8 Yoga Teaching Tips


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Yoga Teaching Tips

Being a yoga teacher, is mostly a whirlwind of knowledge, passion, preparation, as well as emotion. Every yoga class is basically a multitude of moving parts, that are put together to create a mind, body and a soul experience for the practitioner. It is truly meant to help the people in all the facts of the life, and not just physical aspects. A yoga teacher is responsible for many things, like:

  • Preparing for the yoga sequences and postures.
  • Choosing the quote, mantra, or even reading to share with the class.
  • Demoing the yoga postures, plus adjusting new students.
  • Engaging with students before and after the class.
  • Signing or encouraging people for packages, workshops, monthly subscriptions, etc.
  • Instructing the class for at least for 60 – 90 minutes.
  • Deciding if the class will have a theme or work up to a peak posture, and many more.

A yoga class needs a lot of attention, and also a lot of energy and effort from the teacher. So here, are 8 yoga teaching tips helpful for every yoga teacher or instructors that are needed to be followed for a successful life.

Tips For Yoga Teachers

1Be Authentic

Be Authentic
  • This is the number one point in being a teacher. Always try to be yourself, just your true self. Be a yoga person that teaches the art, because it can stoke the inner fire, and make your body come more alive, and helps in brightening the world around you.
  • It is also very important to practice the authenticity, as people generally gravitate towards your true nature when you are a teacher. Students wants the raw version of yourself, such as the quirky jokes, the mistakes you make, your weird music taste, and the hippie dippy clothing.
  • People in yoga class thrive of human connection, and by just being yourself, you can create the strength, and appreciation.

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2Plan Your Classes

Plan Your Classes
  • I recommend for planning the yoga classes on your own ahead of time, especially if you are new to teaching yoga. Some people have a natural ability to teach a class, without even preparing anything.
  • If you are not that expert, then you can try by taking notes. Notes are a great way to return to, and re-center as well as reconnect to the class on hand.

Below are some tips on planning a yoga class:

  • Buy a notebook to jot down the sequences, inspirations, and postures.
  • Always plan accordingly with the scheduled class and stay true to the yoga studio schedule.
  • Write or even type the yoga class notes and bring them to the class.
  • Place these notes, however you are comfortable with.
  • Keep all the yoga class notes together. It become really helpful when referring back onto the class

3Arrive Early

Arrive Early
  • Just like everything in life, try to arrive early in the class as it is always better.
  • It is always promising in the yoga teaching world too. It is always important to set the vibe of the room.

Upon arriving to the yoga studio, try to do the following:

  • Dim the light, so that it can soften the room atmosphere for the students.
  • Turn on relaxing music, it can people in settling down.
  • Lay down your mat & the notes to show students the basic room setup.
  • Prepare the students with needed props.

4Play Music

Play Music
  • It is not always mandatory to play music in the yoga class, but it is the most recommended. Silence can be of great experience, but it can not be motivating for the students.
  • When you are not instructing the class, background noise is helpful. It challenges the students, who are about to give up, or even who are trying to drop the moment and relax.

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5Laugh at Yourself

Laugh at Yourself
  • When you make any mistake, do not attach to it. Just like you are preached not to attach to the thoughts or even chase yoga shapes, you cannot attach.
  • The moment when you lose the ability to laugh at yourself, that moment people get uncomfortable as well as awkward to settle.
  • Instead,try to be authentic, and recognize your mistakes, as well as address it in a light manner and move forward. You will be surprised, how many students either do not notice, or laugh at it alongside with you.

6Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress
  • Just like the corporate world, yoga also needs appropriate clothing.
  • It is important to not only dress according to the part but also do it pretty well.
  • A well yoga clothing can radiate confidence, healthy lifestyle, and positivity in life.

7Build Relationships

Build Relationships
  • Everybody loves to hear their names. It is a basic fact of life and people even love more if you ask as well as remember the tidbits of their personal life.
  • Do ask them how their day was, or what they do for a living, if they are married or not, their vacation plan, and many more. When all these information is gathered, do ask them in general conversation. It shows that you care for them, and they feel important.

8Be Present

Be Present

Try to disconnect from the daily grind and do your best to let go.

Try to give more attention to this, and disconnect from the relationship problems, second job, and other to-do lists. Whatever is weighing you down, hang it outside the yoga studio.

Try to fill the entire room with your presence, and nothing else. Radiate that yoga is a place of transformation and inspiration, there is no room for any distractions, fears, comparisons and false beliefs.

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