6 Things a Man Does If He’s Serious about You


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Serious about You

Relationships are essential in life, know which kind of relation are you on! You might think that your guy is not serious about you, or the other way round. Know in which state of relationship you are in at present. You might have many doubts about your guy, but by the end of the day does he really like you? Is he even serious about you? Or just taking you for granted? So, here are six things that say’s if your guy is in a committed relationship or not.

List of Things a Man Does If He’s Serious about You

1Ask about the thing

Ask about the thing

You might be nervous about a job interview, or a meeting about a possible promotion, a doctor’s appointment or something you once mentioned was coming up. He makes a point of calling you after, to ask how it went, then yes! He is serious about you. Men, who aren’t serious, never ask too many details about her life.

2Clarify Miscalls

Clarify Miscalls

Is he taking hours to call back? Is he completely forgetting to text back? If you are the one he is having short-term fun with, then he is not worried about you getting irritated about the things. But, if he says, sorry for taking so long, and was busy in so and so thing or just say “I am so sorry, I just realized that you have even sent me a text when I was at work and completely forget to answer.” If he uses such phrases then you are definitely not someone he is eager to let go of easily. As men, they know how and when text-backs or delayed calls upset us.

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3Offer to Help

Offer to Help

When you mention that you’re, or putting together some furniture, looking for a new car or moving, does he take up the chance to help? Does he look for ways that he can be of service to you? Well, men just don’t do that for someone they are trying to casually date, or sleep with for a short period of time. They save that effort for the ones who they are serious about.

4Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

If you’re just a throw to him, you are kind of disposable. But, if he is concerning you, then no one else’s presence will matter. You’ll know if that’s the case, he asks you a major amount of time to the lead or to reserve a day, so you can be his date to something. This means he needs your assurance to get your time.

5Care about Your Career

Care about Your Career

If he really cares for you, then he wants all the things in your life, which makes you happy as well as possible! If a man has clearly put time to think about your career and started coming up with proposals or ideas for how you could be happier with it or advance it. He always plans to be around for a while. He is sure to make things for your future that will be good. As he plans to be with you and also, he wants to be with a lady who is happy.

6Just want to Cuddle

Just want to Cuddle

No man who tries to keep things casually will make the terrible mistake of sending a text, which says, “can’t you be just next to me, so that we can cuddle?”. If a guy sends you this kind of text, then he surely likes you as he knows that sends a serious signal.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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