10 Best Oolong Tea Brands in India – Sip It For Health Benefits


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The herbal teas are the best beverage over any other. Be it a leisure time or for weight loss purpose, you choosing herbal tea is the best. If you are looking for a best tea for weight loss, then you must stop here to have a look at the best oolong teas.

Every bag of oolong tea is packed with goodness. The tea is not to impress your taste buds but it is to impress your body. It is a kind of progress to your health and well being if you are choosing oolong tea.

Having a look at to brands can leave you confused. So, a clear review can clear your mind and fix on what actually you want. Now keep checking which is the best oolong tea in expanded market.

Top Rated Oolong Teas Listed For Your Easy Pick

1. Teabox Darjeeling Oolong Tea


The aroma while steeping the tea bags itself makes you feel refreshed. You get the bags which are ready to steep and consume. The tea bags are including the various notes to refresh your senses. The tree fruit, nuts and resins are part of this tea.

The leaves are freshly picked to give you a quality cup of tea every time. If you are aiming for weight loss along with diet and exercise, then consuming this tea can help you a lot. It help detoxing your body and makes your feel light. You will see a great change in your skin texture. It is over all good product that you can choose to get the real benefits oolong tea.

  • Great flavour
  • Nutritious tea
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Less quantity in tea bags(You need to use 2 tea bags for a full cup)

2. Tearaja Darjeeling Oolong Tea


All are not fans of the tea bags. If you are from the category who looks for loose tea leaves, this product is the best for you. The oolong tea leaves are picked from tea estates of Darjeeling. It is a pack of anti oxidants that you need for everyday.

The tea is great in contributing health benefits. It boosts your energy and keeps you active through out the day. The tea is good to gain the immunity as well. For good taste you can add a bit of organic honey.

From the process to ingredients everything is natural. You can trust this brand for herbal tea and it is reputed for selling tea to India.

  • Promotes digestion
  • Peasant aroma
  • Too expensive

3. TeaTreasure Oolong Darjeeling Tea


The toughest challenge that modern people are facing is weight management. You need a specialist that can help maintaining your weight. This product is a good option for people who wants to keep maintain healthy weight.

You need not worry about the intake of vitamins. The properties of the tea are included antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Another gain from having this tea is dental health. It is rich in flouride which aids for dental conditions.

The tea is made with the rich notes of plum and shea butter. You can enjoy this tea in time in the day. The tea leaves are completely natural as they are sourced from the tea garden.

  • Freshens up mood
  • Easy to use
  • None

4. VAHDAM, High Mountain Oolong Tea


If your vote goes to loose tea over tea bags, then this is another brand that you must consider. The leaves are plucked and packed from Darjeeling tea plantations. If you can follow a strict diet and consume this eat as part of your diet, it can help in weight loss.

The taste and flavour is makes you feel refreshed. It is a less bitter tea that you can consume easily. To describe the aroma- it smells like vanilla that is soothing to intake.

The quantity lasts for 50 cups for your clear information. The product comes with 100% guarantee if you are not satisfied, you will get a refund of total amount spent. This is the bigger trust that the brand is giving for people to try it once.

  • Detox tea
  • None

5. The Indian Chai – Darjeeling Oolong


The product is a pack of mature and bigger leaves to infuse the goodness of aroma and taste. The cup of tea can give your instant relief from all kind of stresses. Try having this tea after a long day. It gives you the refreshed feeling and energy to get back to normal.

If you want to have a cuppa of taste and energy combined, then add small quantity of milk. It is a suitable tea for evenings.

If your trust more goes to loose tea, then you will like this. You will know the purity of Darjeeling oolong tea with taste. As the leaves are matured and bigger, a little quantity will be enough to make a strong cup of oolong tea.

  • Needless quantity
  • Calming aroma
  • A bit expensive

6. Prince of Peace Tea, Oolong


If you want a tea that doesn’t disappoint your taste buds, then this is the best available for you. If you want to be health conscious and a fitness freak, then this tea must be part of your diet. Follow a strict diet along with this time 2 twice a day to loose weight.

This is one of the best oolong tea bag product. The taste is a soothing and calming. The tea is made totally made by hand and gone through the natural process for real aroma and effectiveness.

The only that bothers is price as it is higher side compared to all other brands in India. If you still want to try this tea over seeing the price, then you can do it. You may feel it is worth the price considering the taste and results.

  • Woody aroma
  • Tastes better
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Extremely expensive

7. Te.Cha Rose Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf Oolong Tea


Tea lovers love experimenting the tea flavours. But it is always better to check the product quality and ingredients that are included. If you are a herbal tea lover, then you must give this product a though. It is unique blend of rose petals and oolong tea leaves.

The tea calms your senses with every sip that you consume. You can have your everyday dose of energy with this tea. It contains vitamins and minerals. The tea helps you get rid of toxins that are settled in your body. The tea got the factors that can boosts metabolism. You can drink this tea as a detox tea to let your body become toxins free.

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Manages stress
  • No instructions to use
  • Less quantity for price

8. Avataa Oolong Tea


The tea is partially oxidized to offer the drinkers with health benefits. You can drink tea for body detox. It is a great beverage for everyday. If you can consume it daily and continuously, it will not fail to show you the weight loss results.

The tea leaves are hand picked to assure best quality. As it results in effective detox, you will see a good change in your skin. It improves your skin health taking it as your daily drink. The tea also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and prevents diabetes.

The tea has the mild sweet taste which many people love it for. It tastes strong with originality of the oolong tea but still smooth. If you want a good tasting tea, then you can add a little quantity of milk to it. You can add it to your every day for stress relief.

There are some thing that this brand could improve to be a top rated on in the list. The quantity is less for the given price. Though it is a normal process that needs for

  • Doesn’t taste bitter
  • Good for weight loss
  • Slightly expensive(Still worth the price)

9. Dharmsala Tea Company Himalayan Jasmine Oolong Whole Tea Leaves


The jasmine oolong tea is can keep your away from the risk of heart disease. It helps you with digestion if you can have it after your noon meal. The tea makes you feel light after meals. So, the best time to have this tea is after your lunch.

The tea also helps you gain the immunity which is much needed for everyone. You can consume this oolong tea to have muscle relaxation. The hot of cup of tea loosen the tired muscles. It is also a great treatment for chronic headache.

The tea is handcrafted with jasmine petals. The tea consists of delicate taste that feels pleasant. It has the finest aroma and flavour.

This brand is carrying the legacy of making natural teas. The product price is on high side but it is worth trying for good health.

  • Tastes delicious
  • Improves overall health
  • Higher price

10. Mann Tea Oolong Whole Loose Leaf Tea


The tea leaves are hand plucked by the experts considering their texture. Every package contains the fresh leaves. The tea leaves are packed in within one day of plucking off the trees.

We all feel drowsy after lunch and need a quick refreshment to get out of the blur. So, just try this tea which puts you out from the dullness. Lunch time is the best for you to have this tea.

The goodness of this tea is made to benefit your health in many ways. It activates your brain and make improves your mood. It is a simple way that you can boosts your metabolism. You can also stay away from heart problems which are getting too common among all age groups. Having this tea regularly can improve your dental health. If you are suffering from bone aches or weakness, then this a must try for you.

If you are fan of earthy aromas, then you will enjoy this tea every time you consume.

  • Affordable
  • Controls diabetes
  • None

This list of oolong teas is out refined research. This can help you find the best tea with tastes true with every sip that you take. When you are confident about your diet, it is more powering and encouraging for your health to get better and much better. So, choose that best from the list to encourage yourself for healthy living.

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