Signs why you should date a man who travels


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There are two kinds – One, who wants to be the best in the entire world and the other type who wants to see the best in the world. Choosing the latter type of men, may help you in having a better and enjoyable relationship. Dating the man who travels would give you all the unexpected twists and thrills that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Here, in this article, we are going to focus only on why you should date a man who travels and nothing about his personality or his attitudes. So, for all those solo travel freaks, if you want to add a person in the travel, here’s why you should date a man who travels.

Top Reasons Why You Should Date a Man Who Travels

1Beyond the walls

Beyond the walls

He will show you everything beyond just the four walls. Meaning, even if he takes you out, he makes sure that he will take you to a place that you have not heard of. This will not only interest you, but will give your date a whole new perception of how to go about it. He will literally show you the world. A tranquil beach or a trek would never have been so beautiful. He will do you go camping, build a small camp for the two of you and make the date totally worth it.

2Exploring and story talking

Exploring and story talking

There will not be one dull moment when you go out on a date with him. Want to why? That’s because he is going to tell you stories about everything he knows about the place. He will give out extra tit bits that you might have never heard about the place. The culture, the locals, the beautiful serene locations and most of all, the food! He will know almost everything about the place he is taking you because he has been here more than a million times.

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3No more boring dates

No more boring dates

Your dates are not going to be boring anymore. He will save you from the boring movie or the popcorn marathon or even meeting his friends. He will not take you to the museum or the beach or the same old restaurant. He will perfectly know all the places and will blow your mind off by taking you to exotic places that you have never been to before. He would rather surprise you with a simple dinner alongside a highway, may be a normal Dhaba. After all, all that matters is him, right?

4Experiences never die

Experiences never die

He will not waste all his money on a smart phone or planning your birthday with your friends. Instead, he will plan an experience that will make you go crazy on him. He will bring the sun to you! That split second of elation when you view the sun set or sun turning the snow capped mountains with its beauty, the silence in the beach where you can experience just the wave sound and your breadth, the adventurous mornings in a wooden house where the birds wake you up with their chirps – that is what he will gift you with on your special days. Experiences never die!

5Materialism is out of the game

Materialism is out of the game

Materialism is fine, but not too much. Right? You don’t want to always have your man buying you something if he doesn’t show you how much love or care he actually has for you. A man who travels will never consider materialistic pleasures as his way of gifting you. He will be wise in choosing his gifts. He will chase your happiness and gratification. He will let you desire and dream big.

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6Enthusiasm, in all glory

Enthusiasm, in all glory

If you are dating a man who has traveled all his life or loves traveling, then don’t worry about what kind of a person he would turn out to be. Since he has seen everything outside of a cocoon, he is definitely going to be enthusiastic, fun and lovable. He will not be boring or a pessimist.

7A survivor

A survivor

A traveler knows how to survive even in a tough situation. He will be able to accept and adjust wherever, however or to whichever situation he is put into. He will not be the typical metro sexual man who takes at least an hour to dress up and put his thoughts together. He will be spontaneous and make decisions based on his gut. Most of the times, his gut works magic and leaves you surprised!

-Pavithra Ravi

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