10 Unsaid Things That Husband Expects From Wife In Bed


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Did your husband turn off in bed? Then it could be that he must be wanting you to do and say something. Men don’t ask for things they expect in bed but they want the woman to understand on her own. But they show some signs which tell a lot about his wishes in bed with you. So, the woman must catch the signs in bed which says what he actually wants from you.

If all this is still a big question mark for you then you need a list of things to know. Now,still keep it as a secret with your man and just do it all the next time you have sex.

First we ask you to open up your mind for sex. Sex is not only a bilogicial need or plaeasure that a couple takes. It helps in building the relationship. This is the foremost thing that your husband would expect you to understand every time before in bed. Read it further!

Things That Husband Wants From His Wife In Bed

You both are giving all of you to each other. This is a thought everyday, while you are in bed or not. But don’t forget it in bed at all as you may miss a connection during the flow. A few more things let you go with a great flow that even your man wants

1. Seductive moves


Are you missing to do this? Let me tell you, this makes him feel excited in bed. Men want to go mad over you but they leave it to you.

Yes! You husband leaves it you! Seducing your husband is not a sin and when he wants you to do it. Your sexy curves and moves turn him on in seconds. Now don’t wonder for him not asking for this. This is a basic thing that wives must understand. Attracting a husband is not said, it is to do.

You can wear sex, fancy lingeire and strip it slowly. Wear something that defines your figure in a sexy way. I don’t have to tell you much about it. You know what more to do to keep him going in bed. If not, never mind! You have a few more ideas to make him happy in bed.

2. Foreplay


Love making and romance is the next thing that you must follow with. If you want to go in a smooth flow in bed, then do some foreplay. Enough of touching him with hands. Now start it with your lips.

Yes! I would describe foreplay as a warm up before sex. It fills in excitement that you need further more.

Now we also need to share a fact about foreplay- it prepares a couple’s mind and body for sex. It is an important part for a comfortable intercourse. It is helpful in both the ways, physically and emotionally. Women want to be kissed, hugged and cuddled during foreplay. So,don’t hesitate to start foreplay!

3. Freedom to explore


Your husband wants you to get open and try new things. If you are not letting him explore then it becomes a mood off in bed for him.

Many women restrict their husbands in bed. This is dissatisfying for him as he can’t tell you even. When he wants to try something new in bed you must give him the access. You both will get to learn the sexual desires.

He also wants to know what you like him to do in bed with you. Just explain and share your wants and understand his wants in bed. If you don’t like something, then definitely you have a right to refuse him from doing it. But an attempt to explore in bed with you is never bad.

4. Some ego boost


Is he expecting you to appreciate him during or after sex? Then he is not asking for muhc. If you feel that he was great in bed then just tell him then and there. Boosts his wish to give the pleasure more and more.

Appreciations are the best in bed or off the bed for a couple. It is important in bed as well. This is a kind of ego boost and if you are genuinely satisfied then don’t back off from sharing it with him. It is just like you expect him to appreciate when you make his favourite dish for him. Rewards are precious!

5. Exciting noises


What noises are to do with sex?

We made it short saying “exciting noises”. In real noises during sex helps you have better sex. Noises exiting your husband in bed is undeniable. But there is something else too- noises convey the emotions that you feel during the intercourse. Through noises, you can tell if you are enjoying sex or not.

The right kind of noises are very conveyable. When you experience any discomfort during sex, you sound different and it is different when you enjoy it. So, take the double benefit of making the right noises as your husband also wants it.

6. Equal participation


Do you feel enough after a single time orgasm? That’s not done. Equal participation is crucial in bed. Be it for a man or woman, both need to feel pleasured. You can’t wind it up until he also feels pleasured and satisfied.

If you are not doing it enough or as much as he wants, then he may feel that you are selfish. Your wish matters more than anything. If you are not a mood to have sex or make love then that is fine. But taking the pleasure and not giving it back repeatedly is bad. He wants you to have equal participation.

If this happened so far, then you need to know what made you do so. Talk to your husband and correct it. When you are making efforts to explain, he will make efforts to understand and help you with it. You have sex happily ever after its clear for you!

7. Lot of fun


Your smile and the way you stare adds fun in bed. When you are happy with him in bed, tell it through flirty expressions. Generate the fun that drives him crazy for you. Fun and intimacy is the magical blend.

Men have a few wild fantasies that they want their wives to ask and fulfill. To add fun to your time in bed, ask him about his sexual fantasies. Make it true for him and he will admire you for this sexy effort. This shows your interest in him.

8. Asking for more


When you ask him for more, he goes on cloud 9 while he is in bed. This is one of the ways to say that you are enjoying it. Men want to know if they are able to satisfy the woman. If your husband is asking if you want more pleasure, then you are lucky this way. He is not selfish in bed and your wants and wishes matter for him.

Give it a little more and ask for a little more. If you are doing this, then you have a couple goals in bed!

9. Telling out your sexual fantasies


Yes! A broad minded man wants to know if his wife has any sexual fantasies. He has such positive and broadened thoughts about women. If you know that he is open to listen to your sexual fantasies and make it come alive for you, then you must not skip it.

Express all your sexual fantasies in bed. This arouses him and you both have a best day. A couple working on their thoughts and fulfilling their dreams is a valuable thing. It is valuable in bed as well!

10. Confidence


The one last thing in the list but not the least is confidence that husbands want in bed. When you are in bed, your husband wants you to have confidence in him. It is common that women get crazy thoughts during sex. Also women feel nervous before sex but it is only for the first few times. Later, you both would connect and come out with the new findings. You will learn about each other’s wishes and do it right.

Your sense of security and confidence enhances his mood. He will be aroused looking at your confidence. So, your husband would naturally expect you to be confident in bed at least after a few times. For this be prepared before having sex to make it the best time for you both.

As men keep those unsaid wishes inside, you must know them and do it for him. You must be the wife he wants in bed. If you are in need of knowing your husband’s expectations from you in bed, then this article helps you in a better way.

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