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Christmas Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs for Christmas can be the most creative and colourful. Not just the red and white colours to decorate your nails but the whole Christmas theme can be part of your nail art.

Sprinkling the sparkle and colouring the nails with the simple designs is all about Christmas nail art. Your nails will be the charmers and you will wait to show off your decorated nails.

Here you have a collection of nail art designs which are from the holiday and festive season. Get ready with your favourite colours and glitters to do the sassy nail art.

Christmas Nail Art for Lovely Nail Transformation

Keep your nail tools and brushes read to make these Christmas to apply these Christmas nail arts perfectly.

With the nail art designs and eye makeup for Christmas, you can celebrate the most fashionable Christmas. You must raise your enthusiasm to do the nail arts as it is much needed for your nail art to look pretty.

1. Snowy Nail Art

Snowy nail art for Christmas

Christmas time is full of snow! Let the snowflakes also touch your nails. You can give your nails are dark base coat and then pain the snowflakes. You can also blend the various colours for this nail art. Easy and beautiful!

2. Blooming White Flower

Blooming white flower

The blooming flowers naturally decorate the world on Christmas. Now, letting the blooming flowers decorate your nails is classy. You can create an embossed blooming white flower with dark base coat. It looks attractive with the shining stones here and there.

3. Sprinkle Silver on Peach

Sprinkle silver on peach

Do you have peach nail polish ready? Then, don’t wait your nails with that peach shade. Once your are done with painting your nails, sprinkle the silver glitter. You can also add a silver strip on your peach painted nails. It looks like, your nails got the Christmas sparkles.

4. Red and White Nail Art

Christmas Red and White Nail Art

Are you wearing a pretty white outfit for this Christmas? Thats great! But you will feel complete with a beautiful nail art that enhances your beauty. Beautify your nails with the blend of red and white colours. Your nails look prettier with the Christmasy colours red and white. You can also add the glitters that make your nail art look super special.

5. Reindeer Nail Art

Reindeer Nail Art Christmas

Do you have widen and bigger nails? Wow! Then you gotta try the reindeer nail for this Christmas. The adorable reindeer nail art makes your nails look attractive. You add some glitter to your nails. You will love to the reindeer nail art when you choose the right colours. You can choose grey and black colours as shown in the attached image.

If you want to experiment this nail art with other colours, then go for it. No one can stop your fashion experiments and passion. I would experiment this nail art with blue and silver colours. And what about you?

6. White and Blue Nail Art

White and blue nail art

When white and blue come to style your nails, you will forget the other colours. For me, it is ever favourite blend for nail art. To love your Christmas nail more, you can add the sparkle of silver.

I have imagine this nail art on my nails and I will not miss to try it on Christmas day. Are you also so attracted to this Christmas nail art?

7. The Whole Christmas Theme

The whole Christmas theme Nail Art

What all is Christmas theme? The theme of Christmas is a mixture of many elements. I know that you got a big list that include in Christmas theme. You find some cute elements like Santa cap, Christmas tree, snowflakes. Then, let your nails go with the theme. It is a lovely idea that you must try.

8. Peach Nails With Snowflakes

Peach nails with snowflakes

Here is another peach nail art for your lovely nails. This nail art is for all the peach lovers. You can make your nail art look classy with peach nail gel and silver snowflakes.

You will love every bit when you are creating this art. It is a easy to do nail art. So, nothing can stop from trying this lovely nail art for Christmas.

9. Magical Gold Strip Nail Art

Magical gold strip nail art

Gold strips are magical. If you are asking- why I called them magical, the simple nail art also look styled with golden strips.Painting your nails with white base coat and adding the gold strip. You are done with decorating your nails. If you want to make it look brighter, then you can add the gold glitter.

10. Bright Christmas Lights Nail Art

Bright Christmas lights nail art

The city wears the Christmas lights from corner to corner. The bright lights with colour reflection decorates the streets of city. Here, the colourful Christmas lights are to decorate your stylish nails.

