8 Sensuous Sabyasachi bridal lehengas with brimful ethnicity- A Fairy tale for Indian Brides


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Sabyasachi bridal lehengas

The bride wears the outfits for wedding based on the culture and traditions. In Hindus wedding, red is the preferred colour. Different regions have different attires as in South Indian states, saree is preferred to wear. In North Indian states, brides wear lehengas, gagra choli and odni.

Here you Can See the Traditions of all Indian Brides and Their Looks.

India got many garment designers and one among the Indian designers is the most famous for bridal lehengas. By now, you will get the image of the designer. Yes, I was referring to Sabyasachi. Sabyasachi is from Kolkata and he is one of the members of Fashion design council of India. His label is well established to international level. But he never get over the Indian wear. Any bride would love to walk in as a bride with his lehenga. That is he got famous for bridal lehengas.

Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga

1. Bridal Lehenga from Udaipur Collection:

Bridal lehenga
ImageSource: www.mybataz.com

Udaipur collection is the latest of Sabyasachi. The newest collection is inspired with multi colours. The motifs of the lehengas are floral and made with embroidery work. Every detail on the lehenga is sparked with brightness. Not only the wedding day, other rituals can also be lightened with Sabyasachi lehengas. You must look at the lehengas that are meant for wedding rituals and events. Udaipur collection is inspired from Rajasthani royalty and the essence is displayed in lehenga designs.

Udaipur collection
ImageSource: www.wedmegood.com

Striped Graphic Lehenga:

Striped graphic lehenga
ImageSource: www.cloudfront.net

Indian wedding has many rituals and bride cant be bored with routine outfits. So, here you can look at the striped graphic lehenga which is suitable for mehndi. All the finishing, borders can give the perfect ethnic look that is meant to be on Indian brides.

2. Red Bridal Lehengas

Red bridal lehengas
ImageSource: www.toyourtaste.co.uk

Red is has the strong connection with traditions. This vibrant colour is ruling Sabyasachi creations and noticed part of any collection. A bride with  jam-packed red lehenga is the epitome of traditions. As the red colour is preferred for South Indian brides, the fabric will be of aari work, zardosi embroidery and highlighted with crystals and pearls.

The contemporary style with nature inspired motifs is makes the Sabyasachi bridal lehenga the a dream for women. The ethnicity that is always mesmerizing in Sabyasachi bridal outfits but red lehengas is taking the ethnicity to next level with embellishments. Red lehengas are also of hand embroidered with intricate details. The hand -embroidered dupatta with silk organza veil is a complete bridal lehenga.

3. Bridal Lehengas from Gulkand Collection:

Bridal lehengas
ImageSource: www.quora.com

Bridal lehengas from Gulkand collection are made of drying rose petals, gulkand, kishmish, cardamom, zarda and pomegranate. Deep brooding burgundy and russet over-layered with antiquated zardosi, semi-precious stones and pearls form the basis of these baroque bridal wear lehengas. The bridal lehengas from gulkand collection are soaked in with Indian tradition and every minor design is detailed in a dazzling way.

Burgundy velvet bridal lehengas:

Burgundy velvet
ImageSource: www.cloudfront.net

Burgundy velvet bridal lehengas are part of Gulkand collection. The unusual loved velvet fabric with intricate designs makes the bride more than ordinary elegant. The grace and elegance comes to stay on the bride with such magical attires.

4. Bridal lehengas from Spring summer collection

Brides need some indulgence with outfits wearing the spring summer collection. Brides wearing the lehengas which is made of florescent silk and organza will be the funkiest. The colours of the bridal lehengas from spring summer collection are made to be the stylish bride. The summer waits to welcome the wedding seasons and outfits should be ready. The bridal lehengas with brighter but lighter are the part of spring summer collection. As the embroidery is meant for modern brides which is minimalistic and wanted for a chic look.

Organza Bridal Lehengas:

Organza Bridal Lehengas
ImageSource: www.cloudfront.net

Full organza lehengas with electic blouses is part of spring summer collection 2018. Organza fabric is the favourite for Sabyasachi collection which is made from pure silk and brilliantly woven. Choosing organza for bridal lehengas for spring summer collection is a wise idea.

Hand embroidered Lehenga:

Hand embroidered Lehenga
ImageSource: www.cloudfront.net

The lehengas is hand-embroidered with striped chiffon dupatta. The nude makeup for spring summer with this bridal lehenga is of Indian traditions inculcated in it.

5. Vintage Bridal Lehenga with Flora and Fauna Prints:

Vintage bridal lehenga
ImageSource: www.vogue.in

Vintage is grabbing the love of women. This designs and patterns of floral and fauna occupied the great place in Sabyasachi collection as well. The vintage floral and fauna on the bridal lehengas are pure Indian and traditional. You must see how vintage can do the magic of contemporary style.

The choice of these vintage bridal lehengas with floral and fauna prints is great for wedding rituals and post wedding rituals.

