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Most people, mainly women tend to suffer from work-life balance. Yes, working for someone is very difficult and having a child at home is even more difficult. You have got to understand the fact that work life balance is all about prioritizing what comes first and what doesn’t. You have to know everything starting from your company’s policies and different rules they have so that you don’t fall back on those things. It could feel impossible for you to achieve a good work life balance, but if you manage to multi-task, then work life balance isn’t a big deal at all. In fact, people who understand and study work culture are the ones who get to spend lesser time with the work people and end up spending equal time with the family members as well. If you strike the right balance when you are not committed or not married will shape your life when you fall into commitment zones and when you get married.

Focus on your time, your capability and the ability to do two things at one time. This is how you achieve a right work-life and here are the tips for work life balance.

Top Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance

1Know your employer’s policy

Know your employer’s policy

See the different policies that are given in your employer’s list. Can you work in different timing? Can there be flexibility in the working hours? Can you bring your child to the office and leave him/her at the play station. Stuff like these are very important for you to know when you are a working mom or when you are wanting to achieve a good balance.



It is very important that you communicate certain things if you are unable to do those certain things. It is very important for you to acquire full support from your manager when you have certain issues. It is very important that you tell your manager that you are dealing with some family issues and that you want to take off or you want to make sure to come in late. When you tell your manager about this in prior, he or she wouldn’t be irritated when you don’t come on time. You can acquire good balance if you properly communicate it to people in your workplace.

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3Make Technology your friend

Make Technology your friend

It is important that you make technology your friend when you need it and when you don’t need it, you should be able to give it up. Don’t play games, text or be on social media when you are having a good family dinner. But when you want the technology, use it. This way you will be able to spend more time with family.

4Say NO

Say NO

When you learn to say no, people will not take you for granted anymore. When you don’t get time to spend with your family members, it so happens that you end up working or slogging at office for extra hours, for someone else. This brings a bad name at the office and at work as well. If you want to achieve proper work life balance, say no to whatever people demand from you. Unless and until it is necessary, don’t do it. This way you will feel better about yourself.

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5Have your private time

Have your private time

It is fine to take some space and be alone for a while without work or people. Make sure you do something for yourself like watch TV series, go to the mall alone, shop, eat some good food outside etc. This will allow you to be normal and cool your head from all the pressure you get from the office and home.

-Pavirhra Ravi

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