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Wedding hairstyles

Wedding is one of the most important days for any bride. IS there anything more important that picking the dress? Yes, hair comes before dress because if there are even minor flaws in the hairstyle, the bride’s face can look different. Being one of the most important days of her life, she has to make sure to look beautiful, chic, fashionable and trendy. If you are having a Christian type wedding, then these are the easy hair-dos that you can opt for. Rocking your own wedding should happen by style and not by choice. So, here are some of the Christian bridal wedding hairstyles for all types of hair.

Top Bridal Wedding Hairstyles of the Year

1Black wedding hairstyles

Black wedding hairstyles

Every woman has her own likes and preferences on how to look on the big day. There are a lot of hairstyles that a African woman can try according to her length, texture and volume. Do you want the traditional look or the modern look? Do you want it chic and glamorous? Or do you want to look not so conventional and bohemian? It all depends on what you decide and how you have dreamt about the ‘D-Day’. There are in fact a lot of options that vary from simple, sophisticated and even braided wedding hairstyles for different hair lengths.

Try the new faux hawk updo for a chic look which involves both braiding and a bun style. This will make you look elegant and beautiful. If you want to take a different and creative route, try the top knot up-do or an edgy up-do. If you don’t want your hair to look messed up, you can try the French braided style or the frills which will be compact and will make your hair look thick. Try the butterfly curls or Grecian locks if you want a serious- conventional look. Vintage never goes out of style, so try the vintage up-do or the finger waves for a casual look. Whatever you try, make sure you are confident with the hairstyle and enjoy the look!

2Short wedding hairstyles

Short wedding hairstyles

Is there something more important for a bride than her dress? Yes, her hair style and the way she carries her hair during the wedding comes as a priority. There is no choice for a bride than to look beautiful on the most important day of her life – her wedding day! Everyone thinks that a voluminous, long thick hair will add beauty to your wedding look. No, that isn’t always right! If you have a short stylish hair, you can still obviously rock the hairstyle because there are many styles for short hair too.

Modern wedding hairstyles are pretty simple these days. The stylist makes sure that you have the right look and you are ready! Short hairstyles bring way to accessorizing your hair with a veil, headband or a side flower too. So, if you have a short bob hair, there are many styles you can experiment with. You can try the loose wedding up-do, Lacy curls wedding hairstyle, flying locks hairstyle, wedding coquetry hairstyle, breezy curls hairstyle, bun inspired hairstyle, vintage hairstyles, French twist hairstyle and a lot more. The stereotype of long hair-beautiful bride is too old now! So, rock your wedding day looking chic, stylish and beautiful!

3Guest wedding hairstyles

Guest wedding hairstyles

Are you invited to a wedding and you have no idea what to look like? Well, it is easily possible for you to get confused on what and how to wear your hair to a wedding of your relative, friend or a close person. Do you know that there are different kinds of wedding hairstyles that you can try for different kinds of wedding? Yes, you can make your hair look beautiful for every kind of wedding you are invited to. If you are going for your boss’s white tie wedding, try the formal off the shoulder curl look which will make you look professional and totally chic. If you are attending a less formal wedding that requires you to wear gowns, try the glamorous wave style which will give a dramatic look and feel.

If you are attending your colleagues wedding and she is a friend too, then go for a semi formal look. Try the wavy semi up-do hairstyle which is fun and traditional. The half pony tail will make you look beautiful too. For a relative’s wedding, you can look casual and breezy. So, try the messy bun and play a little with your hairstyle. You can try anything you want because all it takes is for you to look confident and beautiful in your own skin!

4Vintage wedding hairstyles

Vintage wedding hairstyles

Vintage wedding hairstyles are one of the best kinds of hairstyles that brides can nowadays adorn. Yes, they are the talk of the town and every bride nowadays is getting her hair done the vintage style. Whether you have long hair or short, thin or thick, curly, straight or wavy, vintage hairstyle is the go-to kind of hairstyle for weddings. All you need to do is to find out what kind of hair-do you would like to go with because there are many styles like up-do, open princess style, braided queen style with a tiara or just leave the curls open. All of these styles are beautiful and they will let you get creative with your hair.

Whether it is a finger wave up-do, victory rolls, big pout hair, art deco hair, front plates hairstyle or even a curly curly hair do will look beautiful and elegant on your special day. The best thing about Vintage hairstyle is that you can have as many hair accessories as you want and style your hairstyle. All you have to do is to pick the right hairstyle that suits your face and wear it comfortably. You can own the day if your hair is set and beautiful!

-Pavithra Ravi

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