Important mantras every girl should know for herself

mantras girl needs to know

They generally say that you are not just a unique person by yourself. You are someone who is made up of thousand others. While we are on this topic, we shouldn’t forget that we are individual beings as well and we shouldn’t give up our identity for others. We should be able to cherish our own self and appreciate the fact that we are well deserving individual beings. We are unique and special in our own way and we should embrace the feeling. Sometimes in the process of so many things, we forget that we are amazing. Yes, it is not wrong to sometimes say out loud that we women are amazing beings and we deserve the best.

This is something we tend to forget and not recollect at all. Maybe that is one reason why women tend to feel like an inferior being and have a lot of insecurities surrounded with them. If you tend to forget that, then here we are to help you and tell you that there are some important mantras girl needs to knowabout herself. These important mantras are a reminder that you are an amazing person and you can do anything that is challenging.

Top Important Mantras for a Girl

1You are always strong

You are always strong

If you are having a bad day and you want to make yourself feel better about it, there is one simple thing you can do. The first thing you should tell yourself is that you are a strong woman. Yes, saying it out loud will make you believe that you are as strong as any other person and your day will immediately be enlightened. Tell yourself that you are as strong and powerful as any other man around you.

You are a warrior and you are the queen of your world. Who cares if you need some pep talk to feel better? All you can do is to actually feel good about it by saying it out loud. Remember that no one can actually stop you from being the person that you are. You are entirely a beautiful person and you need to embrace that feeling.

2Where you’re from

Where you’re from

You should remember always from where you came. It is important for you to understand and realize that your background and the importance of your parents can do a lot in your life. You need to remember that you have a past and however the past was, you have to put up the humble cap and move ahead.

You should never let your parents down. So, always stay true to your parents, your background and realize that it does make a difference in the way you will be treated. A person who doesn’t forget his past and who enhances herself, reminding of all the past happenings, will be the most successful woman both mentally and financially.

3You You and You

You You and You

Generally, we don’t think about us at first. We always put ourselves on the second stairs. It’s either always our partner, husband, parents, kids or colleagues. Why do we do that? Why don’t we actually put ourselves behind everything? This is a woman’s mentality.

If you have a man who you can depend on and whom you can trust, then good. But that also doesn’t mean that you have to totally put everything down and fall on him. Give him the space in your life. But also, try to put yourself in the front row. That is when you will realise the importance of yourself.

4You aren’t perfect

You aren’t perfect

There is no compulsion for you to be perfect. You do have flaws too in you and you have to be able to accept it. One thing you shouldn’t be ashamed of being the mistakes you have done. Everyone makes mistakes. You need to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and go accordingly.If someone keeps reminding you that you have made a mistake, chuck them and avoid talking to them. Don’t be worried about your mistakes. You should in fact be proud that you are inching towards perfection every time a person feels jealous of you.

5People love you

People love you

You don’t have to change for any reason. People will love you for the person you are. You need to embrace all those tiny quirks you have because when you are yourself, people will love you for the way you are. There is only one you and that is something that makes you completely unique. So, stay the same and don’t change for anyone.

6Selfish isn’t bad

Selfish isn’t bad

It is fine to be selfish at times that matter most to you. You don’t have to feel bad about it because you are doing it for yourself and that makes you a self-centered person only. It doesn’t make you selfish. It is important for you to be happy and you deserve all that you think you do.

-Pavithra Ravi

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