Winter Fashion Trends In India


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Winter Fashion Trends In India

Well,who doesn’t love winters? Personally,I do! I love winter, they are pretty much better than the sweaty and hot months of summers, which also predominates our country. Winters are also the reminiscent of flamboyant weddings, or strolling around the open air at any time of the day, without the fear of perspiration or sunstroke. They are also one of the best seasons to show the most of fashion. Yes, I know that you can’t show any dress you are wearing because of all the cardigans and sweaters or cover ups. But, you can show the most of the fashion in the cover-ups itself. See here, are few winter fashion trends in India, that are the best for all of us.

Some Winter Fashion Trends

1Short jacket or blazer

Short jacket or blazer

You can try a waist length jacket, instead of usual blouse, that can also go well with the stylish anarkali, saree, or even lehenga. Denim jackets are not necessary, but you can try for more options in pairing with some similar or contrasting coloured jackets in silk or velvet. It can not only keep you warm,but also look at so stylish. The style can be of Nehru jacket or any kind of style of your choice. Like, a black formal blazer with some kinds of detailing can work too, it can even look equally good with Indian wears. If you are not feeling like stitching a jacket just for the pairing with your Indian attire, then you can go by all the pin and lovely broach with your western blazer, they can add a splash of glam, and can also tie the whole outfit together.

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2Floor length jacket

Floor length jacket

When you feel out of the league and a little bit daring, then you can pair your saree or any kind of Indian wear with a floor length jacket. If, they are properly worn, then they can even look ace. It gives a saree, a very gorgeous red carpet appeal. Just ensure, that the jacket you select have some detailing work on it, and don’t forget to keep the saree or lehenga very minimalistic. So that, the jacket can become the statement piece. Also, try to retain the style quotient, keeping in mind the material of the jacket, so that it can keep you warm.

3Thick belt

Thick belt

Wearing a saree with a broad belt, can sound like preposterous, but when you drape the saree accordingly, in a more unconventional way, then the final ensemble can also look spectacular. You can also try it with thin belts as well, but during winters, thick belt can keep you a little warm and at the same time the envious waistline. These thick mini corsets like belts can give the Indian outfit a Roman style touch, and can also be more fusion, which is also a more alternative way to look gorgeous every time. Even, you can easily go wrong with these outfits, be careful before wearing them.



You can opt for a fitted sweater, instead of a blouse in a more solid colour. You can even tuck it inside the saree petticoat and can also help is driving away the cold by making you look more fabulous. You can even try polo neck sweater and try accessorizing with chunky jewellery. Try to do the same with a lehenga and can also swap the blouse for a more fitted sweater or even a cardigan. Leave the few top and bottom button open in the cardigan to show off the midriff. You can also through the unbuttoned cardi over the shoulders, when you are wearing a saree, like a cape. It will give the best classy look. If you are planning to wear the dhoti pants or even Patiala suits, then you can skip the top and then try the snug as well as chunky sweater. They can be the stylish and casual style for winters. You can also wear a leggings beneath the dhoti or Patiala pants for more warm.

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5Pallu/Dupatta as a scarf

Pallu/Dupatta as a scarf

If you want to feel warmer, and missing your scarf, then you don’t have to anymore. As you can even try to drape over the pallu on your shoulders, and then bring it in a straight line down to the front or wrap it around like a scarf. You can even exchange your usual dupatta, with a thicker velvet or silk scarf and accessorize the suit. There is no need of neckpiece or jingling bangles, this can be the perfect look for the winters. You can even try to throw a jacket with this look for your office attire.

6Trench coat

Trench coat

Do you love wearing a trench coat? But you think it can look a little weird in an Indian attire right? So, why don’t you try to replicate your favourite trench coat with a more luxurious and more bright fabric like rich brocades, glamourous velvets, heavy silks with sheen, or something even like wool with embroidered detailing. It can make you look more sober looking anarkali snazzy. The belt can add a pretty little dash of western touch, that can be any show stopper attire for sure.

Au revoir!

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