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New Trends In Fashion

New year is here, and all we are seeing on TV is about changing styles, changing fashion, and how the new year is bringing new hope in the fashion industry. But are you really aware of what is really happening in the fashion industry, well fashion TV is not enough! You know what I mean. There are a lot of new trends that come up every day in fashion. May be coping up with them sometimes is difficult. But, here are some new trends in fashion that you can look up to.

New Trends In Fashion

1High waist jeans and casual look

High waist jeans and casual look

Well, jeans always gives us the casual wonderful look of and a girly feeling. The new trend in jeans is all about high waist jeans pants. Yes, high waist jeans are back and wearing a T-shirt, that is printed T-shirts, which is completely engraved with your feeling or quotes and a mid length shoulder bag with high heels can give more quirky look.

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2Fashionable long dresses

Fashionable long dresses

Long maxi dresses are in fashion for a long time. Be it printed, or classy black and magenta, or any of your favorite color, maxi dresses can give your look a class anytime, anywhere. So, the best place to wear them is for a special occasion like anniversary, birthday party, or any type of house party.

3Shredded skirts

Shredded skirts

Skirts are in fashion, and shredded skirts are the recent fashion statement, that you can try on. It can make you a chick magnet. With a mid length skirt, you can wear your short boots, and with long skirts you can wear sandals. These skirts are a very good attire for a casual hangout with friends, or a day out with friends.

4Over coat fashion

Over coat fashion

Overcoats may be only for one season, but they are stylish as hell. They are another type of clothing that can add class to your look. You can wear anything under your overcoat, and make the world a stylish place to live-in. There are many colors, shape and sizes of over-coat, which is available in the market that can be worn whenever you want. So next time you go shopping for winter wears do not forget about over-coats though.

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5Checks fashion

Checks fashion

Checks have always been loved in fashion industry. There are many types of different styles that you can try with checks, like if you have a black and white checked dress, you can wear a short black top on top of it and make it look like a skirt or you can just wear a jacket that can make your friends adore your look.

6Short dresses trends

Short dresses trends

Short dresses can never go out of fashion trends. No matter how old you are, you will always want to wear that little dress, when going out with your date or husband. What accessories you can take along with your short dress? You can take clutches or cling bags and very minimal makeup with trendy earrings to wear. Nothing much heavy should be done, as it can ruin your look.

7Lehenga and anarkali trends

Lehenga and anarkali trends

Lehenga or anarkali is one of the most recent trend in Indian fashion industry. Many designer have come up with many types of combinations with the lehenga and the anarkali. As you can see in the picture, the anarkali is mixed up with lehenga, which gives a very classy attire look with a velvety touch. So, if you care going to attend a very important function or party, then this type of attire is worth buying.

8Saree trends in fashion

Saree trends in fashion

You must have seen many celebrities wearing different designer as well as beautiful saree’s everytime in a movie or in a ramp. Well, it is not at all impossible to get a beautiful saree attire like them. Maybe they are costly enough, but they are worth buying, if you are planning it for your wedding. Just like in the image you can try out many different types of designer saree’s for your pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding functions.

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