Style Your Velvet Outfit Like A Fashionista – Take The Fashion Notes

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Shimmery and glittery is vibrant! But all are not fans of the bright clothing. Meanwhile, many women love to wear velvet outfits. As velvet fabric has classy shine, most of the women would grab it to look spectacular. Sheer in velvet dresses is more seen when you style it like an expert. You may want to know more which is covered further for you.

All the women who are fans of velvet dress but running out of ideas to style it must have a look here. These styles are of today’s fashion which match up even with your old beautiful velvet dress.

If you have a precious heirloom velvet dress from your family, still these styling ideas go well with it. Contemporary and vintage play an extraordinary role.

Modern Styles of Velvet Outfits

Find these velvet dress styles which come with lovely patterns and designs. You have fashionable dresses that are made from velvet. You can also imitate these dresses with your customized choices. Have a look at it and go for the one style that catches your sight!

1. Velvet blazer


Have you ever felt determined to look great on a day? This is a special desire that doesn’t leave you until you deck up. Fashion desires are so small that you can’t give excuses for not doing.

If you have everything available I’m your wardrobe to style well, then what else is stopping you.

You may want to see what all you need to gather to fit with your velvet dress. So, here is a modish combo to go lovely- a casual top and velvet blazer over it! You can choose any of the footwear from the choices here.

2. Floor length velvet jacket


Velvet jackets! Is this really a modish attire or of the 90’s? As it is about a new style or appearance, it is good to get these doubts. No one wants to be a victim of a fashion disaster.

All I want to say is, floor length velvet jackets are not fully brought out as a fashion piece. But a few who want to look unique and sticking must try this out. You can also wear it over Indian ethnic dresses and modernized sarees.

You can just add a floor length velvet jacket with your casual top or shirt. Do some contrast combo! Other accessories and footwear come into the picture perfectly with this outfit. It is all suitable for evening parties and formal events too.

3. Velvet top


There is no rule that shimmer should go with a shimmer! If you haven’t lese this yet and kept. Your velvet top adi de then it’s time to slip into it. Velvet top with leather pants is an attractive outfit.

Not only this you can also wear the velvet top with your skinny jeans. For parties and date nights this is a pretty outfit.

4. Velvet mini skirt


Velvet mini skirt with a satin shirt!Think of this combination and you will get them for a party without any late. Fashion interested women don’t just wear the dress but they style it. They love innovative ideas and feel super confident when their style works as Expected.

You can also wear a crop top with a velvet mini skirt and show up at parties. Complement your dress with suitable footwear. You can wear boots, embellished sandals or ballerina shoes.

5. Slit velvet dress


Modernized versions of velvet dress are designed with a slit. A high slit velvet dress with skit fit pants is our choice of styling. You can try this dressing for evening parties.

The lovely accessories and a pair of sandals set up your appearance in the best way. A slit velvet dress which is of floor length is another design. You can wear it as a one piece dress and flaunt with heads up.

6. Bodycon velvet dress


Body on dress is the one you would search to wear on a romantic date night or night party with friends. If you have a velvet Boston dress then the rest of your choices of accessories must be stylish too.

The earrings which are outstanding and trendy footwear is what you must fix for a velvet bodycon dress. If something is still undone then do a pretty hairstyle.

7. Velvet maxi dress


Flaunting in maxi dress is never outdated. That too when it is velvet. You should get a maxi dress from a designer collection for which you get a variety of dengins like cape style, slit style. Also check for sleeveless maxi dress. Another style that you would find is cowl styles maxi dress.

The sleek cut and design that comes for maxi dress is elegant. It is one of the modish outfits that women can wear for big fat parties and functions. Velvet maxi dress is also great as a honeymoon dress or for dinner date.

If you want to look for a dignified max dress then choose the one without slit and full sleeves. It is more perfect for formal events and all you need is captivating earrings and hairstyle.

8. Velvet palazzo dress


Velvet palazzo dress is unique and not a casual dress. When you want to go for a party with a comfortable dress then velvet palazzo must strike your mind. Keep it all simple from hairstyle to footwear as the dress itself does all the styling. Straight sleek hairstyle like a ponytail is lovely.

9. Velvet gown


A sudden gaze at a dress can catch and hold your eyes for its designs and pattern. When you come through such a beautiful dress why would you miss it?

