Reasons why you aren’t having a good orgasm


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arent having a good orgasm

A lot of women generally don’t climax and not having a good orgasm could be very frustrating. If you are thinking that you are the only one like that, don’t worry at all. You are definitely not all that alone. Researchers have proved that only 10% of women tend to orgasm easily. Rest 90% of them are in the category of not getting to orgasm at all. There are a few reasons why you are probably not having a good orgasm. These surprising reasons could be both mental and physical and depends on the person.

Sex is an art they say. Everyone loves sex, of course. But unfortunately sex doesn’t love everyoneback. It gets tougher for them to climax. Every woman would have gone through this phase in her life. So, there could be a number of reasons why you aren’t experiencing the fun. So, here are some of those reasons why you arent having a good orgasm. If you think that you are doing any of this, try to decrease it and that will be enough reason to make you achieve the thing you haven’t been achieving since a long time.

Top Reasons Why You Aren’t Having a Good Orgasm

1Sitting all the time

Sitting all the time

If you are sitting in a place all the time like on your desk or table for continuous hours, that could be one reason for shortening a woman’s pelvic muscles. This will eventually cause pelvic pain and that’s why you aren’t orgasming every time. It is important that you get up once in a while or try to move your legs continuously if you think you can’t move or get up.

If you are stuck in a meeting for long hours, try to shake your legs under the table once in a half hour. That will loosen your muscles and make your hips and pelvis calm down. If you can take breaks, go for a short walk, or get down your stairs. That will help you for sure.

2Lots of drinking

Lots of drinking

Let’s just face it. If you want sex, don’t drink too much. Alcohol is actually a depressant for your sexual libido levels and controls your central nervous system. When alcohol goes inside, it could be very difficult for you to climax or even come close to a climax situation. Also, you need water in your body to orgasm. What alcohol does is, it dehydrates your body and keeps your body from no water. So, when you have sex at that time, all your water is already sucked out.

Remember that if you know that you are going to have sex, then don’t end up drinking too much. That can put a lot of pressure on your body.

3Heel problems

Heel problems

Well, this could be a very bizarre fact, but unfortunately wearing heels often is not very good for your pelvis and the muscles attached to the pelvic floor. The heels and the height difference creates muscle tension and you will have an easy contraction of your pelvic floor. This is one reason why you are probably not aroused as much. Wear flats ladies or bellies. They look classy and don’t dry up all your sexual energy.

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4Not moaning

Not moaning

Did you know that not moaning could be one other reason for why you aren’t orgasming? Well, funny isn’t it? You shouldn’t be shy about expressing what you feel on the bed ladies. It infact will help you reach a certain climaxing point. Not just for you, it is arousing even for the man. In fact, the truth is that, if you are trying to lower your voice or if you are doing it intentionally because you aren’t very sure about how you sound, then the chances of you climaxing is very less. You are probably unknowingly reducing the chances by yourself. Argh, now that’s not right! It is important for you to embrace whatever you feel and be as vocal about it as possible. Trust me, you will start feeling relieved once you start being vocal about it.

5If you don’t pee

If you don’t pee

Let me tell you that sexual stimulation with the feeling of needing to pee isn’t all that hot at all. When your bladder is full and when you feel the need to release, the other climax or releasing is very difficult. This is because you will be focused elsewhere and you are not concentrating on how you feel. It is fine to immediately take a break in between your hot make out to pee and get right back on the bed. If you think that you don’t want to break the heat and the flow, try to visit the restroom in advance.

6If you are shy

If you are shy

Well, it is super important for you to understand that if you don’t loosen yourself up and if you don’t break out of the shyness, you can’t really reach the orgasm. You need to definitely embrace your sexual feelings. Bring all those inhibitions out of your body and your mind. Try to make some eye contact and make the man understand what you like and what makes you comfortable.

Guys are very understanding when it comes to having sex. So, he will definitely understand if you are vocal about it. Make your sex intimate and sensual. Don’t shy off and put things away just because of your inhibitions.

Try to open up ladies. Once you are open about it, you will find out that orgasming is amazing and you will find yourself chilled after the sex. If you don’t reach climax, there is a constant irritation and you never are actually satisfied. So, try to take it slow and see how you like it. It is very important to have a good orgasm. Enjoy ladies!

-Pavithra Ravi

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