10 Lip Shapes That Say About The Personality Traits


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Women are choosy about the lipstick shape and lip liners that sculpt their lips. There is something new to know about your lips than just lip makeup. We have heard various ways of detecting and identifying the personality traits. People find out their personality based on zodiac signs, handwriting and many other ways. But revealing the personality traits based on lip shape is something new and interesting too.

Your lip shape says what kind of person you are. Your behaviour and beliefs are also included in this small observation.

Revealing a personality based on something is a sportive thing. It may or may not match but we like to see what it is about us. If it is matching with your reality then you would smile or else you would smile and ignore. As we found it is interesting to share with you all, here a few lip shapes are listed that say something about your personality. Read on and enjoy it!

1. Woman with larger upper lip than lower lip


People with this lip shape are emotional and dramatic. They draw the attention of others with their charisma. Generally they want to be the centre of attention. Their sense of humour is good and you can expect them to crack the funniest jokes. As we talked about an attention loving person, they also draw the attention in a group or at a corner with their charismatic personality.

A few more qualities that are important to know about these people- they are very emotional. It means emotional compared to others. Simultaneously, they have high opinions about themselves.

2. Woman with larger lower lip than upper lip


If your lip shape is something like this then you are super creative. You can’t stick at one place and do some office work. Of course! It is because you are a person who comes up with innovations. You want to explore and have fun anywhere and anytime. Another interesting part of you is- love to experience new things and visit new places. You welcome the new things with super curiosity.

You are a kind person and also sociable at the same time. If we are not wrong, you adopted an energetic lifestyle. To say something in simple words about you, you are not an office person. You are just meant to explore the world.

3. Woman with upper and lower thin lips


Women with a thin lip shape are very self reliant. They can tackle any problem by themselves. You don’t need a companion for trips or to watch out for something. Maybe you are close to a few people but you understand them well. You value their opinions and get them right.

They are happy to stay alone. Mostly people with this lip shape are introverted. They are not only introverted but are also independent. It is observed that people with thin lips are not well indulging in relationships. They generally look for certain qualities and hobbies in their partner which may help in making their relationship successful.

If you are naturally featured with thin lips then you love enjoying your own company. In Spite of this you love to be surrounded by your people at home.

4. Woman with sharp philtrum on upper lip


Are you a musician or an artist? If yes, then you are.meant to be that. We can say that women with this lip shape possess creative thoughts. If all these observations are right,you would be excited to know more about yourself based on lip shape.

Yes! We do have few more to say about you!

You stay in touch with everyone you know. You always remembered all the names and faces of your big whole class. You naturally have the capability of remembering names and faces. You stay updated with what’s going on around.

People with this lip shape always try to give their best in their work. For them, it’s important to have self expression in every aspect. Another quality you have is being sociable.

5. Woman with curved philtrum on upper lip


Women with this lip shape are compassionate. They are kind spirited people too. Mostly kind people are also sensitive people. To be honest, people with curved philtrum are extra kind. The same way here, women with curved philtrum lip shape are sensitive. They get upset easily by injustice and misfortune. They are more approachable and always ready to help people in need. You will find them expressing deep considerations for others.

If you have the caring nature for people around you, then you must just check if your lip philtrum is curved. All qualities are positive and very much needed ones too. Reading these qualities, you must be feeling acknowledged. We appreciate you for being this good person!

6. Woman without a philtrum on upper lip


Let’s talk something positive first about people with this lip shape. If you are noticing you have this lip shape, then you are responsible according to the observations. But also they realize later that it’s not their responsibility to manage everything. Another quality that is noticed is they are overly given to others. Meanwhile they fulfill others wishes, they miss to take care of themselves. It is good to be caring but self care is important. So, make it your first priority.

Coming to the drawbacks, they are emotionally boundary less. This can be a problem sometimes. But you have some considered great qualities too. If you can balance it, then you will be the best version of yourself. Happy to know about yourself based on lip shape?

7. Woman with plumpy upper and lower lips


If you find that you have full plumpy lips, then you must also realize that you have a strong desire to be a mother. You care for others unconditionally.To be more clear about your precious quality- you prioritize someone else first before yourself. You are a person who always finds happiness in someone else’s happiness.

People with this lip shape love to maintain a good friends circle. They not just love to have friends but also have good connections with them. They have a value for relationships in their heart.

8. Woman with large puffy lips


If you have a similar lip shape or exact lip shape, then you are said to be protective about others. In a suffering situation or any criticality, they first look after other well being and then only about themselves. They safeguard and protect others like it’s their responsibility.

It is noticed that people with large puffy lips will be the best parents. Another point you may want to check having puffy lips is- you have a small group of friends. Though you have few friends but you keep them for a longer time. You protect and save your relationships as it is precious and sacred for you. This a great quality and your closer ones are lucky to have a person like you in their lives.

9. Woman with small puffy lips


Women with this lip shape have a strong mindset about self care and self love, They believe that it is only them who can take care of themselves. Also they live in their own comfort and give more importance to their own feelings rather than other feelings and opinions.In Spite of this quality, they are compassionate towards their friends and also lead their friendship with devotion and faith.

They are always very conscious about someone hurting them. With this self consciousness, they don’t let anyone hurt them and also do well in their life.

10. Woman with plumper lips in center


Now check if your lips are plumper in the center. If so there a few interesting things that your lips speaks about your personality traits-

The first quality you must know is, you prefer socializing and be surrounded with people rather than spending your day alone. It is said that people with this lip shape are happy to be under the spotlight. Additionally they also carry the pride thinking that they are natural performers.

If you have the sculpted lips with a plumper center, then you are more into parties and celebrations. This can be put in better words- you know how to celebrate your life. So, feel good about this quality. Looking at the relationships side, we guess you are a drama queen. Also other great traits like fun loving and excitement in life complete your personality.

To relate with the information given here, you must identify your lip shape properly. If you find these traits are true with your real personality, then you will now say “lips don’t lie”. Hope you are smiled wide with your pretty lips reading the personality traits based on lip shape.

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