11 Best Lingerie Wash Bags In India- Protectors For Your Delicates


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After proper awareness about choosing the lingerie, hope you are doing it alright. But you are not done just choosing with perfect fitting and fashionable lingerie, you also must keep them safe. “Safe from what” is your question. You must protect your delicate inner wear from harsh machine washing. For that you need a separate wash bag.

The wash bags keep your expensive lingerie safe. The shape, size and colour is all protected when you secure them in a wash bag while cleaning.

You have various products here and you can choose the best for you considering the price, quality and your other requirements.

Lingerie Wash Bags For Protective And Perfect Washing

The lingerie is to be washed with delicate pressure but also properly. There some don’ts to maintain the lingerie. Machine washing without the bags is a big don’t. Keeping that in mind, you must look for the best lingerie washing bag from here.

1. Meded Lingerie Laundry Mesh Wash Bag- A must Have


The product is a pack of three bags which are of great quality. You can use the bags in both ways- front or top. The bags are made of nylon fabric which make safe to use for under wear machine washing.

The colour of the bags is standard grey which can take the dirt. The bags also get dry quickly. You can secure wash your under wears, socks and delicate outfits which come with beautiful prints or designs.

The zipper doesnt open while washing in machine. It is the most required quality of a lingerie washing bag.

The bags are made long lasting use. The material is quite sturdy to go under machine washing. The stitching and finishing of the bags is perfect. The zip works well and on whole it is a complete durable product.

  • Great mesh quality
  • Zipper quality(Could be more of superior quality)

2. HOKIPO Microfiber Mesh Laundry Clothes Washing Bag- The Full Protective Bags


The set of three bags within the budget makes your day happy. This product is of three bags of different sizes. You can use it for delicate wear like embellished outfits and lace dresses as well. When you drop the socks into these bags, they don’t sag or get off the quality like hand or normal machine washing.

The mesh of the bags is made of polyester fabric. The mesh protects your lingerie from damaging with shape and colour. The thicker mesh and tight closing zipper can keep your clothes away from effects of machine washing.

It is an easy to use product- you can use it from front or top. You can use these bags for machine washing and again for packing your clothes while travelling.

  • Affordable
  • Different size bags
  • Quality(Could be better)

3. Lukzer 1 PC Double Laundry Lingerie Bra Bag with Zipper- Harmless Lingerie Washing


When the clothes go on rounds for washing in the machine, they may get tangled and damaged. So, choosing this bag, your delicate and favourite clothes can be washed without any damage.

The material and the design of the bag is made with three layer support while cleaning the garments. The edges and the complete stitching is perfectly finished. The bag size can fit in enough clothes at once.

The round shaped bag let your fit in the clothes without misplacing during laundry. Your lingerie can be protected from sagging and other colour transformation too.

The product is affordable and it is worth buying this product. You can use this product for organizing your set of clothes during your trips.

  • Reasonable price
  • Multi purpose(Cloth organizer and wash bag)
  • None

4. TOUARETAILS Double Layer Laundry Washing Bag


The bag comes with a quality zipper that stays closed at the time of machine washing. Put any kind of lingerie, it comes out safe. The bag gets the double layered mesh.

When you drop the clothes alone into the machine, the washing doesn’t happen evenly. This basket allows the lingerie to be washed evenly as per the three dimensional design.

Not just washing but storing your lingerie safe is also important. Understanding that, this bag is made to for multi purpose. You can store the lingerie after bag get dry.

You can the two bags different size. Use it for mini dresses which are delicate. It is an expensive product but worth buying.

  • Double layered soft mesh
  • Even washing
  • None

5. Getko With Device Double Layer Laundry Washing Bag


In the process of washing, the lingerie loses the shape. That is the biggest damage that bras can go through. So, get this bag and save your lingerie from such damage.

The bag aids in keeping the delicate lingerie from other rough clothes. The bag is well designed that doesn’t damage your other clothes during machine washing. The mesh quality of the bags is great.

If you are looking for a bag that takes at least 4-5 inner wears at a once, then this is the best product. It washes away the dirt from lingerie without any damage.

If you are looking for a washing bag for more than 5 lingerie sets, then this may not suit your need. You may feel it is expensive for the capacity.

