Famous Celebrities who wore the best Bridal jewelry


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Bridal jewelry

Dear to-be-brides, if you are still pondering on the idea over what jewelry to wear and how to be perfectly adorned on D-Day, it is always best to check online on what your favorite Bollywood celebrities have chosen for their’s. Of course, you have ‘n’ number of reel people or photos to look at and not choose Bollywood celebs as your priority, but here we are going to tell you how beautiful and traditional you can look if you take tips from them. It may not be the same price range or quality you are looking for, but you can definitely get an idea on what kind of jewelry you can embellish yourself with.

So, take a quick look and get inspired by their style. Add a pinch of yourself along with their tips, to look perfect and beautiful on your day. Here are some famous celebrities who wore the best Bridal jewelry for their wedding.

Top Bridal Jewelry Worn By Popular Celebrities

1The blue eyed Miss world- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The Miss world took the center stage with surprise when she entered the wedding hall. She was heavily bejeweled with Kundan haars, gold studded earrings and a beautiful line of Kundan Necklace which looked like layers. Aishwarya looked stunning in her gold and green contrast jewelry. Kundan comes in many colors, these days. So, picking the right color for your saree or Lehenga would help your jewelry complement your look. It is also important to pick the jewelry size according to the shape of your face. Picking fat pieces for a round face may look too bold and uncomfortable. Do the opposites and mix match colors. With the Gold Kundan pieces, she dazzled like a princess near the prince who also complemented his bride’s look with a green Kundan neck piece.

2The Svelte beauty – Shipa Shetty

Shipa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty looked extraordinarily beautiful in her wedding with a typical Mangalorean style jewels. Bestowed with heavy Kundan mixed with diamond jewelry, she maintained a very traditional look. From the Maang Tikka, armlet to her Kamarbhand, everything was Kundan made. We loved her Bajubandh and her heavy neck piece. The Emerald ear drops were in sync with her Bajubandh which was both designed like a peacock. The bridal saree, she was wearing perfectly fit her svelte body and her over-all look was locked with amazing ornaments. If you are going for a Kamarbhand, always make sure you have the perfect waist lined outfit for it. If you don’t show off a little, this ornament’s beauty will never be seen out. Avoid this particular ornament if you are going for high waist saree draping.

3The sensuous ladylad -Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan made sure to keep her look very simple and traditional. Dressed in a blood red Kancheevaram saree, she was decked beautifully with intricate gold temple jewelry. Though her ornaments were understated, they were resplendent and matching the attire she was wearing. The matching gold temple earring made a flattered look on her beautiful face. Gold designs are always the best looking and suit our Indian tradition. Though most brides go for fancy jewelry, gold has its own beauty and touch to a bride’s look. Vidya Balan’s look would go best for those people who always wanted to look Royal yet elegant and simple.

4Pretty woman -Esha Deol

Esha Deol

Miss Deol completed her bridal look with a beautiful set of gold jewelry and grand South Indian Kancheevaram saree. Since this doll wanted a traditional South Indian wedding, her look also complemented the same. The jewelry that stood out was her head jewelry or the Matha Patti, which was a mixture of both ruby studded droplets with temple jewelry. She concentrated more on matching her jewels with the outfit she wore. She carefully matched her head band with the bangles and her outfit. Remember that, if you are going for a grand headband like the one Esha picked, try to keep it contrast with the saree or Lehenga you choose. Too much of the same color would look gaudy.

5The ever smiling – Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia

Any bride would love to imitate what Ayesha Takia wore on her wedding day. You can never say if it was simple or grand, heavy or light. But you can surely say that she looked the prettiest of all other brides we have seen recently. She wore a stunning and a classy diamond laded neck piece. Her necklace stood out the most. With a subtle choice on her Lehenga, she made sure to make it match with the headpiece and her bangles. She opted for all-diamond jewelry where she did not mix any other type of jewelry to Diamond. It is advisable to go full-diamond if you want to. Mixing any other jewel type with diamond may look mis-matched.

It is good to keep in mind that a real piece of jewelry speaks out for itself. Over-doing anything may only ruin your look. It is good to match your jewelry with your face type, shape and personality. Give yourself a thought, delve into it, select the best for you and rock the day!

-Pavithra Ravi