14 Lace Blouse Designs With Delicacy And Elegance


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Before fixing to a saree blouse design, you must explore wide designs. It is to make yourself feel styled more than being trendy. If you are not looking at the running designs,then that will be a regret for you. Get what you love and what makes you look styled.

All the designs listed here are trending and adds that contemporary style to your saree. There are few basic designs which you already know and have. We have still mentioned the basic designs to have a quick idea for lace blouse designs.

Even if you have enough ideas for lace blouse designs, check of these as well. The breathtaking blouse designs with images can give you better idea about what you want.

Lace Blouse Designs

If you have your bridal lehenga or saree that you want recycle, then you must pair it simply with lace blouse. Your old sarees and bridal lehengas can restyled with this latest design.

1. Embroidered lace blouse


Modern women are looking for the blouses with combination of ethnic and fancy designs. Ethnic embroidery on fancy blouse with lace design is a simply pretty.

The blouse is perfect occasions like receptions and night functions. This kind of fancy blouse also suits sarees and lehengas. You will get that royal contemporary look with the blouse. The brides who are looking for pretty blouse designs can check this beautiful idea.

You can check out in the above image, Deepika posing in a beautiful saree and lace blouse. Now you know its in fashion!

2. Blouse with lace neckline

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Do you want a blouse which sticks to with fashion? Then get this unique style for your next blouse. The blouse with lace neckline looks breathtaking.

You don’t have to adorn your neck with a necklace. You look styled and precious with lace design blouse. The blouse is more like a jewelry piece. Accessorize your look and you will look breathtaking with this blouse.

You can adorn your ears with diamond jewelry that makes your saree look adorable. This is a suiting blouse designs for lehengas as well.

3. Lace blouse with a key hole


A blouse fitting you as perfect as a glove is makes you feel comfortable. Adding a style to your blouse makes you feel confident, styled and fashionable. So, here is a design that comes with comfortable fitting, style. A key hole can make your blouse look well designed and in shape.

If you want to try something unique from just round, square neckline- then you must get this design. You can pair this designer blouse with saree and lehengas. Brides must find it lovely as you want to look special and not routine.

4. Cold shoulder lace blouse


Cold shoulder blouses started trending and still continuing to trend. The fancy pattern of cold shoulder look breathtaking with lace design. You must choose a blouse colour that elevates the design.

Silver lace work with cold blouse looks gorgeous. You can pair a silver lace blouse with your already there fancy sarees. The delicate accessories makes your appearance all pretty.

You can have a look at the above image in which Jacqueline Fernandez. Beautiful in beautiful saree!

5. Plain blouse with lace sleeves


Plain blouses are classy but only when there is some design attached to it. If you have a plain blouse but falling short of designs, then imagine this one. A simple blouse with lace designed blouse is super pretty for multiple sarees.

It is a wonderful blouse design for lehengas. This is a routine blouse idea for ethnic outfits but stays with unbeatable style.

Get a blouse stitched with proper fitting. Your hands wrapping the lace sleeves is feminine and look ethereal when you go with matching accessories. It is a rocking of the day over all.

6. Backless lace blouse


What prettifies a simple blouse the special designs. A blackless blouse with straps and knots is all seen and worn. So, you must be looking for a fashionable lace blouse design. So, combine the backless design with lace design which is an ultimate designer blouse.

You can get the backless blouse be stitched with deep back connecting with hooks and knots. The lace design around the blouse makes it look wow.

This lace blouse design is great for party wear sarees and lehengas. Keep your saree and lehenga simple as blouse does that super styling. When you turn back, people turn heads if you are going in this blouse pairing with saree or lehenga.

7. Sleeveless lace blouse


Sleeveless blouses are routine and not may also look outdated. If you are going the same old designs, then it would look out of fashion. What keeps the sleeveless blouse in trend is the modish designs. Why don’t you try sleeveless blouse with lace design.

You will look extremely special in the outfit with a simple modification. Sleeveless blouse and flawless lace work is breathtaking.

8. Patch work lace blouse


There are kind of patch works that come on plain blouses. We know that a simple or light printed blouses are ready for any kind of design. Getting patch work with lace design is a trend.

The lace designed pieces attached to your blouse look stylish. The women who want to go fashionable in saree look go for this idea. The celebrities love this design as it looks classy.

9. Full sleeves lace blouse


Wrapping hands long with sleeveless can ruin the blouse style itself. But not when the sleeves get the lace design. You love your hands looking sleek and stylish, then attaching lace sleeves is a lovely idea.

You can check how pretty a blouse look with laced sleeves. See that you get a netted blouse with thin lining which is a perfect combination for lace design. You can make style statement with this designer blouse.

10. Lace blouse with back buttons


Lace blouse with back buttons is a design to see and know how it looks. You have two sample blouses of this design.

If you want a well structured blouse which also look fashionable, then you must try this one. You can view the designs that are attached images for fashion inspiration. The beautiful designs that you see inspire you to go fashionable even with ethnic wear.

This kind of blouse are fantastic along with semi ethnic lehengas and lightweight sarees. If you have a Georgette saree, then pair back button lace blouse with it. Buttons are the elements that adorn ethnic blouses. So, get it done for your next blouse.

11. Embellished lace blouse


Embellished blouse designs are ever trendy. But going with the colour filled and glittering embellishments looks over designed. Then, I call it just a designed blouse but not a well designed one. For your blouse to look classy and elegant, try getting lace design with simple embellishments.

Delicate, intricate lace work with minimal embellishments look prettier on modern women. The floral lace design or the spiral lace design are perfect with embellishments.

12. Contrast lace blouse


Colour contrast can beautifully elevate the lace design. The same colour design with light and dark shade is a lovely combination for lace blouse. You can also get this kind of designed bridal blouses. The colour combinations for bridal blouses must be pretty looking.

You can check out the above images, where the blouses got the contrast colours. Until you try this design, you would realize that finding a fashionable blouse is this simple.

Match the blouse with any of the saree or lehenga which is a similar colour. The monochromatic outfit is classy. It is a loved idea for modish women.

13. Gold Lace Work on Blouse


There are many designs that can beautify ethnic blouses. But look at the gold lace work for an ethnic blouse from the above images. You will choose this design for your ethnic blouse over any other design.

You must pair this glitter and bright blouse with a light colour saree. Pairing it with a lehenga is great too. Also keep wear a less embellished necklace and earrings. But don’t forget to accessorize with a couple of bangles.

14. Cape blouse with lace design


Cape blouse are timeless for lehengas and sarees as well. If you want to make a fashion statement with your Indo western outfit, then go with it.

A sheer blouse with lace design looks elegant along with saree and lehenga. Look how stunning Deepika Padukone is looking wearing a lace cape blouse. You can also have get shoulder length cape to wear over saree or lehenga.

Wear a delicate bracelet and pretty finger rings along with other spectacular accessories. The cape style is super fancy- then your accessories are.

A blouse that look delicate, elegant and makes your feel feminine newly is a lace designed blouse. Let your sarees and blouses look specially styled with lace blouse designs.

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