  • Protective covering
  • Less capacity

6. Okayji Fenfang Zippered Washing Machine Wash Laundry Bag

The bags are fixed with a mesh that protects your clothes and washes well at the same time. You can use the bags at home or for laundry purpose. The size of the bags is quite big in which takes good number of clothes per wash.

The zipper is to keep your delicate secure in it. The zipper bags and other products may not impressive. It is when the zips are not of good quality. But for this product, it is an impressive feature which easy to use zippers.

Fixing your tiny accessories and clothes in these bags, you need not worry about losing them in machine. It is great deal to get the quality bags within the budget.

  • Good capacity
  • None

7. OFNMY 3 Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags


The products is a combination of three bags with different size. It is a multi purpose option that you have for reasonable price. See what makes it a reasonable product-

You can stuff the tiny baby clothes, knitted clothes, delicate lingerie in these bags. If you have a delicate party wear outfit, you can secure it packing in the big sized bag.

The bags saves your clothes from colour transformation from each other. The high quality zippers don’t get damage easily while washing or drying.

The product is durable which is one of the features that you must mind before purchase. The bags are made of reusable polyester fiber.

  • Durable product
  • Light colour(gets dirty easily)

8. Gogooda 7Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates

If you are looking for a multi purpose product, then get some knowledge about this product. It is a set of 7 bags in different sizes and shapes. The other that you can make out of this bag is- using it for organizing the clothes while travelling or for casual as well.

It keeps your clothes with the true colour as it is covered with a quality mesh. The fabric that is used to make these bags is long lasting and reusable.

The bags come with the automatic zippers which are more secure and keep the bags closed. There is no hanging zipper which can get rusted easily.

Above everything, it is a guarantee product. If you are finding any false claim or not satisfied with the product, then return it within 90 days. You will have product exchange and 30 days money back guarantee.

The brand also offers great service if you need any help. So, you need not think twice to buy this product.

  • Sturdy material
  • Multi size bags
  • None

9. Simple Houseware 3 Pack Premium Bra Lingerie Wash Bags


Take a look at the best features of this product- you can get 6 bags with larger and medium size. The zippers are rust free. Your clothes can undergo the mesh wash in machine which is completely secure and safe.

The bags prevents from the delicate garments getting tangled. Specially, the lingerie like bras and bikini panties stay in shape. It is very important to keep your lingerie in shape which is not easy with machine washing.

The clothes doesn’t fall out when your machine is washing them. The construction quality of the bags is great. The zippers are easy to open and close without trouble.

You can use these bags while you are travelling around. It easily takes the small garments like bras and panties. You can also store your accessories without replacing here and there.

  • None
  • Expensive

10. Kimmama Delicates Laundry Bag – 2 Pack Honeycomb Mesh Lingerie Wash Bag


The bags are snagging resistant as they are made with honeycomb mesh. The machine washing bags are the protectors for your clothes. But it worse when the bags itself are tearing off.

The zippers are auto locked which makes the laundry simpler for you. The bags don’t open off as the zips are well secured and stay in place. It is a durable and sturdy product.

You can drop all kind of garments into these bags. The lingerie sets get breathable space where the shape remains as is. Bras and the straps doesn’t get tangled with each other.

The washing bags must be resistant of holding the clothes and washing properly. These bags are also good for travelling purpose.

  • Quality material
  • None

11. BAGAIL Laundry Bag Mesh Wash Bag for Intimates Lingerie


Some washing bags have the impressive designs and features. It may look simple with auto zippers and nothing special. But there is purpose of the auto zippers- you can secure it within the bag itself. The bags doesn’t get rusted easily.

The material of the bags is polyester fiber which perfectly protects the delicate lingerie during every wash. You can separate the garments placing them in different bags. No clothes effect the other clothes with colour or shape.

When you use these bags for lingerie machine washing- you will notice the difference of hand washing and bare machine washing.

The product comes with one year warranty. If you face any problem while using the bags, then you can approach the customer care for help and service.

  • Warranty
  • Bags are not large enough

You cant wait your expensive lingerie go waste in order wash and clean. Buying a good linger washing bag is the only option to save your delicate lingerie. All these bags can secure your lingerie from any kind of damage they could go through by machine washing.

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