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Myths in Yoga

Being fit and fine is one of the best ways to lead a healthy life and yoga can give us the strength and power for a benefiting life. But, when you decide on starting a healthy life, then you may come face to face with some famous myths related to yoga. Then you become unable to understand, whether you should follow these myths or not and if you ignore these myths then are they going to be harmful? So, here I bring you some famous Myths in Yoga, that we must have heard sometime or the other.

Myths Related with Yoga

1Myth – Being flexible in yoga is the key

Myth - Being flexible in yoga is the key

True. This myth might seem like a little obvious benefit, for the activity of non-devotees, because it equates with “stretching.” But the engaged, and active flexibility of yoga is a far cry from the very casual reach for the toes, that one might do before running on the treadmill. Practicing yoga asanas on a regular basis, can help in attaining better flexibility in the future. In reality, when compared to other forms of fitness routines, this art can help even those who have never exercised in their life. Yoga can help you, to release muscular tension, and can get stronger.

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2Myth – Yoga is not workout

Myth - Yoga is not workout

There are many kinds of yoga. For those of you, who want to experience more vigorously, try the power yoga sessions. This sessions can help you in building strength, as well as burn calories.

3Myth – Yoga cannot be personalized

Myth - Yoga cannot be personalized

This is another quite popular misconception that everybody thinks. Every human being’s body is very different, so as every individual need.Asanas can be modified to some extent, keeping in mind the basic requirements of every person.

4Myth – Yoga’s too much of a time-commitment

Myth - Yoga's too much of a time-commitment

Practicing yoga anytime, can benefit you. Even working, on a 10-minute routine, first thing in the morning at home can help in strengthening your body as well as your mind.

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5Myth – Yoga is the cardio you need

Myth - Yoga is the cardio you need

False. You won’t find anyone who, has ever left a yoga class soaked in breathing heavy, sweat, and walking funny the very next day, you might find it hard to believe, but some studies suggest that, yoga doesn’t meet the standard need for aerobic exercise.

6Myth – Yoga begets you a six-pack abs

Myth - Yoga begets you a six-pack abs

While this art form can offer you the physical benefits, it has much more things in store. Yoga in the true sense, can offer you a chance so that you can undergo a complete transformation, that is, physically, psychologically and physiologically. Nauli kriya, is one such asana in yoga that can help you to achieve a six-pack abs. Thus, it can transform your lifestyle and your view towards your life.

7Myth – Hot yoga, the best way from flab to fab

Myth - Hot yoga

There are countless number of people, who are running after this form of yoga, who think the wagon to lose weight. Bikram yoga is also the synonym to Hot Yoga, and also aid in losing weight. However, you can pick any yoga form, if it is practiced on a regular basis with your utmost dedication, it can offer desired results.

8Myth – Tantra yoga is sex uninhibited

Myth - Tantra yoga

Western countries, increasing demand of tantra yoga is resulting in the misinterpretation that this form of yoga inhibiting. But, actually tantra yoga, is a divine and beautiful experience that usually a celebration of the male and female, that is, Shiva and Shakti, to be specific. It helps in channeling your energy to the way in harmony with cosmic unison.

9Myth – Practicing yoga outdoors for better result...

Myth - Practicing yoga

For an ideal result, yoga must be performed in serenity. However, to clear the doubt, it can be practiced anywhere. The only thing you must be sure is that there is a proper circulation of air in the room. As the most vital ingredient for yoga is breathing.

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