5 Healthy Foods For Summer


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Healthy Foods For Summer

Healthy foods for summer is one of the most complicated term in history. It is because deciding what is good and what is bad is really hard. Whereas we all known that by consuming too hot or spicy foods can cause many harm in the body. One of the most easy way in this rising temperature is to drink a lot of water.

Summer is the time when we want to eat something or maybe everything chilled. The season is also considered the easiest season to lose weight, so if you are planning to go for dieting, you must start right now.

Summer bearings also include a lot more of green vegetables, peaches, melons, corn, mangoes as well as other fresh and fragrant herbs. Local markets are always at its best during the whole summer, when the fruits are abundant, as well as vegetables are as fresh as they can possibly be. So here, are some healthy foods for summer that you can consume this season for a healthy life.

Healthy Foods For Summer

1Curd / Yogurt

Curd / Yogurt

a. It can help to improve its digestive system
b. It can help to strengthen the body’s immune system
c. It can help to cope with the stomach problems during summer
d. It is beneficial to deal with osteoporosis
e. By consuming curd or yogurt, it can increase your capacity to absorb all the nutrients as well as minerals from the foods.

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f. It is also good for those people who have lactose intolerance as they can get all the nutritive content of milk through the curd.
g. Consumption of curd can provide relief to the person who is suffering from any type of dysentery.
h. It can help to get stronger bones as well as teeth as the calcium content in it is quite high.



a. Watermelons have lycopene, which help it to get its beautiful red color. This lycopene is recognised as an important nutrient for your cardiovascular health. It helps in proper blood flow as well as lowers the LDL level, aka, bad cholesterol in the heart.
b. Another amazing benefit of lycopene is that it can improve the health of the bones by reducing the oxidative stress, which leads to bone related health issues.
c. Watermelons have citrulline, a nonessential alpha-amino acid, which can enhance the level of amino acids during exercises and increase the blood flow.
d. Watermelon is full of water, and the presence of electrolytes can help to stay hydrated as well as replace



a. Cucumbers are considered very alkaline, which is also great for people who have the acidic bodies because of the wrong eating habits.
b. Cucumbers are also being used topically for many types of skin problems, including dark circles, puffiness under the eyes as well as sunburn. The main two compounds, called ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, can help to prevent the water retention, which is why when it is applied topically is very useful for the swollen eyes, burns as well as dermatitis.
c. Cucumbers also have excellent sources of silica, it is known as the beauty mineral, as well as a trace mineral that also contributes to all the strength of the connective tissue. Connective tissue generally holds our body together. It also includes the inter-cellular cement, tendons, muscles, cartilage, ligaments as well as bone.
d. The presence of silicon and Sulphur can help to promote the hair growth. To increase this amazing function, it is always best to juice the cucumber with some mint leaves and carrots.
e. It is because of the high water content in cucumber; it helps to clean the body by just removing all the toxic as well as old waste material. Cucumbers can also help to eliminate the uric acid, which is beneficial for the people who have arthritis and joint pains.

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f. Since cucumber is 95% water, they can fill up by adding volume to your meal.
g. The lignans that is found in the cucumbers have immune boosting, as well as anti-inflammatory effect in the body, and is also beneficial to fight any cardiovascular diseases.



a. Mint is considered an amazing appetizer, and it can promote healthy digestion to the body. It can soothe the stomach in cases of any indigestion or even inflammation. Basically the aroma can activate the salivary glands as well as the glands, which secrete the digestive enzymes, thereby facilitating proper digestion.
b. Freshly crushed mint leaves, can help to deal with nausea as well as headache. The presence of strong and refreshing aroma of the mint is very quick and effective remedy for nausea.
c. The strong aroma of mint is an effective remedy in clearing the congestion of nose, bronchi, throat as well as lungs. It can give relief from all the respiratory disorders that mostly results from asthma and the common cold.
d. The regular use of mint is considered as a very beneficial product for asthma patients, as it is a good relaxant and also gives relief from congestion.
e. While mint oil is appraised for its good antiseptic as well as anti-pruritic material, mint juice is an amazing skin cleaner. It can soothe the skin, and also help to cure all the infections and itchiness, as well as reduce pimples, and even relieve symptoms of acne. Its anti-pruritic properties can be used to treat insect bites like those of mosquitoes, hornets, honeybees, wasps, and gnats.
f. Aside from the health benefits of using mint, it can help in your efforts to shed kilos in a healthy way! Mint is to stimulate the digestive enzymes that can absorb all the nutrients from the food and fat turn into energy.



a. Onions can help to eliminate all the dark spots from the skin. Just rub some onions directly on the dark areas of the skin after cleaning. By using everyday it can help to lighten the hyperpigmentation.
b. Onions can help to strengthen the immune system. It is because of a potent punch of antioxidants and flavonoids, onions are used as one of the best sources of mineral selenium. This helps to boost the immunity.
c. Onions can help to stop nosebleed. The fumes from onion can act as a very amazing natural coagulant to stop nose bleeding.
d. Onions help with the detoxification in the body. Onions have sulfur-containing amino acids that has detoxifying effects. It is because of now-a-days sedentary lifestyle, that the foods we consume have pesticides, lead and some dry-clenaing solvents. Onions can help the liver to process them into less toxic as well as make it easier for the body to completely eliminate them.

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