Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Office Mate


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dating a coworker

We all know that dating a co-worker is definitely not one of the most professional decisions you can take. But, sometimes it is so irresistible that you end up sending flirting signals across the room and tend to go out on dates to try your luck with that one guy. Guys generally take this in the positive sense and go out with you. But, there are so many reasons why dating a coworker could turn out to be a bad idea. While having coffee, lunches together, hanging around each other and making the office a fun place to work in are some of the positive sides to it, there are also some things that you need to consider before thinking about dating a guy from your office. Here’s why, dating your colleague could be a pain

Tops Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Colleague

1People will find out

People will find out

You can act smart and try to hide it from your other mates, but trust us, no matter how good an actor you are, they sure are going to figure it out. It may look like you are playing a normal hi-bye game in front of others, but you are unaware that the normal conversations of yours are dripping with love-like signals. Obviously, your other colleagues are smarter and they will figure out that you are dating.

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2Your date starts from the tenth date

Your date starts from the tenth date

There is not much you would have to explore about each other because, practically you have been meeting each other from the very first day you joined. He probably knows all the things about your like, how you work, your capacity, professionally, the way you converse or even the small flirt talks you do, to get your way out. It would be like dating from the tenth date, only that you have not gone out on date or involved physically. So, save yourself from embarrassment and stop seeing him.

3You can never look bad at work

You can never look bad at work

You are dating a person from work. You have to see him every single day unless you work kilometers away. If he is in your office every day, you have to forget looking normal. Dressing up, makeup, hairdos will become your importance suddenly. You would have to make sure that you look good everyday because it is a compulsion. You can no longer wear your comfy clothes, messy buns or no-make-up days. It becomes a Saturday night, every single day!

4Everyone wants to know about it

Everyone wants to know about it

Whether or not you involve people, they are going to want to know even the tiniest details of your relationship. You may be caught up in between topics like ‘So, what did you do last night’ and ‘Tell us what he gifted you for Valentine’s day’. Your colleagues know both of you and obviously they need to gossip. So, you become their topic of discussion during lunches or breaks. Yuck! Isn’t it?

5You end up spending most of your time gossiping

You end up spending most of your time gossiping

This happens most of the times with a lot of couples. You will have conversations only about office, office people, who your boss is dating and everything revolving about the workplace. Either you or your guy are soon to become bored with each other’s company. You will not have a lot of things for yourself or about yourself. The talk of the dinner will change from personal to professional topics. Do you even want to talk about some random people with your boyfriend? No right? Then, stop dating your office mate!

6Everyone will know about your fights

Everyone will know about your fights

It is basically an open book system. Your face will tell it all, whether you are happy, sad or angry. If you are arguing with your guy, the entire team will know, since you will be spending the next day with him. This would be too embarrassing for you.

7Small things start to look bigger now

Small things start to look bigger now

If your guy doesn’t call you for lunch, or if he doesn’t tell you he is going out, it suddenly looks big for you. It is true for both ways. You will start to feel insecure about everything surrounding him. If a female colleague talks to him, you would flip and start to cook stories in your mind. Mental tension is not what you need when you already have to deal with office work.

8People think you get your way easily

People think you get your way easily

If your guy is your boss and you are getting promoted for all your professional, hardworking reasons, you are soon to be termed as a person-who-dates-boss-to-get-a-raise from your fellow office mates. You will never be appreciated genuinely for your hard work. People always think you get your way out since you both are dating. It becomes tough for you to normally socialize with others because they are definitely talking behind your back.

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9It would stop your growth

It would stop your growth

You are so engrossed with each other, that working without each other becomes impossible. Also, if he is looking for opportunities outside or if you get better offers, you would have to think more than twice to take a decision or stand. Since you both are so used to working with each other, it would become very difficult. Concentration on the work would be lost easily. This could be a huge barrier for your professional growth.

10Breakups are always hard

Breakups are always hard

Breaking up becomes hell because you would have to handle emotional pain at your office. Get ready to start crying in the bathrooms, avoiding eye contacts, making faces and ignoring each other’s personal comment. Even if your guy starts to flirt with some other girl, it isn’t going to be the best of sites for you.

We know how you would feel if you have to brood over a failed relationship that too in the office. So, these above reasons will give you a heads up on your future. Save yourself and try not to date one from your office.

-Pavithra Ravi