You have various alluring velvet gowns with designs like high neck, halter neck, and ruffles. See that you do a breathtaking hairstyle that suits with a gown. Gown and curls hairstyle reminds you of your favourite retro style.

Accessories for Velvet Dress

If you have a velvet dress ready for the party but want some ways to style it, then better start it with accessoires. Accessories give you a way for hairstyle and makeup. Don’t keep your accessories and styles duly after the outfit is decided. A quick glance may help you if you at last minute styling as it is an unusual style to wear velvet dress.

1. Fur scarf


Winters and scarves are inseparable! It is not only about style but to keep yourself warm. Walk confident with this pairing as it syncs with fashion.

Wrap your neck with a fur scarf and use it like a warmer. Attend parties or go for casual walks but you are super pretty in your velvet dress.

2. Statement necklace


Did you preserve your statement necklace to wear with a special dress? That’s okay! We all wait for the right occasions and outfits to doll up with something special. Until then we keep it safe in the closet!

Finally, you can wear it with your velvet dress. Velvet dress statement jewelry not familiar like it’s with diamonds. But how can you not try when it looks too great though it is not famous. As a fashion lover, you must justify your love for fashion no matter what.

You can have a quick glance at the samples above for this idea to show you. Are you ready to slay?!

3. Chain sling bag


Heavy handbags are not for your delicate velvety dress. I leave to you as it is your fashion sense to wear a handbag with sleek dresses. Still I would once ask you to consider this styling idea.

How about a chain sling bag with velvet dress? A few styles may not be appealing to hear but make us realize how best it is to try.

A chain sling bag with a velvet dress is the ultimate tip for a party appearance!

4. Diamond earrings


How can we not talk about diamonds when there are fashion talks! Velvet and diamonds is the most seen and heard style.

If you haven’t done this pretty pairing then we remind you not to miss out. If you are accessorizing with diamond earrings with your velvet dress, then I think you are ready to step out after hairstyling and footwear. Keep your neck bare and add a sleek bracelet to match your diamond rings.

5. A black wallet


Whatever it is! We have a place for black in fashion. If you are looking for a multi styling accessory then most of the time the color would be black. It’s the same for most of us. No doubt it also works with velvet outfits.

A black wallet that you carry often with variety outfits still looks trendy with a velvet outfit. Browse a few more images to love this idea!

6. Golden wristband


Free up your mind when you are styling a dress. A few accessories look like they don’t make a difference to wear it on. Are you ready to wear a sleek black band on your wrist?

Better give it a quick sight and you will just slip your hand into a golden band whenever you are wearing your velvet dress.

7. Embellished waist belt


A velvet dress with embellished waist belt is awe-spiring styling that you will love to

Go with over and over again. It looks super attractive when you hook a waist belt over your velvet dress.

You can also choose a waist line embellished velvet dress. A bright coloured velvet dress with diamond embellished waist belt is magnificent complementary. You can have a look at the above image to believe the style we described.

8. White shoe heels


A shiny dress that is more like an accessory must go with something simple. We said simple which also means classy. White shoe heels are perfect to fit into with a velvet outfit.

If you are owning a white heels shoe then you must try wearing it with your classy velvet dress. It plays a contact fashion well when you pair your white heels shoe with a bright dress.

9. Ankle boots


Ultra posh girls are always seen in ankle boots. When you are all dressed in velvet clothing and still feel there is a need for fashion filling then just add the ankle boots to your velvet dress.

Bright or neutral ankle boots are fitting to go with a velvet outfit. You are going to look chicest in this combination along with minimal adorned jewelry.

10. Glossy black ballerina shoe


Glossy black ballerina shoes are suitable for many dresses. So, in your shoe collection you also have a ballerina shoe and forget to pair it with your velvet dress.

Ballerina shoes have a long way to go in fashion footwear and how it can fail with a velvet dress. There are wide varieties of ballerina shoes to pair with velvet outfits. I would prefer wearing a ballerina with a short velvet dress which looks adorable.

You can do a flash of fashion going in velvet dress but only if you styled it well. All these styling tips help you do upright styling of your fancy dress. We have given the tips that are related to contemporary styles. The upgraded fashion has all these styles of velvet dress. Follow it to get that regal look with velvet dress.

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