.

Moreover, this is a perfect gift for a woman who has everything with her. You are giving her something which she would still want even after owning everything. So, try for a live concert of her favourite musician or singer. Surprise her with this big plan. And it will also be the day she will realize that you are the best surprising loved ones. Who wouldn’t love such gifts?

16. For a foodie-A food coupon

For a foodie-A food coupon

Foodies always wait for a chance to taste a new cuisine or to dine at a new place. Their heart goes for new foods and tastes. If a woman has everything but it’s enough to be a foodie to treat her special on her day. Just give her a food coupon to explore the various restaurants and cuisines and she will jump high.

Choose a couple where she gets discounts and a few dining benefits. This is a new cool gift idea that works for all the foodies.

17. For a mom to be- Whole body pillow

For a mom to be Whole body pillow

Wow! You want to give something situationally useful for the mom to be! I appreciate your thought.

You want the woman to enjoy her pregnancy period. You can share your happiness with her by giving her something that she can use throughout the pregnancy. I would suggest you give a whole body pillow.

The gift helps her sleep in the right position during pregnancy. This is a caring and thoughtful idea for the mom to be. Wish her the best and give this gift to snooze happily in it. A few other gift ideas for mom to be are pregnancy skin care kit, foot massager.

18. For your mother or an elderly woman- Helpful kitchen gadgets

For your mother or an elderly woman Helpful kitchen gadgets

Of course! Time is the best gift that you can give to your mother. But giving the extra love is never a problem. So, along with your time, also give her a kitchen gadget.

To prepare some good food for her family, mother is always enthusiastic. She would be busy chopping the veggies and the onion with watery eyes. So, some help to her by gifting the useful kitchen gadgets. As you can’t always be available to help her out in the kitchen, you must make an effort to help her with other ways.

You can give more than one kitchen gadget, appliance or tool that makes your mom’s work easy in the kitchen. These are the wonderful gifts for any elderly woman in your life- be it your aunt, mom in law.

19. For a spiritual woman-Tree of life pendant

For a spiritual woman Tree of life pendant

If a woman is spiritual minded then she finds motivation from spirituality. The way she connects with people or conversations with her sound deeply spiritual. If you have such a woman in your life and want to give her something on a special day then it can be a “tree of life” pendant. It is a precious gift even for the woman who has everything.

This also becomes her fashion staple. When you are giving her this gift, just praise her for her spirituality and knowledge. You can write a praising quote or line along with the gift. Truly a befitting gift for spiritual women.

20. For an awesome photographer- Memory card

For an awesome photographer Memory cardA memory card is an extremely useful gift for a photographer. They always run out of space as they capture everything that inspires them. And if you are looking for something that comes in your budget then you can go for a memory card. Though she has everything of her passion and interest it would still be a useful gift. She can preserve and use it anytime she needs.

We have covered the gifts ideas of all ages and all kinds of women. If she is someone who has everything still these will be the best gifts. The very point we focused on was unique, practical, and useful gifts. Any gift selected from this list for the loved woman in your life would make the celebrations brighter and gleeful.

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