Hairstyles for girls – Part 2

hairstyles for girls

Like we discussed in the previous article, there are many other styles that can be worn for women. Hairstyles for girls mark the elegance and the priority they give to their hair. It is one of the most important things that a woman has to give importance to and every woman knows that. Here is the continuation of the Part 1 article for hairstyles for girls.

Top Hairstyles for Girls – Part 2

1Medium hairstyles for women

Medium hairstyles for women

Medium hairstyle is definitely one of its kinds and has been a timeless chic and fashionable look since a long time. It is easy for everyone who has medium hair to style their hair in the way they want because the style is achievable in no time. Having a close study on the different kinds of style for medium hair, we have a list of hairstyles that you can try to achieve a good, quirky, fun and fashionable hairstyle in no time. The added advantage of having a medium hair is that, no matter how long or short it is, you can style your hair according to the cut you have had. Like some might say, it satisfies both the worlds (long hair style and short hair style) and is universally accepted if you can style your hair according to your face shape.

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The famous hairstyles are soft brownette curls, Retro chic hairstyle, Sleek and sassy hairstyle, low stack hairstyle, high stack hairstyle, the long bob, the short bob, A-lined layer hairstyle, triangular layer hairstyle, Concave hairstyle and so many more. The best thing about all these hairstyles is that they are easily achievable and will make you look super elegant and well groomed.

2Cornrow hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles

Did you know that the cornrow hairstyle’s pioneer was made in Africa when the African American women wanted a change in their hairstyle and texture? African art and architecture shows a lot of geometric concepts and reflections. The cornrow hairstyle has also been adapted from the same concept that reflects the geometric concepts like reflection, translation, rotation and dilation. If you don’t want to sweat out and get irritated, then take your mane to a whole new level by styling your hair with cornrow hairstyles. The best thing about this style is that it will protect your locks and will add in some sizzle to the summer.

Besides the normal hairstyle, you can experiment a lot with your curls, highlights, the braids and patterns. Like all of us know, we are used to trying only the fishtail braids or French braids. Here are some of the best cornrow hairstyles – Braided curly hawk hairstyle, Side braided ponytail, Coiled Mohawk for women hairstyle, twisted bun hairstyle, Side braided diva hairstyle, Jumbo French side braided hairstyle, updo with cornrow and twists hairstyles and many more. If you want to beat the heat and escape the summer, cornrow hairstyle is your best and natural hair-care option.

3Medium Bob hairstyles

Medium Bob hairstyles

If you want to spend less time taking care of your hair and more time on styling it, then medium bob hairstyles are the best for you. Even if you don’t have enough volume, you can style your hair using some of our hairstyles that will add volume look to it and give your hair extra natural look with ease. If you have been having a long hair for quite a long time, it is now time to chop it to medium bob cut so that you have all the freedom in the world to give your hair a break from mundane hairstyle. Upgrade to medium bob hairstyles for a new and corny look.

The medium bob statement hairstyle is chosen by few famous celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. There are many hairstyles like Stacked bob hairstyle, side highlighted angular bob hairstyle, Cropped edgy medium bob hairstyle, Collarbone cropped hairstyle, Wispy twisted bob hairstyle, Soft sassy bob hairstyle, blunt bob hairstyle, messy bob hairstyle and many more. Do you want to trace the look of Cleopatra, then try wearing one of the medium bob hairstyles to achieve the sleek, elegant undying look now.

4Twist hairstyles

Medium Bob hairstyles

Everybody gets bored of the natural, wavy, non-curly, open hair and look for change once in a while. Well, then you have all the time to twist your looks now with different twist hairstyles. If you have always searched for an alternative for natural African curls, then you can definitely try these hairstyles. Since twists are pretty fast and easily achievable, they have better merit than braided hairstyle. Plus, twist hairstyles give out the same benefit like braided hairstyle of protecting your natural hair, there is length retention and of course looks great and chic. We are going to give you a list of various twist hairstyles so that you can get rid of the boring hairstyle for a while.

Twist hairstyles are also for women who want to take a break from chemical products and blow-drying since it keeps your hair healthy and without breakage. There are different hairstyles like half up-half down, top knot bun hairstyle, braided up do, Twisted high bun hairstyle, Twisted French braids, Cornrow hair updo hairstyle, French side braid hairstyle and so many more. If you want your hair to breath and if you want to give it a break, then twist hairstyles are the best option for you to do so.

-Pavithra Ravi

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