Dating Tips In Girl-Girl Relationship


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Girl-Girl Relationship

It does not matter what kind of relationship you are in, there is always some kind of rules, but some rules in a lesbian or girl-girl relationship is something that many people do not understand.

Lesbians or girls, struggle a lot with the questions of dating protocol every single day all over the world. It mainly happens because you are two women. They think about how to know who is supposed to pay for the dinner? Attempt to the kiss at first? The basic truth is, there is not all definitive answer on these things.

From the first date or a long-term relationship, you must figure these things out how to make the things work in the best of your interest. There is no need to fear, though. Even there aren’t any such kind of molded answers to all the questions about lesbian or girl-girl relationship, there are some really good rules to live by.

Dating For Girl-Girl Relationship

1There are no gender definitions

There are no gender definitions

When it comes to lesbian or girl-girl relationship, one of the main rules in it is that there are no gender definitions.

Just because you are working outside of the home and your partner work in the home, does not mean that you are suddenly the ‘man’ in your relationship.

It just has a simple meaning that you work outside and she works inside.

There are no automatic roles in a lesbian relationships to follow, it entirely depends on the participants.

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2Not every relationship has a butch/femme

Not every relationship

Also, not any girl-girl relationship has a butch lesbian and a femme lesbian.

Many people have this misconception about lesbians and it is just simply not true.

In these relationships, you are just being yourself, just some two regular people who happen to love each other.

3Sex does not have to be a staple every night

Sex does not have

Just because you are a girl, that doesn’t mean that you will be having sex every night.

It is just as simple as any other couple. You can go a few weeks or even months, without having sex because you don’t feel like it and that is normal.

4Nurturing the relationship takes time

Nurturing the relationship takes time

Many times, people assume that it is because two girls are dating, they are automatically engaged or that they are in a girl-girl relationship, and all they want is to automatically settle down.

A nurturing relationship takes a lot of a long time and a girl wants to know her partner inside and outside before completely committing to her.

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5Any cheating is still cheating

Any cheating is still cheating

In a girl-girl relationship, cheating, whether it be online, with any other girl or with another guy is equally considered as cheating.

It is also another type of misconception that people have about lesbian relationships. If lesbian cheats with a guy, does mean that she is cheating.

6Avoid mentioning past relationships

Avoid mentioning past relationships

Lesbians do have some tendency to talk about their past relationships. It is so universal. Especially, even if they are trying to recover from a broken relationship, lesbians do have this habit of oversharing what went wrong in the previous relationship.

Perhaps it is okay once you are comfortable with her fourth date or in bed cuddling. Then that can be the time to talk about your ex.

7Bring them to a neutral area

Bring them to a neutral area

It means, doesn’t bring her to a hangout bar or even places where your friends can be on the first date. For all of the no-rule and regulations when it comes to same sex, that can be awkward.

Second, your friends will be there. It is like introducing them to the family on the first date.

8If you asked for it, then it is your show

If you asked for it

If you are the initiator of your date, then try to be the host. Be sure you have enough ammo when it comes to conversation.

If you are a typical introverted lesbian, then try to make some effort to keep your date lively. So try to talk.

Again, if she is the one talkative type, try to give her the stage.

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