What to consider when you wear a heel


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Every woman feels all the more feminine when she wears a heel, but the problem crops up when you have to actually walk in them all throughout the entire day. It may sometimes get very irritating when you have to attend important meetings or parties and the pain in your ankles kills your mood. The attitude and look wearing a heel increases the confidence level in a woman. Women have many social events where they can wear heels, no matter what! It is a compulsion and you know that and can’t help it. With a pinch of style, attitude in carrying the outfit and heel, you sure are going to rock the day.

But, how to comfortably walk in them? What should you consider while buying or wearing a heel? Do you need a lot of practice walking in one? Not really. Here are some really useful ways to get used to walking in heels all day long.

Steps To Feel Confident And Comfortable Wearing Heels

1Go for night shoe shopping

Go for night shoe shopping

Believe it or not, your hands and legs swell up the entire day. So when you night shoe shop, you will get to know the exact size of your feet. Always, it is best to choose from various collections when you are shoe shopping. Also, when you shop in the late evenings, you always have all the time in the world and it can be very relaxing. Always befriend your shopkeeper. It helps you get the latest collection with a speck discount. They give you upcoming sale dates and help you find a great pair. It is best to befriend everyone or everything when it comes to shoes. Isn’t it?

Care for your feet!

2Talk to your sales associate about your heels

Talk to your sales associate

It is actually important to talk to your sales associate about the kind of heels you would prefer. It is important to know the size and how the fit would be, for a longer life. The sales associate is the closest person who works with heels and the different kinds of sizes when it comes to shoes. It is he, who knows the best about it. So, talking to him can actually help you find out and try more. It is good to explore when you are buying shoes. So, wear different kinds of heels to know which one suits and feels comfortable on your legs.

3Quality is always a priority

Quality is always a priority

When it comes to heels, remember that quality is always a priority over quantity. It is not how many you buy, it is how well you buy. Your shoes need not cost you a bomb. Even the cheap ones sometimes are better in quality. Wearing bad heels will break your ankle and spoil your legs. It is important to buy a quality or standard kind of heels for your feet. Having four pairs of heels is ideal for any girl. But, if you can afford more, then who are we to tell you how much you should buy. Remember, buy the ones that give you comfort over price or looks.

4Picking your battles are important

Picking your battles are important

If you know that your day is going to be crowded with people, work and a straight 14 hours shift, then wearing black pumped stilettos make no sense. You got to be aware that wearing heels everyday can seriously damage your ankle. So, if you are aware of the hard day ahead, take a spare pair of your stylish sneakers to work. Or if you know that your evening will be spent drinking, dancing, it is better to chuck the idea of pumps all together. Think for yourself! What is better, a paining ankle where you have no idea what to concentrate on? Or a happy stylish looking cut shoe/ballerinas that give you comfort? You will not be comfortable in your pumps, if they are not practical in the present moment.

5It is fine to be careful in heels

careful in heels

Most newbie’s who wear heels for the first few times think that they should act totally cool about wearing a heel. That’s OK, but it is good to actually be careful when you wear one. Walk heel to toe to make this adjustment easier for yourself. If you put your entire foot down while you walk like the way you walk on your flats, the walk will be very clumsy and unpleasant. Heel to toe is the way to go about it.

6Lean backwards when you walk

Lean backwards when you walk

Sometimes, what happens is most women lean towards the front when they wear heels. It is natural! Make a conscious effort to lean backwards while you walk on your heels. Leaning forward makes a very awkward walking position and people are soon to find out that you are new to this. Also, if you are wondering if pushing yourself behind consciously will make you look weird, then it’s a no. Don’t worry about the position because it sure is going to be fine. Conscious efforts make pain lesser.

All said and done, heels or flats, you are the one who makes turn head towards you. If a heel is irritating for long, don’t bother to go shoeless because hey, what’s more important than yourself and comfort. Right? So, follow the above tips to feel confident and comfortable while wearing heels. These tips on what to consider while buying or wearing heels will surely help you the next time you go to a party or attend continuous meetings. Relax and chillax!

-Pavithra Ravi