Ways to get work done from annoying people

Annoying People

It is very much true that unless you are the CEO of the company, you are extremely sweet and you make sure that your employees personally get everything, you can’t gel with everyone around you. In life, a lot of times you will be thrown into situations where the people you meet might not have the same thinking as you have, they might not be the same way you think they are and you can’t just expect them to be so too. There are some sweet people and some really annoying people. But the end of the day, you have to get your work done from annoying people and the sweet, but that is what you are assigned to do. You can actually see a lot of characters in office as your colleagues and annoying people are just one kind.

As much as you want to run away from all this drama and really annoying people, you have to face them and get the work done. When you have in a professional situation and you to get your work done, you don’t always have to sugar coat everything, you don’t have to be worried that people won’t like you because you are doing your work. Clearly, it all depends on communication and the way you communicate their work to them. So, all you have to do is to be professional, talk to them patiently and tell him how you want the work to be done and how soon you are expecting it to be finished. Just breath and think of it as another day of fun, excitement and a little bit of drama.

Tips to Get Work Done from Annoying People in Office

1Listen to them

Listen to them

Most of the times, misunderstandings happen when you or the other person have poor listening skills. Well, it doesn’t matter if the other person is listening to you or not, it is very important for you to listen to him and make sure that you are not wrong in any manner. For this, you would have to firstly be very careful in questioning them. You need to question them and stick to only work. You don’t have to stay for a longer time if your work with them is over. Secondly, pay attention to what they have to say.

Most of the times, people on the higher cadre don’t listen to what the other people have to say. If you are one of those, don’t stay unheard. Listen to them and see if they make a point. If they do, make peace with them and tell them that they are right. If not, patiently make them understand that they are wrong. If they don’t listen to you even after that, it is none of your business to pacify them. You can just ask them to do the way you want and leave the room. A pinch of patience, a dash of bossiness and good listening and communicating skills are enough to get work done for these people

2Repeat everything

Repeat everything

It is important for you to understand everything they say and you also should make sure that they’re feeling are not hurt in this process. Even before the word spreads, you as a senior person would know how your colleagues or subordinates are. So, all you need to do is understand why they are acting or talking like this. If they make sense, acknowledge that in front of people. To avoid any kind of confusion repeat everything they tell you and make sure you are getting it right. It isn’t wrong if you even ask them more than once about what they are talking. Give them all the chance in the world to speak for themselves before turning deaf ears and assuming things about the person.

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3Be cool

Be cool

It is very easy for you to argue and lose your cool. But rubbing it in the wrong way doesn’t solve any issue at all. It only makes it more and brings more problems, delays the work and irritated you also. So, don’t do that at all. If they are wrong and it directly affects the work, you can accuse them and have a word. Otherwise, don’t get into arguments or don’t start off anything before you are sure about the situation. Agony in work place doesn’t work really well that too with people who are not worth fighting with. Let go or just leave the place. That may help you!

4Draw boundaries

Draw boundaries

There is no need that you should be friends with the person or people at all. You just have to get your work done and leave the office. You should be friendly, but weren’t best pals. There is a huge difference between the two of them. You have real outside office friends with whom you can enjoy, fight, cry and do things with. These people are colleagues. Unless you know them for years, you don’t have to be very sweet to them. Going out on office tours or drinks is fine, but it is better if you draw boundaries with these people.

5Remember that you are valuable

Remember that you are valuable

Sometimes in life, you just have to remember that you and your time are precious. So, wasting it with people who wouldn’t understand this doesn’t make sense at all. You don’t have to be afraid of anything or anyone for that matter. So, if you think that the argument is going out of hands and you are in no way answerable to such crappy people, just close the door and your ears. Tell them to leave you alone and never regret that statement because firstly you need to value yourself. You are not the person who wants to fight all the time, so even your time is precious.

-Pavithra Ravi

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