It is all easy as it sounds to make this nail art. Stroke a curve on your nails and then do with multi colour nail gels. You will get the clear idea with the image. There it is for you to try this charming nail art.

11. Snow Man Nail Art

Snow man nail art

Be friend of snow man to decorate your nails. The cute little snow man art on your bright nails looks attractive. And love for snow man will not end. You will go fond of adding colours to the snow man on your nails.

Let the cutie pie snow man be your best friend for this Christmas. You can do this nail art for any event and outfit.

12. Xmas Nail Art

Xmas Nail art

Yes! Xmas leaves are perfect for Christmas nail art. For the ladies who find touch to make Xmas tree, this is a lovely idea. Create the tiny leaves and give them the red dots. Your nails look fashionable with the colour fusion- red, green and white as shown in the above image.

13. Cane Candy Nail Art

Cane Candy Nail Art For Christmas

Do you find the strip design nail art stylish? Then you have a must try nail art for this Christmas. Give your nails the strips with candy cane colours red and white. Let your nails be the charmers of the day.

Candy cane colours and the strip design is enough to make your nail look Christmasy. And you can also go this nail art as stripping your nails is easy. You can make it a colourful candy nail art. It is not a rule of giving only red and white strips.

14. Bow Nail Art

Bow nail art

You wrap the gifts with ribbon and make a bow. So, now you must try wrapping your nails. The pretty bow shape makes you nails look sassy. If you find making a bow is tough, then you can get the bow nail stickers and create a nail art.

You can cover your whole nail with bow design. This is for the long and flared nails.Bow nail art is also a feminine kind of design and can be a lovely Christmas nail art.

15. Cute Santa Nail Art

Cute Santa nail art

If you have are skilled making the detailed nail art designs, then you must try to make Santa nail art. You can make cute Santa face which is not that tough too. The little Santa nail art can be the cutest nail art for Christmas.

As Santa is the most symbolic and cute element, you can go with this nail art. Your nails will be the real attraction of your Christmas appearance.

16. Santa Cap Nail Art

Santa cap nail art

When it is Christmas, we all love to click picture with Santa hats. This time, the Santa caps are not just to click pictures but also for adorable nails. Your nails look pretty with the Santa hats.

You have many Santa hat nail art designs which are also simple to do. We have attached one of the stylish Santa hat nail art design.

17. Star Nail Art

Star Nail Art for Christmas

Christmas is full of stars and sparks. Every corner of the street is hung with stars. Also let the stars stick on your nails. This can be an instant nail art as you have star nail stickers. Dash some paint on your nails and then stick the star nail; stickers. And your nails are all ready to make you feel fully styled.

18. Balloon Nail Art

Balloon nail art

For me when I can do a nail art design effortlessly, it is the nicest thing. The balloon nail art is the cutest and nicest design for Christmas.

You can make the uneven shaped oval shaped dots. Give a crooked stroke with a nail gel. That finishes the balloon nail art. If you want be creative, then make the heart shaped balloons. You can check out the balloon nail art in thew attached image.

19. Sparkling Xmas Tree

Sparkling Xmas tree

Every fashionable girl would have the glitter nail gel in her collection. Pick that glittering nail art to give your nails Xmas tree nail art.

Paint your nails with a vibrant nail colour shade. Now, brush the Xmas tree with a glitter nail gel. This is a sassy nail art for Christmas which is extremely easy and ultimate.

20. Stone Nail Art

Stone nail art

It is enough to make shining nail art for festive times. If you feel that stone nail art makes your nails look fashionable, then you have plenty designs. It is just like a play when you try to do stone nail art. Sticking the stones on the nails is easy and stylish.

I love stone nail art as I can be creative with the designs. You can blend the colours as you want when it is stone nails. I will give some of the ideas for stone nail art- flower designs, droplets, French tips. In the attached image, the stones are stuck in the curve shape which is adorning and attractive on the nails.

We have gathered these Christmas nail art designs for you. Now, you cant go without styling your nails when you have these sassy nail arts. You can give your nails with a different makeover every day as you have a big list of nail art designs.

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