12 Workable Ways To Deal With Angry Husband


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How do you know that you are successful in married life? When you are a successful person, you are happy to yourself and feel proud for what you are. It is not the same in married life. Some people think, the number of years says the couple is living happily in marriage, Few believe that the status and living standards says it all. Neither of it are right.

When you are happy with your married life, you don’t mind adjusting, compromising and sacrificing. A married couple faces different phases in life.

If today, you are getting unconditional love from your partner, tomorrow he may find you annoying. Some women are still not knowing how to deal with angry husband. Also ending up the relationship is not the solution. You can be your husband’s best friend when you know to deal with his anger. You must learn to deal with your husband’s anger.

What Can Make Your Husband Angry?

When you husband is angry it doesn’t mean you are the only reason. Though he shows his anger on you, it could be the way he is venting out his frustration about something else. And sometimes, you could be the reason for his anger. So, see what makes your husband angry-

1. Mental suffocation

What would you do when you don’t have your own space? Some people straight away ask for the space and few also show the anger. It could be that your husband is showing anger on you as he is feeling suffocated in married life or for some other reason.

When I say that there is lack of space, its including who is making him feel that way. So, give me space he wants and as long as he wants.

2. Work stress

As I said before, you are not the only reason that bugs or annoys him. It could be the non stops tasks and tough boss at office too. So, when you are not the reason, be cool and deal it wisely. You got many ways to deal your husband’s anger when you are not the reason for his anger.

3. Lack of your attention

When a man don’t get proper attention from his woman, he may show the pain in form of anger. You must keep checking if your husband is seeking for your attention. You know what to do, when your husband needs your attention. But just don’t go blind and ignore him even after realizing that he needs your attention. Then it mean, you are taking him for granted. Are you doing it?

4. High expectations

When we have high expectations, we always want someone to understand us. Sometimes, we would not even know that we are expecting too much. The high expectations of your husband may hurt himself and you too. You got to deal with his high expectations too.

5. Secret intentions

How would we know, if someone have secret intentions? It can be that he wants to know by yourself. His wait for you to understand can also trigger anger. Though having secret is not fair, you will have to find a way to deal it all.

How to deal with angry husband?

It is not always men’s mistake or women are not to compromise all the time. Both must treat each other equally.

We all know that married life is about mutual interest and cooperation to sort out things. But is it right to expect that mutual interest when your husband is angry? So, look what can deal your angry husband-

1. Analyze the problem

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When your husband is angry on, the first thing you must do is analyze the problem. You also need to check yourself if you have committed any mistake that triggered anger.

If you have done something wrong that is annoying him, then make a note of not repeating the mistake again. Then, you can deal his anger with the rest of ways.

2. Mentally stable and clear


Many couples believe that love is limitless and it is not that reality but just an expectation. Having boundaries can help you and your husband in anger management. Not only setting the boundaries but also let your husband know about.

When a person knows how much you can tolerate, they don’t take the chances on sensitive issues. When you don’t have the boundaries, you are giving your husband a chance to show the anger. You both also fail in anger management as a couple.

Stay stable and stick to the set boundaries at any cost. The clearance plays the bigger role than you imagine. So, start setting the boundaries to deal with your angry husband.

3. Let him calm down


Many women get into the war zone when they find their husband angry with them. Anger is not the solution deal someone’s anger. Just wait and let him calm down. When the situation is out of hands, you cannot expect someone to be peaceful. May be it is the way he is showing out his stress.

4. Don’t try to control


You will know if you can control your husband’s anger or not. Few men raise with temper when you try to control or change them. So, it is better you don’t try at that point of time.Controlling someone’s anger is provoking.

Instead of controlling your husband’s anger, you can control yourself from reverting with anger. When you are asked to be calm, it also means to control yourself without expecting him to control his anger.

5. Don’t panic


When you see your husband in black mood, don’t be afraid. This makes you do or utter something insensible. If you are clear with what triggered the anger, talk a word or two about it.

When your husband notices you being afraid, this makes the situation worse. You are also not asked to be rebellious, deal with politeness if you can. It also depends on the situation.

6. Let it go


You are asked to let it go when you know that he is stressed with something. It is common that we show the impact of our stress on family members. So, when you know that he is stressed with something, then let it go.

You will see him realizing that he made the house environment unpleasant. So, wait for him to realize.

7. Don’t judge him


We try to judge people based on one or few situations. Sometimes, we do it unintentionally. So, remember that not to judge your husband when he is angry. This will make him go more hyper and feel depressed.

8. Pay him calm attention


Are you walking away when he is angry? You are just doing it wrong. Know that walking is not the right way to deal with angry husband.

Yes! You are asked not to control his anger or not to talk at moment. But your husband still needs your attention. He actually wants you to listen to him. When you walk away this show your impatience and tolerance. So, be patient and pay calm attention as he wants.

9. Don’t tolerate disrespect


When your husband is disrespecting you again and again, you must not keep on tolerating him. Your tolerance boots his ego again and again. When a man knows that his woman is tolerating, he will disrespect her taking her tolerance as advantage.

Once in a while, it is common to yell or disrespect. But don’t let it happen again and again. It is not something that you cannot notice. You will know when he is disrespecting you and also you must know how to put a stop to it.

10. Apologize


If you are the reason for his anger and you know that you have committed any mistake, then apologize. When you admit your mistakes, this calm down the opposite person. We tend to cover our mistakes and that is not the right way to deal your angry husband. When you try to go blind with your mistakes, this will irritates and raises his anger.

11. Don’t argue


Women want an answer for every emotion and action. May be this is not expected by every woman need it. And men wants women to let the things go.

Sometimes, you husband may find ways and struggle to get out of the angry mood. And imagine, you arguing and expecting him to answer you about his behaviour. That means you are not letting him come out the angry mood. You are doing it unknowingly. So, don’t argue from next time when your husband is angry. Cooperate and help him to feel better if you can.

12. Work with humour


When you see that your husband’s is calmed down a bit, work with humour. Your friendly nature and sportive attitude will melt the rest anger. Men feel relaxed and better when their women come back to talk even after clash.

When you feel, your husband deserves to feel better no matter what, then try your humour. Let the humour generate fun. Again don’t be sarcastic or don’t criticize him.

We cant be right always and we commit mistakes. When you understand this fact, you will be able to deal with an angry person. Understanding this point, you also need to let him correct himself and correct yourself with the above ways to deal an angry husband.

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