How to work your relationship when it is dying


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work your relationship

It is very important for you to know that your relationship is dying and you need to work the relationship out of the most possible way. Because if you let your relationship die, you are not going to ever fix it properly! Whether your husband is trying or not, that doesn’t have anything to do with what you do. You need to push yourself harder to fix the relationship and make it work in ways that you are comfortable with. Yes, that is why we are going to give you some useful tips to do the same.

A relationship dies when certain elements like love, affection and care fades off. You need to find the reasons why it has faded and try to fix it. Even if you have children and you are old enough, every relationship needs work and that work needs to be done even if you are not willing to do so. If your husband is not trying, it is fine because you can now try and redeem everything you lost. Don’t be afraid that you are going to push your husband even further because once he sees that you are trying, he will start to give in his work also. So, it will become a two way process. The first things fall first in the relationship. So, here are some tips to work your relationship when it is in the dying stages.

Top Tips to Work Your Relationship with Your Husband

1Approach with positivity

Approach with positivity

It is very important that you approach your husband with positive energy. In India, most men don’t really take care of their wives like how they do it in the abroad. In fact, in abroad, they start their lives only when they turn 35 years and plus. But once we Indians have children and they grow, we tend to think that our lives are over and we have to just concentrate on our children’s growth. Well, while that is also important, you need to make your relationship right before you move on to something else. Make sure you smile at your husband, take good care of him when he needs help, talk to him about his office affairs and tell him how you have been feeling. This is one step that will make your husband share things to you and get one step closer to you mentally.

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2Take trips alone

Take trips alone

Yes, this could be very difficult to do so because you have to take care of your children and you can’t take trips alone for many days. But the idea of taking a trip for 2 days over the weekend somewhere nearby will be refreshing and regenerate the lost love. You can leave your children at your parent’s house or if they very young, you can take them with you, but concentrate more on spending quality time with each other. When you do that, you will realize everything that you have been missing between each other. That way, you can talk to each other and understand what you both want.

3Look good for yourself

Look good for yourself

They say that you need to look good to feel good. Yes, if you start taking care of yourself, your husband will have interest towards you. You can go to the parlor regularly, get your hair cut and get a makeover done. When you get a makeover done, your husband will notice that for sure and be surprised. Get yourself some good clothes that you are comfortable in and appreciate yourself first. When you appreciate yourself and your looks, your husband will love you for the change. Make sure you put on some good clothes and sit beside him and talk to him. Since he has always seen you in the jammies or boring clothes, there is no sex appeal that is generated between the both you. When you make a difference in dressing, he will definitely feel the need to appreciate your looks and change.

4Express yourself

Express yourself

How long has it been since you both spoke alone without the hindrance of other people? A relationship can easily go into drain if you don’t talk to each other properly or lovingly. Leave him notes in his box or in his lunch bag, saying how much you love him. Surprise him with a small note that can lead to something interesting, slip into an uncomfortable dress and excite him. Trying new things in your relationship gives way to fun and excitement. You don’t have to do anything, you just have to change the way you think and behave. Give him massages, light up your bedroom and make sure he is relaxed. Writing to him also works because that way he will know frankly what you feel.

5Make sex interesting

Make sex interesting

Don’t have sex as a duty. Couples who are married for a while may not want to spend a lot of time in having better sex. They just do it because they want to. You don’t do that. When you feel that you have to work your relationship, make it a practice to remember that having sex is not a job or a duty. Feel it and make love and in no time your husband will find it interesting and easier for him to open up. Do role playing, tie each other up, involve toys and make sex interesting. Don’t do the routine and just leave it there. Taking extra efforts will help you patch your marriage back and make it good for the both of you.

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Remember that everything is just in your head and you can do anything to change the way you think about it. Don’t panic or feel bored when you do something because if you are not interested, it is easily found out. So, if you want to work your relationship and save it from dying, try all the above tips and let us know how it worked out!

Have fun ladies!

-Pavithra Ravi

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