6. Hand-Embroidered Ivory Gold Bridal Lehenga:

ImageSource: www.kalkifashion.com

The ivory and gold fusion in bridal lehengas is an ultra traditional outfit. On ivory colour the elevating gold hand-embroidery is all royal. The blend of both ivory and gold is brilliant as golden embroidery stands out beautifully on ivory. The much visible tiny details together makes the bridal lehenga the dreamy one for brides. You can look at the attached image, the woman is accessorized with uncut diamond and pearl jewellery from Sabyasachi heritage collection.

7. Kesaribai Pannalal Lehenga:

Kesaribai pannalal
ImageSource: www.zowed.com

Kesaribai pannalal is the newest collection from Sabyasachi. The designer dint leave any chance to make the lehengas look flawless. Kesaribai pannalal lehengas are flowing with traditional motifs and the royalty is matching the label of Sabyasachi designs. Take a look of the lehengas that were out from the Kersaibai pannalal collection. The lehengas are made of semi-precious stones, hand painted and appliqued to get the perfect output.

8. Dil-Guldasta Lehenga:

Dil-guldasta lehenga
ImageSource: www.thegrandtrunkus.com

The beauty in lehenga is filled with hand-dyed velvet applique. The silk floss, gold thread and rose-tinted crystals made the lehenga the nicest outfit for brides. The multi colour floral flow on the lehenga is making the lady look like an elegant standing flower vase. The lehenga is paired with the sheer embroidered veil and jewellery from Sabyasachi heritage collection. All together the lehenga can’t miss women’s notice.

9. Devi Collection-Champakali Lehenga:

Devi collection
ImageSource: www.quora.com

The red lehenga from Sabyasachi Devi collection is named as Champakali. A bride will never let such outfit go away on her special day. As said before, red lehengas occupied a great place in Sabyasachi collection and it shows how the just red colour look this lovely. Chamapakali lehenga is made of intricate aari, zardosi and applique techniques dextrously applied on kumkum red raw silk.

The Celebrity Brides of 2018 in Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga:

Saina Nehwal in Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga:

Saina Nehwal
ImageSource: www.weddingz.in

Saina nehwal bridal lehenga was of rich velvet lehenga. The lehenga is made with elaborated zardosi work, pearls and crystals. The embroidery on the lehenga up raised well with golden embellishments. Her bridal lehenga was paired with Sabyasachi heritage jewellery collection of uncut diamonds, emeralds, rubies. Saina Nehwal chose the sumptuous lehengas for her wedding reception.

Isha Ambani in Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga:

Isha Ambani
ImageSource: www.thelivemirror.com

Isha Ambani wore the Sabyasachi lehenga  for her Graha Shanti Pooja. There is nothing to leave the lehenga out and the intricate details of the lehenga are the special attractions. We can say that every inch lehenga is making the traditional sounds. May be the traditional embroidery grabbed the love of the bride. Isha ambani lehenga is made with a custom hand-painted, hand-embroidered tilla-work and antique bandhej dupatta. Her look is accessorized with a necklace and earring set featuring uncut Syndicate diamonds and Zambian emeralds.

Priyanka Chopra in Sabyasachi bridal lehenga:

Priyanka Chopra
ImageSource: www.herzindagi.info

How can a bride look less than a water sprinkled rose in such lehenga. Priyanka Chopra looked the same in Kanauj rose lehenga, which was worn in her wedding. The making of the lehenga is spectacular to watch and the hard work shows off in the lehenga. This bridal lehenga made it’s mind to compete with the bride’s blush. Priyanka chopra wanted neo-traditional bridal wear says Sabyasachi in his Instagram post. The embossed floral hand-embroidery and layer by layer threadwork made the outfit a ultimate one for special day. Her graceful outfit was paired with Mughal jewellery, her wedding jewellery was crafted with uncut diamonds, emeralds and Japanese cultures pearls.

Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi bridal lehenga:

Deepika Padukone
ImageSource: www.news18.com

The bridal lehenga of Deepika Padukone in Sindhi wedding ceremony, is breathtaking. The lehenga went extremely beautiful with intricate hand-embroidery and with heavy golden border. Deepika padukone looked more than a Diva we have seen till yet. Of course, brides get the new shade on them with the all wide smiles. The brides are matching their natural beauty with Sabyasachi bridal lehengas with the traditional favour. Deepika Padukone’s appeared like a prefect traditional doll in her bridal.

The designer exhibits the love towards Indian traditions and cultures on bridal outfits. All the bridal lehengas and the bridal collections of Sabyasachi are inspired from Indian culture, nature and the textures. The all prefect bridal outfits make the brides pay full attention and get obsessed with their own selection. The brides to be can go with these bridal lehengas and have self love with right outfits, on the special day. The high grown label of Sabyasachi deserves the place which it stood in. Let us look forward for the collections and raising culture in Sabyasachi work.