11 Crop Top Rules Every Girl Need to Know


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Crop Top Rules

Crop tops are one apparel which is always in season. There are many types of crop tops like black short top or lovely white lace. The fashion trend keeps changing, but crop tops are always one choice. But do you know, there are some crop top rules every girl needs to know. Here are 11 Crop Top Rules Every Girl Need to Know.

Crop Top Tips

1The No Navel rule

The No Navel rule

Do not wear low waist pants with your crop top. Ideally, the perfect gap between your crop top and your waist pant is about 2-3 inches. This gap should be over the navel.

2The No Sky-high heels Rule

The No Sky-high heels Rule

A little goes a long way when you are bearing your mid-dress. Where just platforms, even sneakers can do wonders.

3The don’t be Trashy Rule

The don't be Trashy Rule

Skirts or shorts with the crop top should never be too tiny. It’s not very classy when you are showing skin everywhere. You can get the sexy look with high-waisted pants or even by draping skirt.

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4Tights are No Pants

Tights are No Pants

As far as possible, try avoiding the crop top-tights combination. More than often we can’t find tights that fit right. A bad fit is very obvious when you are wearing a crop top.

5Well Fitted Bottoms

Well Fitted Bottoms

If your pants or skirts are tighter at the waist remember that it’s going to show. And something that’s too loose will show excess fabric. None of this is appealing in a crop top. While there are never any super concrete rules for the crop top wearing it is sure to help to keep these in mind.

6Crop Top is for Every Girl

Crop Top is for Every Girl

Every girl thinks that crop top is only for slim and those with the thin waist. This is a common misconception every woman has. But, the fact is that crop top can be worn by anyone. It just depends on which type of top you choose to wear.

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7Wear Contrast

Wear Contrast

Always stick to classy white, or dark color crop tops which will go with any necklace or scarf. Always balance should be kept when wearing the crop top. The more you show your skin, the more balance you need to keep. When you are wearing short crop tops, your bottom should be ideally covered fully.

8Jacket on Top

Jacket on Top

Are you wearing a crop top for the first time? If you are uncomfortable in wearing just a crop top, then there is a stylish solution. You can wear a jacketor a shrug or an overcoat on top of your crop top. This will not only make you feel comfortable but also look your more glamorous.

9On Top- Crop Top

On Top- Crop Top

Do you love wearing one piece dresses? Are you not able to wear it because it is body fit? Then here is a simple solution. Wear you dress and on top of that wear a crop top. By doing this you will look more fashionable and stylish. Crop tops can be worn as a layer on top of any dress or top either it can be a sleeveless top or a tight top.

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10Steal His Clothes

Steal His Clothes

Who said you cannot wear your boyfriend clothes. Usually, guys clothes are baggy so wearing his pants with your crop top is a perfect combination. They compliment each other very well.

11Jump it Up

Jump it Up

Do you love wearing jumpsuits? Then here is another fashion rule. Wear a jump suite on top of a crop top. Trends change so who might guess that your style can be a trend. Wearing a crop top under the jumpsuit helps you look covered.